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Exclusive Brad Boultinghouse Interview

Brad Boultinghouse talking to attendees after the show
photo by Keri Goff

Following his show on Thursday I sat down with Brad Boultinghouse to talk a little bit of shop in regards to the collection and the inspiration behind it. I have to say thanks to Keri Goff who like a trooper switched from photographer to videographer at the drop of a dime. I hope you guys enjoy the short interview as well as the images below the clip.

Brad directing models backstage
detail shot of second look
spiked wedges from aholic by Brad Boultinghouse

Sarah Hines, Me, and Hallie Lipsmeyer
Hallie Lipsmeyer, Brad Boultinghouse, Christian Barker, Sarah Hines, Me


Summer’s Day: Editorial Exclusive

photo Keri Goff
styling Mikelle Street
model Lauren Malstrom

It has to fit within my story,Marquis Bias, the president of Fashion Board, says idly playing with his Alexis Bittar bracelet while scanning the options at DeLibel Boutique. A model stands off to the side in a white knit dress, waiting as he selects her second look. She is the second to the last model of Marquis’s day of fittings.

Today marks the beginning of USC Fashion Week. Put on by the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina, USC Fashion Week is about education, social outreach, as well as fashion. The week will culminate in a fashion show featuring local retailers like DeLibel Boutique, Coplon’s, LaRoque, VanJean, Just The Thing, M Boutique, Britton’s, and Bohemian, as well as student designer, Laura McCall.

Today, the fashion week kick off will be held on the Russell House Patio from 11-2. There will be music as well as merchandise like t-shirts, koozies, sunglasses, and pens, available to be purchased. Marquis himself as well as other fashion board members will be there.
On Wednesday, the board will put on a Bake Sale to be held on Greene Street and in front of the BA Building that will benefit SisterCare. That night at 7PM in the Public Health Building, Jess James of Style Swap will be speaking.

Thursday is the finale with a 72 look fashion show held at 701 Whaley at 7:00PM.
The night of the show will be Marquis’s last night as two year President of Fashion Board. “I guess in a way it is [my grand finale]” He says staring off. A local stylist, Marquis continually keeps projects, big and small in the works and will now be able to focus more on those since he shall be turning the reigns over to current Fashion Board secretary, Melissa Karl. “I’m very excited,” Marquis says in regards to the new E-Board. “I think that we have a great new team, and it puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m leaving and the organization will be in good hands.” In reference to Melissa specifically Marquis states, “I’m particularly pleased with my successor because I know that she shares the same vision I have and have had for the organization.”

The shoot presented in this post was a shot conceptualized by me in order to promote local fashion businesses during the week of USC Fashion Week. Since the week is the closest that Columbia has to a Columbia Fashion Week, I thought that it would be the best time to do a Spring shoot highlighting the trends that we saw internationally by utilizing the garments we see locally.

I must of course say thanks to all involved. Keri Goff took the images and Lauren Malstrom modeled for us. Both of them attend USC. While the only local designer featured was Annabelle LaRoque, who is most certainly a favorite of mine, all the pieces do come from local boutiques. Thanks go out to VanJean, Revente, Sid&Nancy, Just The Thing, Handpicked, and Frame of Mind, as they all allowed me to pull pieces for the shoot.

Glimpse the New Denim at Topman

I spoke of a “Topman Denim” series of short films did I not? Well here is the trailer. Meet Louis, Henry, & Sid who have been described as “young protagonists.” Want to see what they’ll be up to? Well the full films will be launched in two days on October 4th. Stick around.

And for your viewing pleasure this is the Topman Design Spring/Summer 2011 show which showed at London Fashion Week. I was quite taken by the shorts. I loved them to be honest. All of the extra fabric and belted in a very… geriatric type of way. The belts are strong and give a little twist to the looks. Of course I noticed the shades, and the bags, and the rest of the clothing but the lengths of the shorts, and belting really caught my attention. I mean, I’m not a very round lens type of boy, so… while I can appreciate the slight feminine qualities, and the nice styling of them… it’s not something I see myself incorporating into my wardrobe any time soon.

Follow the Leader

Still from the Topman Short Film Series, “Louis, Henry, & Sid”
The infatuation with fashion here at 803 I’m sure is evident. *Gestures to surroundings* I mean, we faint at McQueen, and silence our own mothers during a livestream of Marc Jacobs(which we will eventually get around to discussing… just give us some time!). The adoration of the film media may not be as palpable though. It’s still there though, I mean we are developing our own collection of the videos, shorts, and documentaries that have practically placed a siege on the industry. It’s just something about film and fashion that clicks though… maybe it’s the reason that this is now another dimension to see the interpretation of one’s line, maybe it’s because the movement of the garment and actual wearablity is evident… or maybe like everything else in fashion, we’ve bored of the same old same old and we are ready for something else to get our hands dirty in. Who knows, but until we find out(and even probably after that) we will be looking for every intersection of fashion and film and plopping ourselves right there.
See vital info about Topman and the upcoming film series below the clip.
So, to find out that there are a series of short films on the horizon… makes us positively GIDDY. And to hear that it’s a project by Topman… we have now arrived at ecstatic. Add denim into the mix and we have become fidgety in anticipation. NOt understanding? Let’s lay it out

What: Three short films entitled Louis, Henry & Sid directed by Laurence Ellis
When: October 4th, 2010
Why: Topman is introducing three new fits in the film; Carrot, Skinny, and Arc. Viewers will be able to really ascertain an essence of the fit, of what Topman is and means as a brand through these videos while being introduced to these new designs and shapes.
Where: TOPMAN.COM(and hopefully here maybe? *wink wink*)
Get it? Got it? GOOD! While I know you love my eloquent speak for when I get all business savvy, I know you really are just ready to follow the leader. So let me point you in their direction:
Now Go.

INTERVIEW: Keiko Limehouse of Mina/Mas(Part 2)

On Friday I posted the first part of the interview that I conducted with Keiko Limehouse of Mina/Mas boutique. The fashionable mother of two runs a edgy yet diverse boutique in Columbia, South Carolina and has no problem helping out up and comers. While the first segment of the interview focused more on Keiko and her opinions about the fashion industry, this second segment focuses more on the boutique, and it’s inner workings. I would again like to thank Keiko, this time publicly for sitting down for an interview and everything else she has done.

Below the clip is the second and final segment of our interview focusing more on Mina/Mas and the inner workings of the boutique.

803: First, I love the space, did you come up with the aesthetic for the space? Did you have any inspiration?
Keiko: Yes. I chose primarily chose pink because it’s a signature for women, and I wanted to provide an avenue in which women felt more than comfortable in and something that was purely for women. Whereas men have alot of places to just go and relax, like sports bars and cigar bars, women don’t really have that so I wanted to give them their place of comfort
803: So it’s more than just “come here and buy your clothes”?
Keiko: Oh yeah! We’re a firm believer of “If you can make a woman feel good on the outside she can remember all the good things on the inside.” Given the fact that I am a woman, most women are moms, sisters, career women: we have so many things going on in our lives we tend to forget about ourselves.
803: So is there a reason you chose this pink specifically?
Keiko: I felt that a lighter pink would be too foo foo little girl. And I think the depth of the color says something about us because it’s kind of deep. We’re deep as well because we have motivations and things we want to do. It’s the type of color that if it’s too light, it’s kind of glaring and if you go too dark, it’s kind of gothic.
803: Why did you decide to only stock 3-6 pieces of each garment as opposed to more?
Keiko: I hate bulk shopping, and I really feel that for women in Columbia, unfortunately, there’s not a lot to choose from here. Traditionally they have to go out to Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta to find something that’s different, so I specifically had the intention to find those pieces and bring them here. I, myself, now have children and I can’t get up and move as frequently as I could have when I was younger so this was a way to control my own vice as well as to offer that to all of my clients.803: So did you make the boutique to solve a problem you were finding when buying pieces?
Keiko: That definitely was a big piece in deciding only to have 3-6 people, however in deciding to have the store, my biggest thing was helping women to remember themselves. A lot of times as career women and moms, we tend to forget about ourselves. You put your career first, you put your kids first, you’re putting your husband first, you put everyone first and you forget about yourself. I just wanted to remind them of themselves.
803: Do you shop for yourself or do you have a specific woman in mind when you go to buy things for the boutique?
Keiko: It’s been a growing process and I have amazing clients, they are like friends and family. Since I don’t have a lot of family here they kind of filled that hole. We go way out for our clients, and kind of take them under our wings. So knowing what their needs are and their criteria, like their body type, I go to find things that of course I personally like, but are applicable to their bodies.
803: So over time the styling of the store could change depending on your client base?
Keiko: I think that I’ve been kind of lucky in the sense that the clients that we do have really like what we’re already doing. So I don’t really want to change my formula per se but I am aware that not every single line is for every single body type. So we will probably develop more lines of clothes that are more equipped for different body types as opposed to changing what we already have. We try to keep a nice selection of workwear everyday wear, going out wear, formal wear. So we try to have a little bit for a vast audience.
803: So I know that Tara and Kayla are both interns, so is everyone who works in the store an intern?
Keiko: No, we have two other employees as well both of whom have other things that they are pursuing. So it was kind of a blessing in disguise: they are still with us, but their time given over the summer kind of had elapsed. I knew in advance that they weren’t going to be here and it just so happened that Tara and Kayla approached me about an internship at the same time.
803: So is their internship focusing on the business aspect or more of the fashion aspect of the boutique?
Keiko: Initially when I interviewed with both of them, I wanted them, I think in some senses, and I hope not to be jumping the gun but I know in a lot of internships they just work the store, Ideally I don’t want them to just work the store. I want them a.) to utilize the talents that they’ve learned alongside with learn anything that they want to obtain from this or receive from this. I hope that they pursue those things here. I share all my inside things with them so that they are fully equipped, whereas alot of people just let them have a job, and utilize the free services. I’m letting them see everything that, I see the goods and the bads, the uglies and in betweens. The same way that I form relationships with my clients they’ve been here for a little while and they are doing the same thing.
803: It seems to me alot of the things that you do are about empowerment, is this intentional?
Keiko: That’s definitely our hopes. Definitely, we do try to do alot of different events. We eventually want to turn Mina/Mas into a label which is why I wanted to pull Tara on board because she designs and stuff. I’m trying to push her and motivate her to keep going with that as well as I want her to work with us to kind of design some of our pieces too. But ultimately we want to turn into a label and then take the proceeds from that and develop youth programs like group homes for kids803: So do you have any local designers stocked?
Keiko: Well here’s the thing, I’ve interviewed with several and have allowed for them to host their items here for free. Whereas if they say their products are XYZ as long as they fall with in the boutiques price point, they receive all the commission for that. Just given different circumstance I haven’t had anyone that was consistent enough that brought a line. It is something that I would entertain for sure. I think that there is alot of unrecognized talent in Columbia and being a business, formost people that own a business it’s “self before anyone else” whereas I’m a firm believer in “what you give out is what you get back.” So although sometimes I don’t see my blessings I know that they are always there so I always love helping people to advance even if it far exceeds myself.
803: Have you considered expanding into menswear?
Keiko: We’re actually contemplating that currently. There’s not really a high custom made suits in demand. But there is a high demand for the absence of custom made suits. So I really want to have that service. Not a tailoring suits because I know of places here that advertise as custom made but really they are tailor made. But we actually want to custom make and that’s about the extent of us going into menswear.
803: Alot of people don’t understand that many times in music and in arts there are alot of people who work on teams behind the scenes. I was wondering if it was the same way with boutiques and more importantly, Mina/Mas.
Keiko: Well we work with one person, she owns Silky Alterations, and she’s helping to incorporate some pieces for the future. But there’s all kinds of people that we are still kind of collaborating with and growing relationships with before we put anything in writing. You want to make sure that before you get into bed with someone you want to make sure that they have the same mindset as you and has your back the same way that you have theirs. So we’re still grooming those but in terms of who we have now, Silky is sort of our “signature seamstress”

EXCLUSIVE: FFS and Clarence J

So, one of the things that we are attempting to bring more of as the blog evolves is original content. Original and exclusive content that you’re not going to find at other blogs. That’s why, if you’ve noticed, there has been an injection of a personal voice into posts. Also if you’re one of our business affiliates, you should be able to tell by the emails I’ve sent. Anyway, I’m excited to announce that I was on the set of my first photoshoot this pass Sunday, and these are the pictures that resulted. I posted about it on my other blog but now the pictures are back, I’m going to post about it here as well.

See more pictures from the photoshoot, and my commentary after the clip.

Amenia Pempleton(FFS) by Clarence Jackson

The photographer on set was Clarence Jackson of Clarence J Photography. I had never met him before the shoot, so afterwards I did go up and kind of introduce myself. He has a very quiet demeanor and, for the model, makes it a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. With 19 other models in the room, and the staff of your agency looking on, you kind of need someone that seems to be reassuring. The professionalism of his work is evident in the photographs and his timeliness. Like I said, we shot on Sunday, it’s now Tuesday and I have the photographs. I believe light retouching was done. Anyway, if you’re in the area and would like to shoot I’d recommend him highly. He’s also looking to build a creative team, so if you are a designer, make-up artist, stylist, or creative director, check him out.

Ty Rene’e(FFS) by Clarence Jackson

The pictures that I have selected are just a few of my favorites. Are they all my top favorites, no, but I wanted to show a variety of pictures/angles/models/emotions, while still attempting to stay true to the quality of the blog. You will notice that Monique La Belle does appear twice. That’s because she… hands down was my favorite model. She has untapped potential, but she also has talent that she exercises REGULARLY! She’s just so effortless in front of the camera, and the funny thing is that even though you watch the photoshoot and you see all this talent, after the picture is taken you’re like, “Wow I didn’t know the light would reflect like that”. You have time to reflect on every little detail when her mind factored them all in the span of a few seconds.

Dustin White(FFS) by Clarence Jackson

Here are a few more pictures in no particular order. Click the pictures and they will become larger.

Models: Shemieka Lloyd(FFS), Monique La Belle(FFS), Kenneth McCray(FFS), Victoria Jazzphied(FFS), Lindsey Hendren(FFS)
Creative Direction: Alicia Zeigler
Photographer: Clarence Jackson
Hair, Make-Up, and Styling: Latasha Cooper
Assistant: Mikelle Street