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Man2Man Boxing Event

Last Sunday I went out to the Man2Man event at Fight Club University. The event was the first event benefiting the Man2Man program for “at-risk” youth. I’d never actually been to a sanctioned boxing match, so the eight that I saw that night proved to be a new expereince, and one that I wouldn’t mind repeating.
It seemed like there was curse on the blue corner. As the night progressed, winner after winner emerged from the red corner. Throughout the eight sanctioned fights, two resulted in coaches “throwing in the towel”. One of the boxers seemed to not even be able to stay on his feet as hit after hit landed him on his backside, laid out on the canvas. Ages varied but seemed to include mostly high school/college aged fighters but there were a few of the exceptionally young. One such boxer quickly gained the crowd’s favor after preservering though his match and even giving a little energetic foot work. Sorry, he ended up losing his bout.

If you’re interested, make sure to go out to the next Man2Man event on July 16th.

Also follow them on Twitter for updates.

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Frame of Mind Trunk Show

A few of the frames from Monoqool at FOM. More photos by Mikelle Street

So last week, not too long after the Mast Store opening, I popped into one of my favorite little shops on Main Street: Frame of Mind eyewear Boutique. Mark Plessinger, the owner, is a really artistic guy with vision and the dedication to see his vision through. Sadly the latter isn’t found in Columbia much.
Anyway, Mark hosted a midweek trunk show showing some of the latest wares from Monoqool, Derapage, Crowbae, Mainhattan and Eight Below Zero, all brands that are only sold in boutiques. There was a representative from Studio Optix there, Jack Erker, who gave me a quick run through on some of the brands and what makes them different, the most interesting of which happen to be the frames made from Mongolian Ram and African Bull horn. Erker was recently also in Huntington Beach and a few other places doing trunk shows.

Frames made out of ram and bull horn at FOM. More photos by Mikelle Street.

A few tidbits:

  • Monoqool- The frames made by Monoqool utilize a patented spiral instead of screws to connect the arms. Another bit I found interesting was the fact that some of the clear frames are actually like transitions lenses. Instead of the actual lenses changing with sunlight, the frames change.
  • Derapage- The Derapage frames also have a signature which is the layered technique. Formed from sheets of steel, the brand has it’s roots in automobiles as the factor which manufactures them is a 3rd generation race car factory in Italy. Some of the newer frames are made from Italian acetate, which is one of the strongest plastics out.
  • Crowbae and Eight Below Zero- Both of these lines are composed of frames made from animal horn, african bull and mongolian ram respectively. Because they are made of actual animal horns, there are no pair of frames that are exactly the same. The frames are all being manufactured in France, and have been made from these animals for the last 4 years. Erker also said that the horns are from animals who’ve all died from “natural deaths.”
Tonight, Frame of Mind will be also hosting another event, but this time for First Thursdays.
DR and Kelsey Granger’s work will be on display!!
Make sure to attend!

"Hairspray" at Workshop Theatre

photo of the outside of Workshop Theatre by Mikelle Street
“Momma-I’m a Big Girl Now” by the original cast of Hairspray

Last night I went to the Workshop Theatre to see their sold out production of “Hairspray: The Broadway Musical” sponsored by the AIDS Benefit Foundaiton of South Caorlina. Having never actually been to Workshop Theatre, I found myself attracted to the small intimate cortyard and even alleyway surrounding the entrance. Since I’m not a fancy cool photographer, I had no clue how to shoot the space(alot of trees=alot of shade and I hate the flash) but I did try.
Anyway the production was a powerful one. It was set up as a sort of immersive performance with actors milling through the aisles and coming throgh back entrances to the theatre before making their way to the front stage. For those familiar with the recent movie Hairspray, while similar, the plot wasn’t exactly the same. One of my favorite numbers of the movie, “New Girl in Town,” wasn’t found in the production but instead there was ” Mama-I’m a Big Girl Now” performed by the three mother/daughter duos. For those unfamiliar with the movie, the plot is based on Tracy Turnblad who plays played by a talented Jennifer Morse, who fights for the rights of her African-American cohorts while herself being ridiculed for her weight.
The strongest numbers seemed to come from Miss Motormouth Maybelle herself, played by Michelle Nicole Rivera. Rivera’s voice held a strength, vigor, and maturity that seemed to outshine the rest of the cast. “I Know Where I’ve Been” was undoubtedly the strongest number, led by Rivera with the accompaniment of the ensemble. The resulting applause was resounding.

Hairspray will run at Workshop Theatre until June 4th with showtimes at 8.

The production will pick back up on June 8th and run till the 11th.

Call and reserve tickets because they sel out quickly.

Runaway Runway 2011 After Party

So after Runaway Runway everyone was invited to go across the street to the after party for wine and hors d’oeuvres. Seeing as my work was done at the event, I did get to scoot right on over and it was a really nice time. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the venue but I’ve passed it countless times. It was a great night to be outside and with intimate lighting, and a jazz band, the atmosphere complimented that of the main of event nicely.
Since I did happen to still have my friend’s camera i shot around a bit, finding that I have an attraction to shots with no faces. In the future I may try to leave the photography to photographers but a fun time was had by all.

See more images from the After Party.

aholic by Brad Boultinghouse 2011

Brad Boultinghouse giving his preshow speech
photo by Keri Goff

The model rounded the curve, the mosaic print rippling off of her, the high hem in front of her high enough to reveal the bottom of the bathing suit she wore beneath. It was the same look that was on the promotional image that got me interested in the show, and the same look I’d just seen backstage but as always, there’s something a bit different when you can see the fluidity of a garment as the model stomps down the runway, the dim, intimate lighting only enhancing the overall appeal.
Brad Boultinghouse showed his entire 2011 collection for his label aholic this past Thursday on the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center patio. Attendees came out for a night of champagne, hors d’oeuvres, music, and fashion with proceeds benefiting One Good Deed charity, based in Kansas City, Missouri.
The goal is to raise enough money for diapers for one hospital, for one month and update a laundry facility,” Boultinghouse exlained to me a few days before the show. He went on to detail how the $3,000 would buy diapers that would provide effective sanitation and prevent diseases for children, as well as bring the outdated laundry facilities into the 20th century in order to sustain these new diapers as there’s a landfill problem in Africa, where these funds would be headed.

see more runway images by Keri Goff

The collection showed was one that was still very much within the parameters that Boultinghouse set for himself. One look in particular, a grey body conscious cocktail dress with architectural ruffle flourishes, was a dead ringer for a black dress he showed last season. The collection surely wasn’t the same though with a great deal of fragility and even innocence in pieces.

While Boultinghouse did say he’s nervous about how his pieces will be received, he himself knows that they aren’t for everyone. That black shift dress with the white block of fabric layered over it, and those herringbone shorts, along with the rest of the collection are one of a kind pieces going to customers who don’t have to worry about going out and finding another girl with the same look. These of course are customers who have no qualms in matching the softness of a simple white cotton dress with the rough appeal of the spiked wedges that comprise one third of Boultinghouse’s entry into accessories.

see more backstage photos by Keri Goff

The collection as a whole was a consistent one, a solid one and even above average for Columbia fashion. Though possibly a tad confusing as all seasons are shown in one presentation Brad Boultinghouse ensures cohesion by telling one story, one that he says is his own, and seems to include a bit of retro sensability. I only await future collections from him.

(Sarah Hines, Christian Barker, Melissa Brown, Hallie Lipsmeyer, Me)

Grit and Glamour 2011

On this past Saturday I attended the Grit and Glamour Gala at the Columbia Museum of Art. It really was an amazing event with performances by the Unbound Dance Company, as well as The Swingin’ Richards, and MaryLiz the Princess. The museum was divided into different sections like the Piano Bar, the Hemp Bar, as well as the Coffee Bar. The largest space was in the expansion area of the museum where Izms of Art had painted the walls in graffiti. There were markers for us to add to the work but I, as always, couldn’t bring myself to do it.
All and all it was a great event benefiting a great cause. There was enough food to probably feed twice as much as we actually ate and there would be no way for me to even guess how many attendees there were. Of course there were a few familiar faces like the women of VanJean and Just The Thing, as well as The Shop Tart(who you can thank for the picture of me), and Otis Taylor of The State. Cori Hanky of Garnet and Black accompanied me and so when we get them back most of the images will be from her.

Cori Hanki and I via The Shop Tart

A Day at the Races with Marquis Bias

Early this Saturday morning, just a short while after the sun rose, I found myself rising from my bed to prepare for my trip to Camden for my first experience with the tried and true southern experience know as Carolina Cup.
I had never heard of Carolina Cup prior to my years at the University of South Carolina, but once I began my time there I quickly ascertained that it was a pretty big deal among the good ole’ boys and southern belles.
For those of you who don’t know, Carolina Cup is a horse race, and Camden, South Carolina, where the event is held, is a world-renowned epicenter of thoroughbred horse training.
Every year, followers of this tradition adorn themselves in every bit of pastel patchwork fabric, seersucker, or quirky spring apropos print that they can find and make their way to Springdale Race Course.
Of course, any true southerner would know that you don’t go anywhere half steppin’, and a trip to Springdale is no different. Although at most sporting events an old tee shirt and sneakers will do, you would look pretty foolish rolling up at Cup dressed that way.
For gentlemen, a shirt and tie is considered most appropriate, paired with a complimenting trouser or pair of shorts. Most men will choose to trust such well-known brands as Southern Tide or Vinyard Vines with their wardrobe. (Although I found the event to be pleasant, it was a bit too town and country for me. Being the fashion rebel that I am, I chose to shroud myself in black, instead of bright poppy spring color. Instead of Southern Tide, I went to the houses of H&M, Zara, and Topman for my ensemble.)

For ladies, the answer is simple: if your dress wasn’t custom made by Annabelle LaRoque, then it better have been acquired from Lilly Pulitzer. Of course you can’t forget the key element—the hat.
I found this little moment at a vendor from Virginia who set up shop to sell her wares to perhaps some young lady who came unprepared.

As I wandered about, I discovered booths by Sperry and Lilly Pulitzer herself. The Lilly table was even giving away freebies, including custom Lilly Pulitzer edition animal crackers! Of course I had to indulge!

As tasty as they were, the cookies were not enough so after I returned to Columbia, I stopped by The Gourmet Shop for a smoked salmon bagel. Delicious!

Marquis Bias is an expert in fashion and style based in Columbia, South Carolina. He is well known throughout South Carolina for his work as a fashion stylist and creative director as well as his position as the President of the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina.

Follow Marquis on Twitter and lookout for USC’s Fashion Week.
USC Fashion Board is on Twitter as well.

EVENT: CCCR Gala at Coplon’s

On this past Saturday I attended the Center for Colon Cancer Research Gala that was apart of the Unmasking Colon Cancer campaign at Coplon’s. The 5th Annual Gala, the event featured New York designer Carmen Marc Valvo. While present I did see Anne Postic of The Shop Tart as well as Ebony Looney of Make Me Over Eb and local stylist Brian Maynor. The event was beautifully executed with catering by Duvall Catering and planning and execution by Celebrations. I’d like to say thanks to Meredith of Red Horse Publicity for all of her assistance as well as Cori Hanky of Garnet and Black Magazine for coming with me and taking pictures.

USC President Harris Pastides, First Lady Patricia Moore-Pastides, designer Carmen Marc Valvo
More images and video below the clip

I did take a video but the quality wasn’t so good, The Shop Tart did manage to get Carmen’s finale speech though.
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g6l0gqzdWgI%5D

EVENT: First Thursdays-February 2011

Last night I made my way out to Main Street and attended the February 2011 edition of First Thursdays. While I did snap a few images and video clips with my phone, I also was able to snag a photographer from the newspaper for the article I did, and I may be able to get some better images from her(she took the video below).
Starting off at Gotham Bagel, the night was very interesting. At Gotham, the Next Door Drummers played tribal like music spurring some Tribe SK members to dance for us. In addition to them, a few others started dancing along with the hula-hoopers. Throughout the night, I felt a sort of celebratory mood. While the crowd was a tad older than me, I didn’t feel wholly uncomfortable. I look forward to the next and would like to thank Mark Plessinger of Frame of Mind for starting such an event.

From Mark Plessinger

My videos:

UPCOMING: First Thursdays on Main

Title: Better Together Than Part
Artist: Amanda Ladymon
Location: Tapps Building on Main St.

In addition to loving fashion I’m an avid lover of art. I’ve been talking about First Thursdays for a while now but it’s only now that I find myself with the time and the ability to make it out(well for my second time).
Today though, I took a stroll down Main Street, and stopped in to talk with a few people while snapping a few images. I was so excited about the things I found out, I felt the need to let you guys in on the schedule of events.

  • Frame of Mind– Mark Plessinger, the owner of Frame of Mind and the father of First Thursdays, will be showing photography by Molly Harrell. The show involves 3 parts as well as a short film and a book. Jewelry from Caroline Harrell will be on display, and in light of Valentines Day Gervais and Vine will provide wine and chocolate. (Facebook)
  • Anastasia & FRIENDS – Planned to be the largest group exhibition ever held in the space, “Love: A Fair” will feature work from Eileen Blyth, Matthew Kramer, Anastasia Chernoff, Roger Reed, David West, and many more. The artists will show their takes on love while Cabo Fresh Taco will provide food, as well as Joseph Vernon, owner of “It’s a Chocolate Shop”.(Facebook)
  • S&S Art Supply– A showing based on exploration of memory and memory loss, “Anamnesis”: Abstract Works, is composed of large-scale oil paintings and prints. All of the work was done by USC 2nd year graduate student Allison Broome.(Facebook)
  • Gotham Bagel– Currently a shuttered business, Gotham Bagel will host The Busking Project which is a fundraiser/art sale that will benefit students planning to travel around Europe documenting street performances. Inside of Gotham, viewers will be see various performance artists like Jim Hadley(self-taught, one-man-band), Next Door Drummers(African drum troupe), and Carley Haberkorn(a hula-hooper).
  • Tapps Art Center ProjectThe Tapps building will still be open featuring work by Amanda Ladymon, Kara Gunter, Jamie Blackburn, Susan Lenz, Keith Tolen, Matthew John and more. The images below are from the window displays.

Kara Gunter
Jamie Blackburn
Keith Tolen
Matthew John
source | press release