Playing it Safe

FR Celebrities: Anna Paquin, Christina Hendricks, Dianna Agron, Elisabeth Moss
FR Designers: Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera, DKNY
SR Celebrities: Hedi Klum, Tina Fey, Lea Michelle, Kim Kardashian
SR Designers: Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa
The 62nd Emmy awards were last night and to be entirely honest… I didn’t watch them. The only thing I actually watched was a UStream feed from backstage… and my timeline. Yes, I watched my Twitter feed and by the end of the night I had seen many of the looks from the red carpet and had discussed them with a variety of people. There were of course some trends, like the unkempt, down, messy type of hair style, as well as draped pieces, as well as some names that continuously came up like DKNY(Elisabeth Moss in image 4), Oscar de la Renta(Tina fey in image 6 and Lea Michelle in image 7), and Marchesa(Hedi Klum in image 5 and Kim Kardashian in image 8. Then again when does Marchesa not see good use on the red carpet?). Jewelry also had some names that popped up a few times like Lorraine Schwartz on Kim Kardashian as well as Tina Fey. As a whole though, my opinion on the red carpet was that it was too safe. One can take Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 accessorized with House of Lavande Jewels as an example. I mean if you’re going to go with McQueen, go MCQUEEN!! Don’t pick an ill fitted gown that is the safest McQueen piece you can find.
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Hedi Klum in Marchesa, Ajak Deng in Valentino Couture
NO ONE TOOK RISKS! I would have loved for someone to take a risk on the red carpet and they won’t! Why, “Because the general public won’t understand it,” SO!! Don’t watch the red carpet if you don’t understand! But that’s not even what I’m here to talk about, I wanted to discuss this cocktail dress goes to the Emmy’s phenomenon. I’m a bit perturbed at why there were dresses out on the runway that were coming above the knee and were just… dresses. I mean just because the name says Marchesa does not mean that it’s automatically red carpet worthy. I would’ve wished that Hedi had done something a little different if she was going to do something above the knee. Maybe even this beautiful piece that Ajak Deng wore for the Valentino Couture show about a month ago. Albeit the bust does look a little like the Oscar de la Renta that Kathy Griffin wore, but I mean no one would have noticed, and at worst they’d call it a trend. So Hedi, next time try to use a garment that required more than a yard of fabric for it’s making.

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera and Cartier.
So my best dressed of the night had to be Dianna Agron. I mean some say that the gown is too mature for her, and others say that she’s been wearing a little too much Carolina Herrera but I don’t really care. I loved it. The Victorian undertones did wonders for me, and the lace… is just to DIE for. The dress is full of long, clean lines and if she’s been wearing alot of Carolina Herrera, at least she knows what she looks good in. the look was soft to me, and yet it did hold a bit of maturity and more importantly it was a gown suited for the Emmy’s. She didn’t wear something that may or may not have been suited for a weekend out with friends like some other celebrities did. I mean, it’s not the VMA’s and with this gown, I think that is evident. and in case you guys were unaware… I love True Blood. And since a majority of the cast was on the red carpet for the Emmy’s… and I just finished watching it, i wanted to post it for your consumption. This is episode 11 of season 3, and it’s entitled Fresh Blood. I don’t want to spoil it but I was VERY angry with Eric and the end. Not for Russell’s sake but for his own! UGH, I just can’t wait until the next episode