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EVENT: CCCR Gala at Coplon’s

On this past Saturday I attended the Center for Colon Cancer Research Gala that was apart of the Unmasking Colon Cancer campaign at Coplon’s. The 5th Annual Gala, the event featured New York designer Carmen Marc Valvo. While present I did see Anne Postic of The Shop Tart as well as Ebony Looney of Make Me Over Eb and local stylist Brian Maynor. The event was beautifully executed with catering by Duvall Catering and planning and execution by Celebrations. I’d like to say thanks to Meredith of Red Horse Publicity for all of her assistance as well as Cori Hanky of Garnet and Black Magazine for coming with me and taking pictures.

USC President Harris Pastides, First Lady Patricia Moore-Pastides, designer Carmen Marc Valvo
More images and video below the clip

I did take a video but the quality wasn’t so good, The Shop Tart did manage to get Carmen’s finale speech though.
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g6l0gqzdWgI%5D

MAGAZINE: Wink Summer 2010

Screenshot of Wink Magazine‘s Summer 2010 cover.
So, one of the things that I decided would happen once I returned home for the summer, is that I would attempt to inject some local fashion tidbits into the blog. We focus alot on international fashion, and the big names, but everyone does that. Not everyone lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and can or will report on the industry here. Well I’m proud to announce that while back for the summer, the first issue of a fashion local magazine that I know about, has come out. Wink Magazine is a Columbia based online publication that covers South Carolina fashion and lifestyle. Have I met with someone from the staff yet? No. Do I want that to happen really soon, OF COURSE!
Check under the clip for more coverage and the actual digital issue.

Charleston Fashion Week Spread in Wink Magazine‘s Summer 2010 issue.

This issue of Wink, sadly had no clothing editorials in it. What it did feature though was a two page spread on books that may be of interest, where Courtney Web discussed, among others, Dead in the Family(a book in the series that the HBO series True Blood is based off of), as well as spreads on great places to vacation and a 4 page spread on gardening tips. Charleston Fashion Week was also discussed in a two page spread with pictures featuring Mychael Knight, of Project Runway fame, and Larika Page, the winner of this years Emerging Designers competition put on by Charleston Fashion Week. The highlight was done by Eb Looney, of Make Me Over Eb.

Eb Looney‘s beauty pictorial in Wink Magazine‘s Summer 2010 issue.
The only editorial included was this one, a makeup spread by Eb Looney. I met Eb when I took her makeup class. I learned there that she is known for her “natural look” and that is evident by this spread. The looks that she presents are summer looks, that compliment the features of the two models featured. She utilizes Mary Kay in the spread. All in all though, the 30 page digital issue of Wink Magazine was nice. Whereas I would have hoped for more “fashion” I am satisfied with what was presented.

View the issue here!

EVENT: UK Models Designer Debut Showcase

Opening Look from Indira’s Designs at the UK Models Designer Debut Showcase
Photo By: Mark Green of Mark Verks Photography
Model: Ashley(UK)
So, I tweeted about it, I’ve blogged on my personal blog about it and now I’m finally ready to bring the news here, to 803 Markese Street. On this past Sunday, I was in attendance at the UK Model Agency’s Designer Debut Showcase here in Columbia, South Carolina. Scheduled to start at 7:00 PM, the event took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Columbia Marriott, in the heart of our city. I sat front row, VIP representing the blog, and I must admit I did have a really nice time. There were four runway shows: Indira Designs, SC Exotic Creations, The Signature collection, and White House Black Market with a live band, Cassangles, that is based out of Columbia.

See the rest of our coverage below the clip

Look from SC Exotic Creations from the UK Models Debut Designer Showcase.
Photo By: Mark Green of Mark Verks Photography
Model: Lakenya(UK)
I arrived at the event at 7pm, and was shown to the front row. I made a little small talk before things got under way. The first designer was Indira’s Designs who showed a variety of children’s looks. There were a few teen looks and one look for boys. My favorite look of the entire show was the first look. The model, Ashley(UK), looks like a total doll, I just loved it. The second designer of the night was SC Exotic Creations. Models were clothed in all black with edgy earrings. I loved the piece above… you may be seeing them again soon 🙂 The third label was The Signature Collection, who is based out of NC. I was really kind a infatuated with his collection, and his first model, Tulane. She was so beautiful and as you can see she makes the garment move beautifully. The last collection was White House Black Market.

Look one from The Signature Collection at the UK Models Designer Debut Showcase
Photographer: Mark Green from Mark Verks Photography
Model: Tulane(UK)
At the show I met designers, models, as well as photographers and other industry personnel. Marquis Bias, a local fashion guru, was there with Ashleigh Armstrong, a PR girl. They are the President and Vice President, respectively, of the Fashion Board of USC. The organization really is working wonders on the local industry. In addition, I met up with fellow fashion bloggers Jai Marshall and Eb Looney. Jai is currently completing graduate work in addition to running a FAB blog, while Eb is a makeup artist in addition to her blog work. I met a few photographers and all the pictures you see are from Mark Green. We have something else in store for you guys though 🙂

Male look from The Signature Collection at the UK Models Designer Debut Showcase
Photographer: Mark Green from Mark Verks Photography
Model: Tim(UK)

Indira’s Designs:
SC Exotic Creations:
The Signature Collection:
White House Black Market: