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"The Septemberists" by Anthony Goicelea

There’s a special place in my heart for Thom Browne menswear. The Thom Browne suit is so iconic in it’s own way, so individualistic, that when you see it it’s unmistakable. Well the Thom Browne runway sample suit that is(I’ve been told that in stores suits are fitted to order which means they lose a tad of the signature aesthetic).
It was Alexander Fury that tipped me off to the film entitled “The Septemberists”. Fury is apart of one of the groups fueling fashion’s pursuit into film and so the stamp of approval by him carried a lot of weight. After that small trailer I immediately had to go to find the rest of the film
To say that I completely comprehend everything in the film would make me a farce. The thing is that most of the best Fashion Films have at least a touch of something that seems to be a bit incomprehensible. It’s because of how simple the film seems I believe. This simplicity causes a search for a deeper meaning and it’s this deeper meaning is what normally alludes me. It’s at this point that I’m reduced to watching the film and appreciating it for the beauty that it is.

FILM: Mimetic Desire

So I’m saddened to say I’m trying to get adequately acclamaited to my new workload. I mean I have the images pulled for pre-fall trend posts and I need to begin to address the Parisian men shows as well as some more couture shows but until then I bring you the latest fashion film entitled Mimetic Desire shot by Jason Last and artistically directed by Jaime Rubiano. The film features model fave Nicolas Ripoll in pieces from Dior Homme styled by Jenke-Ahmed Tailly. It has just enough art and fashion to pique my interest.

Oh and you may find some things switching around on the blog. I just want to warn you

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VIDEO: Gareth Pugh for Pitti Immagine 2010

Gareth Pugh is no stranger to fashion film. For the past few seasons he has been doing projects with fashion film industry pioneers over at SHOWstudio and creating works that the industry, and myself, have come to love and respect. It is with these things in mind that we watch the latest 10 minute film from yet another Pugh and Hogben collaboration that showcases garments that were made specifically for the production that utilize something that we have seen little of from Pugh: color.
There were 6 pieces showcased in the film, and they comprise a “preview” for what’s to come in Paris, says Pugh himself. The colors that were chosen included gold and from what I can tell, a cerulean blue. The silhouettes in no way deviated from Pugh’s proven aesthetic and the last 3 minutes of the film(my favorite actually) seemed to actually spill over from his last film. As you may can tell from the images below, color didn’t cause the pieces to seem unlike Pugh’s other pieces, but instead in some cases, allowed the beauty to be shown even more.

Fashion Film
Label: Gareth Pugh
Director: Ruth Hogben
Event: Pitti Immagine #79

Individual Innovation (Rad Hourani SS 2011)

Video PresentationModel: Tanga MonreauDirector: Rad HouraniLabel: Rad HouraniCollection: Spring/Summer 2011

So when I blogged about the Rad by Rad Hourani collection I said that I knew that there was also a Rad Hourani collection but I wasn’t sure about the differentiation. Well, with this new film, and the accompanying research I’ve done, I now understand the difference. A collection made of 6 pieces styled(by William Graper) and reinterpreted into 22 different looks, is what Rad Hourani has given us for his main eponymous line. Done in his customary color palette of black with the addition of white, the collection stays true to what Rad Hourani has come to mean: genderless, timeless, and trendless.

The film, which was directed and filmed by Hourani himself but edited by Kevin Collero, makes blatantly clear that there is another aspect at work in the Rad aesthetic; symmetry. The quick cuts, while maybe confusing to some, show almost absolute symmetry in the entire collection. The hair and makeup, done by Hung Vanngo, only serves to further invoke the trendless quality of the film, proving to be not a hindrance or distraction to the simplicity, and yet complexity of the garments.
The Six Pieces:
  • 3 Jackets
  • 1 Top
  • 1 Pair of Leather Pants
  • 1 Bag

These pieces all contain various zippers that allow collars, sleeves, and panels to be detached and connected, which gives the collection it’s versatility. The Rad Hourani aesthetic is one that I adore, and in my opinion is visionary. Since the Rad Hourani Collection #6 is supposed to be like a laboratory(as all Rad Hourani collections), I would look to be purchasing from the lower priced Rad by Rad Hourani collection. The easiest way to do that, of course, would be to try and snag a pair of the shoes that were designed. Three unisex styles of shoe, only 200 pair of each style, and they go on sale in February of 2011 on Rad Hourani’s website.

See the rest of the collection in the galleries.

Glimpse the New Denim at Topman

I spoke of a “Topman Denim” series of short films did I not? Well here is the trailer. Meet Louis, Henry, & Sid who have been described as “young protagonists.” Want to see what they’ll be up to? Well the full films will be launched in two days on October 4th. Stick around.

And for your viewing pleasure this is the Topman Design Spring/Summer 2011 show which showed at London Fashion Week. I was quite taken by the shorts. I loved them to be honest. All of the extra fabric and belted in a very… geriatric type of way. The belts are strong and give a little twist to the looks. Of course I noticed the shades, and the bags, and the rest of the clothing but the lengths of the shorts, and belting really caught my attention. I mean, I’m not a very round lens type of boy, so… while I can appreciate the slight feminine qualities, and the nice styling of them… it’s not something I see myself incorporating into my wardrobe any time soon.

Le Langue D’Amour


The Nickleodeon Theatre in Columbia, South Carolina showed the film Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky last week and luckily, on Thursday I got a chance to attend. I’d been to the Nick before, it’s a small independent theatre with only one screen but it’s nice. For those who are of age, there is beer and wine that can be purchased, but for those who aren’t there is popcorn and candy. To be honest I totally forgot that theatres carry food and so I stuffed my face with Reese’s Pieces before. Don’t judge me.
Anyway, the movie, which runs 118 minutes, is in French. Luckily for me I know a bit of French, but I didn’t really use it that much since there were subtitles. The movie is not a “fashion documentary” per se. Actually, it’s not even a documentary as it was based on the fictional novel Coco & Igor by Chris Greenhalgh. Set in the Paris of 1920, the film traces the love tryst between coutouriere Coco Chanel and composer Igor Stavinsky. Without spilling too many of the beans, Coco Chanel becomes enraptured by Igor Stavinsky and invites him and his family to live with her since they have pretty much been exiled from France. The tryst begins and results of this come in the form of Chanel No. 5, as well as Igor Stravinsky’s new works.
While I don’t want to say more to spoil it, I will say that this film is definitely NOT suited for everyone. If there is any prude inside of you… as there is in me, parts of the film will cause you to clutch your pearls. Other than that… c’est encroyable!

MOVIE: Coco Avant Chanel



I would’ve wished that the film would’ve been longer but it was still a great film. Of course there are quotables in there but what I was watching for was the story behind the story. I love that there’s this trend to pull back the curtain on fashion right now, it’s a wonderful trend that allows me to more easily do research. Plus the fashions in it were soooo Chanel! And my favorite scene would probably have to be the last… where Coco refashioned that dressed. I want to be able to do that in 2 minutes flat one day as well.

FILM: Percival A/W 2010/11

Instead of circulating a lookbook, the people over at Percival decided to put out a short film. While the acting isn’t all that intense, that isn’t the purpose of the film, the clothing is. As you an see the film, and the designs revolve around the key. You can spot it at various places in the film. Whether or not they win an award for the crisp cinematography though, I know what I want to look for when I get money to go shopping.

See below the clip for screen shots.

Prada’s "First Spring" Menswear Film

First thing’s first, I don’t understand the video and I’m not sure I’m so supposed, to myself being a lowly blogger. That being said I wasn’t trying to understand the film until about 4 minutes into the 9 minute clip. That’s when I started to realize that not only were there people impeccably dressed and styled in a black and white video that made me feel that everything was sooo soft, but that it was in fact an actual video that probably had a plot-like feature to it in addition to the beautiful cinematography. Needless to say I never caught on to the plot-like feature.

See more of my opinion after the break

I’ve never been a fan of these films that designers have come to put out, never joined the cult that loves these “presentations.” Call me old school but I want to see my models walk the catwalk! I want to see them strut up an down the runway a few times and then I want to see someone like Grace Coddington make greatness and turn it into a still photo, centered around some idea that no one but she could create. That’s what I want my fashion experience to be.

Watching this film I realized that they have no combined the two. I get the movement from the runway(Well kinda… there aren’t any stomp walks but I see the garments in motion) and I still am allowed to see the detail because I’m getting an extended period of time to see this garment. The person is walking around, standing, motioning… floating for crying out loud! It’s Grace Coddington’s creation in motion!

“First Spring” envoked a feeling of softness, and for me a feeling of longing… longing for those mesh umbrellas, maybe a cardigan or two, and that white suitcase. (I’m a stickler for the small things sometimes I know I know!). I loved seeing the way the unfinished hems floated in the breeze and how the light played on the fabric(it was in black and white but hey I could still see it!). To be able to see how the clothes moved other than when just walking in a way that only a minority of people walk everyday, was a welcome surprise… I probably don’t need to say this but more than likely we’re going to be seeing a couple more films around these parts.

(Oh and don’t get me started on my love for Asian culture!! The sense of purpose… kimono sleeves!!! Rachel Zoe what did you say… oh yeah I DIE!)

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