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Exclusive Brad Boultinghouse Interview

Brad Boultinghouse talking to attendees after the show
photo by Keri Goff

Following his show on Thursday I sat down with Brad Boultinghouse to talk a little bit of shop in regards to the collection and the inspiration behind it. I have to say thanks to Keri Goff who like a trooper switched from photographer to videographer at the drop of a dime. I hope you guys enjoy the short interview as well as the images below the clip.

Brad directing models backstage
detail shot of second look
spiked wedges from aholic by Brad Boultinghouse

Sarah Hines, Me, and Hallie Lipsmeyer
Hallie Lipsmeyer, Brad Boultinghouse, Christian Barker, Sarah Hines, Me


VIDEO: Stevie Boi "Malibu Stevie" Collection

This video was a preview to the Malibu Stevie Collection by Stevie Boi. Stevie Boi currently has a line out called The Cure. His first line, The Toxic found itself perched on the noses of such celebs as Lady Gaga(from her Pokerface Cover and live a few times), Rihanna, and many others. From what I hear Stevie Boi has been dropping shades on many others in the past three months. I’ve heard names like Teyanna Taylor, Gucci Mane(his new video that’s not out yet), Muffy(she was at the end of the preview), Khia(on her iTunes album cover) and Lola Monroe. His new line “Malibu Stevie” evidently is for all of the Barbies and Kens out there as he states on his Twitter. I’m not exactly sure if he’s serious or not but I heard something about SB Weave dropping on the 12th when the “Malibu Stevie” collection goes public. Oh and one more thing you may find of interest… I did hear that Stevie Boi Shades made it into Sex and the City 2. Were those the shades on that poster??

Whatever happens we know that Stevie Boi is here and he’s here to stay.
Check out his website here

SPOTLIGHT: Robot & Brucling

How I got in touch with the design duo Bruce Franklin… I’m not exactly sure. I’m not positive if he was the designer who tweeted me shortly after I began tweeting Coco and Breezy but no matter how I met him I am aware that in my first semester of college I talked to him quite a bit, discussing plans of mine with the blog and listening to him talk about creating his collection which is now on sale. Now that I think about it, I laugh as I remember how he would call me Mr. Info. I was always reading an article that he had to read, hearing about a stylist to get him in touch with, I had some idea or another at every moment. Enough about that though, we have below interview questions that I sent over to the duo and their accompanying answers. I do hope you like what you read.

See the interview below the clip.
Name: Chris Chaun and Bruce Franklin
Product: Bow Ties
Label Name: Robot&Brucling
Number of Years in the Industry: 4 Months
Claim to Fame: Reinventing the bow tie
Favorite Piece that You Have Designed: Its a piece we haven’t released yet.
Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld
First thing, how did you guys get into designing?? Have you always been the stylistic ones in school?? Did it just evolve from that?? Did you go to school together?? Before this venture had you designed before?? I know you were involved in the fashion industry before you began this initiative, did that push you into designing??
We were working on separate collections and decided to work together. We were regarded as style leaders of the pack in our high school of 5,000+ students, introducing high end designer labels to the classroom, lol. Teachers hated it… Always asking where we got money to pay for such luxury. We both designed informally for years and worked in fashion, so evolution takes its course naturally. We’re sure all experiences count for something; a bit here, the rest there…

How do you go about designing?? What are some of your influences?? Also how did you find out your design style?? Do the two of you have the same style??
We’re visionaries so our discussions are our sketch sessions and then we free-hand together once our fabrics and findings have been chosen. The current collection was designed this way and we felt no need to stray from a seamless process. Our design style is a no brainer; we design from emotion and typically agree on ideas because we think of them separately and approach each other with the same idea… telepathic communication, seriously. Art and history are our predominant influence, so we have similar style.

What made you pick bowties?? Why not any other accessory??? Do you have plans on expanding the line??
We love bowties, so it was a natural choice. Whats the difference between jeans and ties? If they look good, wear em. Right? Our line is the beginning of our developing brand.
When you began to design this collection specifically what were some of your emotions during that time?? Is there an accompanying story line?? Do you have a name for this collection? Did both of you work on each individual bowtie??
The ties are a reflection of the emotions we felt at that time and this is to be translated by the individual who wears them; we’re artists, they’re art. The collection is cohesive because of a balance, a co-existence of two sides to a story. We decided to name the ties individually and each one has a backstory. We chose not to create a name to box the collection inward… Yes, we work on everything together-

You guys are both in Boston now correct but you commute to New York?? How is this?? How has the initial reaction been to Robot and Brucling?? How is the Boston fashion scene??
We commute 8hrs driving to and from New York weekly in most cases for the obvious reasons as designers. The scene here is surprisingly alive, but in a more upscale manner, fairly pricey shoes hitting the streets and fancy coats in the fall and winter. Look up the roster of stores here, they don’t exist for no reason… lol. We’ve been very fortunate with the immense amount of support our label has received thus far.
Who are you designing for?? ? Does branding come into the equation when you begin to design?? Have you begun to assemble a team??
We design for those who want more and its hard to reach your peak of creativity thinking of what people want all the time; we introduce them to what they really want. We had imbalances in the beginning, but respected each other always and worked to be more balanced, to be real partners… Our designs always make sense for our brand, so no team outside of us has been decided on.

Do you have any views on the rapid changes that are occurring in the fashion industry?? This pertains to the rising in influence of the fashion blogger, the democratization of the industry which is signified by the wider audience that fashion shows are presented to, and the perceived loss of prestige of what once was regaled as the bibles of fashion, magazines. Do you see these things as positive or negative?? How do you attempt to deal with them as you grow your business??
As time progresses, things change, some to the benefit of the present. Yay @blogs… We must remain true to ourselves and as we do this, we only grow with time and in harmony with everything going on, no matter what the level of agreement.

If I were to introduce you to someone just out of high school who wanted to get into the designing business what would your advice be to this person??
Be yourself. Let nay-sayers inspire you.

Check out there website to purchase bowties here
Follow them on Twitter.

DESIGNERS: Coco and Breezy 20/20

And our girls are back! Since their show back in February they’ve been hitting the pavement hard, seeing results pop up everywhere. In addition to putting on their own show they were invited to Brooklyn Fashion Week, hosted a fshion show, had their eyewear featured in a shoot for XEX, modeled for a shoot in In*tandem magazine, did a cameo on New Housewives of New York, and many other things. The girls have surely been working hard and it’s only fitting that soon, the new collection, 20/20 will be up for purchase. The picture above is one of the behind-the-scenes shots posted on Coco and Breezy’s blog today. All of the models were in blackface for the shoot.

See more coverage under the clip

The girls aren’t just making accessories aimlessly though. They have a storyline behind their latest collection that includes necklaces and eyepatches in addition to their eyewear. The storyline explains how the twins were oritinally constructed here on earth of artistic ideas, futuristic qualities, and other characterstics that didn’t resimble the “normal human being.” After being ridiculed for daring to be different, the “20/20 year old girls” decided to build a ship that would take them to another side of the universe where different met fashion. The story line goes that they left in 2010 and returned 10 years later, year 2020.

During their trip they found a new planet, which they named “Planet C&&B.” Because of the intense sunlight on the planet the residents have no eyes, and normal human eyes must be covered. The line that the twins created was made to cover the eyes of everyone, the regular and the different. “20/20 Eyewear gives a new vision to those who (sic) are blind to [the] future of fashion design.” The storyline ends with a simple question. “Do you dare to visit Planet C&&B?”

I talked to them later, after they returned to earth you know, and I questioned them about their recent earthly collaborations. First I asked them about the recent giveaway that they did by partnering with Angel over at Concrete Loop. They gave away 5 pair of shades and when asked to comment about it they said “[We] wanted to do the giveaway because we thought it was the perfect time(sic). It’s right around the same time before we launch our new stuff, so new viewers that came to the Concrete Loop site would find out who Coco & Breezy are. As far as picking the winners, it was a random pick; we did it for marketing . We picked people that lived in states or countries that we haven’t gotten sales from yet so they could rock C && B in their state/country and spread the word.”

VIDEO: Oyster Vision Designer

Oyster Vision Designer Pathways: Episode 1

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Oyster Vision Designer Pathways: Final Episode

DESIGNER: Robot and Brucling

So I’ve been trying to do this blog for weeks and I’ve finally got enough time to hopefully knock it out in one sitting. Let’s just go ahead and review the things I’ve already written. One Shontelle had a new video named Impossible. In this video there was a leading man named Steph Jones who was wearing a Robot and Brucling bow tie. At first I wasn’t sure if the bowtie would fit in the actual video but now that we’ve seen it I definitely think it does. Here was the preliminary post I did.

See the rest below the clip

While I don’t think that Knight(the name of this particular bow tie) will make it into the video(the styling of the shoot looks very relaxed, and simplistic, neither of which describes this particular bow tie) I’m happy to see it nonetheless. Bruce Franklin and Chris Chaun have been pounding the pavement hard and were working in the industry for a while before they came out with their line and have in ways hit the ground running. From the collection now being sold my favorites are Carnegie and Chelsea(with a small alteration). I’ll go into more detail later, but I just wanted to get the name in your ear. Look out for Robot and Brucling… Oh and if you already know you love the work, order from here.

Instead of writing about the video though, I’m focusing on the actual line Robot and Brucling, created by partners Bruce Franklin and Chris Chaun of Boston. The line has only recently come out and now consists of 11 bowties that are sold exclusively on their website. Prices range from $20 to $74 and the bowties are all about 3 1/4 to 5 1/4 inches. One of my favorite pieces from the collection is Carnegie which comes in black(Noir) and blue(Carnegie). I love the simplicity but still the chicness of it. I feel like it’s one of the best conceptualized and executed of the line besides Knight, featured in the music video.

Americana came to my mind immediately after seeing the Telephone video. I could’ve seen it in with the crazy Americana themed fashion for the final dance scene. With native American inspiration the duo used denim, a heavy trend for spring and summer, to create the navy blue piece. The denim was hand distressed, as all the pieces are custom made.

Chelsea is runner-up for my favorite piece. The only reason is that I don’t find the piece to be balanced, or aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I find this problem in many of the pieces. I loved the piece and I would’ve liked it alot more if it would’ve been balanced. For example, if you pay attention to the stitching on the bows, the stitching looks to be the actual stitching for how the bow is sewn together. I would encourage the duo to sew the final side and just pay attention to balancing the bow ties just for aesthetic value.

All in all though I think it’s a pretty good first collection and I’m looking for more.

VIDEO: Shontelle "Impossible"



So the Robot & Brucling bowtie did make it into the video. I don’t have time to do an entire post but enjoy.

DESIGNERS: Robot&Brucling


This video is Behind the Scenes of Shontelle’s new music video “Impssible”. Seventeen got us in for this exclusive peek but that’s not what we’re here to discuss… what we are here to discuss is actually one piece. I mean the video does look like it’s going to be deep, not that heavy on the fashion, but still heartfelt. What pierced my gaze though was the bow tie that Steph Jones, the male lead in the video, was wearing. The designer is none other than the duo from Robot and Brucling.

See below the clip for more

While I don’t think that Knight(the name of this particular bow tie) will make it into the video(the styling of the shoot looks very relaxed, and simplistic, neither of which describes this particular bow tie) I’m happy to see it nonetheless. Bruce Franklin and Chris Chaun have been pounding the pavement hard and were working in the industry for a while before they came out with their line and have in ways hit the ground running. From the collection now being sold my favorites are Carnegie and Chelsea(with a small alteration). I’ll go into more detail later, but I just wanted to get the name in your ear. Look out for Robot and Brucling… Oh and if you already know you love the work, order from here.

MOVIE: Coco Avant Chanel



I would’ve wished that the film would’ve been longer but it was still a great film. Of course there are quotables in there but what I was watching for was the story behind the story. I love that there’s this trend to pull back the curtain on fashion right now, it’s a wonderful trend that allows me to more easily do research. Plus the fashions in it were soooo Chanel! And my favorite scene would probably have to be the last… where Coco refashioned that dressed. I want to be able to do that in 2 minutes flat one day as well.

Seth Aaron Henderson on Project Runway

So I follow Tom and Lorenzo’s blog to keep up to date on the latest reality fashion shows… (which are not really reality but you didn’t hear it from me). They provide profiles on many different shows and the characters who inhabit these shows but they never have forgotten their bread and butter, the show that brought them their power fame and influence, Project Runway.

I was scanning through my reader when I found this man on their blog. With full intentions on breezing through the post I skipped through the text, the videos and was about to lazily skimp on the pictures when I was stopped by the jacket pictured below. With superb workmanship, and an obvious menswear influence I knew I had to go back and atleast look at all the pictures. As I began to spy an obvious Dior style, with the high bar jackets, I knew I’d take a liking to Seth Anderson.

While the 38 year old’s personal style doesn’t seem to fit TLo’s tastes(it doesn’t fit mine either… trying to hard with chothes that don’t fit well doesn’t do it for me) his amazing tailoring does. Citing Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior as his favorite mainstream designers and Christian Siriano as his favorite Project Runway winner, he has me won over. He says his favorite color is blac(which is evident in the portfolio he showed TLo) and he finds influence from music “including New Wave, punk, ’80s Goth, Brit Rock. Also ’40s, ’50s and ’60s movies”

I only have one complaint.. as I look at his work to me I see the same basic high bar-esque structure… He doesn’t seem to stray from it. Even when I look at the dresses it seems that he has only added length, and I can DEFINITELY see Nina critiquing him for it… Hopefully either I’m crazy or he just isn’t show the other things he can do.