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Dressed to Depress

Model: Peter Bruder
Photographer: Markus Pritzi
Publication: Sleek Magazine

So I haven’t been around as often as I should, I know. I missed last week’s Model Monday and I also didn’t do the dance video. I’m not actually sure if I’m going to still do the dance video series but I do plan on getting back to the Model Mondays. The thing is I’ve been dipping in and out of this bout of depression and I felt that this editorial featuring Peter Bruder, styled by Isabelle Thiry and lensed by Markus Pritzi for Sleek Magazine, was the best way to segway into a blog for me to vent.

Well, I’m not really going to vent, although that is very much my style. I guess I just wanted to blog… do something a bit personal. I mean my personal life is sort of in the pits right now. LIke I said a while back, I was in a car accident and because of that I lost my job. My truck(which is now totaled) wasn’t completely paid off, but it will be in December and so I have to find a way to pay the other $550 that I owe on that, while not having a job. In addition to that I have a cell phone bill that runs me $30 bucks a month. I have all this to worry about and yet I work in fashion… people look at my clothes and think, he can’t be too bad off. They see the outward appearance and say, he say he’s struggling but it can’t be too bad. They just don’t know.

Anyway, other than that I did just do a project that I’m wrapping up. It should be surfacing on the internet soon so you guys will be able to see the work. After working on it I found that I really and truly take on the tastes of my client when doing work(and yes it was a client so that does involve cash… no matter how little). I mean while doing the project I was very much gungho about it and then afterwards I kinda stood back and was like, “Oh, I did that.” It’s not a bad thing, I just know now that while in the moment I can gauge my client’s reaction probably by mine, if I have a good handle on their aesthetic.

Anywho, that’s enough of that. There’s many other things to do. I’ve become very active on The Fashion Spot. I also have issues of Vogue and Interview I’ve yet to post… oh and I’m still waiting for some people to confirm that I in fact have gotten my hands on every image from the Vogue Paris issue that’s being edited by Tom Ford, and then I’ll blog that as well… My father has come back to fashion!

See the rest of the editorial here


EDITORIAL: Hailey Clauson

Model: Hailey Clauson
Photographer: Alexander Neumann
Publication: Harper’s Bazaar Mexico

I would have to admit that I normally like a little bit of grit with my glamour and that’s exactly what Danny Santiago styles for this editorial for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico. Modeled by Hailey Clauson we find Bottega Venetta and Calvin Klein mashed with(correct me if I’m wrong) Nicholas Kirkwood and Celine. Shot in a studio by Alexander Neumann, the monochromatic editorial is playfully dark and features pieces that the New York woman would(or should) die to get her hands on.

Notes of Love

La Parola Amore Esiste Editorial
Model: Simon Nessman
Photographer: Emilio Tini
Publication: The Room

I saw this editorial entitled La Parola Amore Esiste(Notes of Love) and I immediately had to post it. Why, I’m not exactly positive. There’s not much that I want to talk about with it. I just saw fashion and appreciated it for what it was. I mean I saw Simon Nessman for the opener, and he’s one of my favorite male models and then there’s Evandro Soldati, and although he’s not a fave, I still like him as a model. Marcel Castenmiller and Jacob Coupe are faces that I recognized as well. It’s a lovely fall editorial, each image beautiful in it’s own right and able to stand alone… sort of like a good art series would. Why don’t you take a while and peruse the selection.

Models:Adrien Sahores, AJ Abualrub, Anu Koski, Benoni Loos, Evandro Soldati, Jacob Coupe, Jakob Wiechmann, James Smith, Lea T. Marcel Castenmiller, Mathias Bergh, Naty Chabanenko, Nikola Jovanovic, Ryan Kennedy, Simon Nessman, Will Lewis, William Eustace
Photographer: Emilio Tini
Fashion Editor: Emil Rebek
Publication: The Room


Photographer: Clarence Jackson
Stylist: Mikelle Street
Model: MoniQue La’Belle
Make-Up: Keisha Moore

The first editorial that 803 Markese Street receives first because we were involved is finally here. After weeks of preparation, and then execution, and then finally follow up, Fixate has finally arrived. Created utilizing resources mostly from South Carolina, I’d like to just say that I’m ecstatic to finally see my name in print. Usually when I post editorials I attempt to study the editorial but I don’t feel entirely comfortable attempting to study an editorial I had a major hand in. So, what I’ve decided to do is to just relate my experience a little bit.

See the rest of the editorial complete with my experience below the clip

To tell the truth this editorial began with Clarence Jackson. He alerted me that a publication was taking submissions and that he wanted to submit something and would be interested in working together. After being given the theme I began conceptualizing shoots(the one picked actually was the second concept I had) and then pulling in contacts. While I actively searched for new contacts like Wendy Brandes, I did use alot of contacts that I already possessed like Alana Britt of Alana B. Couture. Unlike most editorials I didn’t go into the shoot knowing what looks I wanted to pull. I knew the general style but even that changed. I had resolved that because of such limited choices, I would see what I could pull and just construct my story from there.

For the team… well some of us knew about it the entire time, like Clarence and myself. Others, like Keisha Moore and MoniQue La’Belle, were pulled on as the process moved along. Tennyson Kovach though, a local artist and old high school friend, was pulled on the day of. It’s funny because you don’t really realize the importance of “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” until you’re put in the situation. It wasn’t about how creative I was, or what I could dream up. At the end of the day, when requested to incorporate something into the shoot, it helps so much more when you have the contacts to be able to arrange for it to be done.

The experience was amazing one. Everyone was so accommodating; from designers like Adrina Nelson of Adero by Adrina who basically allowed me to assist in the design of one of the pieces, to Tennyson who was on set after being given only a few hours notice. Of course I hope to do alot more shooting and progress with each shoot, and I just believed I’m really blessed to have had this experience be kind of like my first photoshoot that I contributed to in a major way.

EDITORIAL: Crisis of Fashion

I saw part of this editorial a little while back and I knew I had to post it so I immediately starred it. When the time came, I did my prerequisite quick search for information and I didn’t find much. One website listed the location as Cigar Moda and after going back over some information and checking out an extended version of the editorial, I think that the shoot may be for Cigar Magazine. I’m not positive but Al Giga has done work for them before.

See the rest of the collection below the clip

Models: Paraskevus Boubourakas, Melissa Bell

Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos

Stylist: Al Giga(Larapixie)
Make up: Yiannis Marketakis

EDITORIAL: Dominique, Santiago, Cyril, and Zak in i-D

As a brief interruption to the regularly scheduled Resort/Cruise posts I bring you this editorial that appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of i-D. Am I late? Yes. Am I aware… yes. The more important question, do I care? No. In my first three years as a blogger I felt that it was of the utmost importance to put out my information first. Even if I had no information to give, and only had pictures… post first and you get the hits. Maybe it’s maturity… or even laziness, but I’ve decided that what I like is going to get published when I want to publish it. So this delectable sportswear campaign with that puffa jackat from the first picture that I ADORE is posted now, as I take a second look at it.

See the rest of the editorial under the clip

Models: Santiago Peralta, Dominque Hollington(Red, d1), Cyril, Zak
Photographer: Karim Sadli


Sooo, I’ve been debating on what to post about because of all the many things that have been coming to surface. I mean Zac Posen is thinking of moving to Paris Fashion Week, I have the new print copy of Vanity Fair that we could dish about, Forbes’ list has come out for the top paid models, or one of the six online publications that I have saved on my desktop presently. There are so many other things in addition to these but as you can tell by the picture above, we’re here to discuss the new editorial that has hit the net from Interview magazine.

See more coverage under the clip

So I presently am at home without 24/7 wireless access to the internet. This of course means that my already sporadic posts may become even more sporadic and I may begin to make more mostly text posts due to posting from Zeke, my phone. Because of this I checked my Google Reader yesterday and found about 200 posts in it. I dutifully began going through them all and found this editorial. I didn’t really read any of the comments because I usually don’t when I have so many posts to go through, but I did finish studying the editorial with a nasty taste in my mouth.

As you can see, the editorial features Daria Werbowy modeling among many models of African descent. Contrary to what some believe all the models aren’t black, I noticed and went searching for the name of the one Brazillian model that is featured, Lisalla Montenegro.As a black male, and hopefully future creative director, I’ve found so much wrong with this editorial that at first, I refused to comment, much like the Interview offices when asked about this editorial. Not wanting to be one of those people that I accuse of always assuming conspiracies I just waited for a while before finally saying my clip on it.

The editorial’s use of an array of models of color is commendable. I will start off by saying that. In my book though, the ends(utilizing many models of color) do not justify the means(positioning these models as if only props and a backdrop for the singular caucasian model). Not only does placement signify this, but the styling and positioning of these models suggests a dispoability that I’m not exactly comfortable with. If I only think a tad bit I could very well see chains on these models, and it has become a scene from a slave house. The sad part about it is that this technique has been used in many other editorials with many men and one singular female. The difference is that men have not historically been discriminated against and put into this position.

I am saddened that Mikael Jansson(photographer) and Karl Templer(stylist) have created an editorial that has unfolded in this manner. I’m a new subscriber to Interview and have yet to actually receive the issue that has this editorial featured in it, but I hope that somewhere there is a valid reason that these models have been used as haphazardly as “blackssessories.”

See the rest of the editorial here


Contributing Editor brings us yet another amazing editorial. I will forever grate on how saddening it is that I can only post two pictures, but then again I will continue to post two if that’s all I can. The magazine CONTINUES to put out creative editorials, and what’s better, the editorials focus on MEN! The latest editorial focuses on color and in a very Gaga-esque from “Telephoen” manner. If I haven’t said it before, it’s most definately a favorite!
Check it out in it’s entirety here



I have all of two minutes to describe what I want to describe here. Contributing Editor always brings the latest and greatest independent editorials to my Google Reader. They are things that can’t be missed! This latest editorial, utilizing GIF files is one such editorial. What struck me at first were the clothes, they followed the trends and I loved the futuristic piping as well as the plastic but there was nothing overtly amazing about the editorial. And then I saw one of the models lick his lips at me. He did it again. I scrolled up and saw another flexing, and a third just blinking. You’ll have to check the rest of the editorial here because the site doesn’t like for bloggers to repost entire editorials. Trust me your time won’t be wasted.


EDITORIAL: The Beginning of the End

Photographed by Terence Chin, model Xiya Xu models an assortment of clean and chic ensembles that juxtapose the gritty and urban location. Styled by Pip Vassett the looks include pieces by ManiaMania, Prada, Just Cavalli, Galliano, and Sass & Bide. Not created for a particular publication, the team involved in this shoot are certainly One’s to Watch.

Se the rest of the editorial