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FILM: Anna Wintour on Bloomberg

There’s not much to say, it’s Anna Wintour we’re talking about. Chronicling her journey up until now, this feature sheds light into places I’ve never known about. For example, I wasn’t aware that her journey to the top of the masthead was preceded by so many other positions. I had only heard about Home and Garden in addition to Vogue UK. To be honest the video is meant as inspiration. Now it’s time to set your sights and climb.

FILM: Alexander McQueen

I’ve always doubt that people completely grasp the entirety of something they proclaim to be a fan of. Yes everyone says that Alexander McQueen was a revolutionary in the fashion industry, even an outlier, but to be quite honest, I feel as if most say it because they’ve heard others say it. This video, which aired on BBC 2 in 2009, shall hopefully round out that education.
With footage with some of Alexander’s earliest shows like the Highlander Rape, the episode is a real gem. It even explains a fact that is very frequently lost on most: it was McQueen who made the bumster cut(which is like a close sibling of the low cut) trouser popular. It also gives some insights into McQueen’s purpose for himself during his stint at Givenchy(a stint that I myself often forget).

Below are a few of McQueen’s Givenchy looks that I thought were still relevant and even could be found in the shows today.

MOVIE: Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

So… I’ve kind of had this documentary forever now. I saw it sometime during the summer when I was trolling YouTube and the blogs for fashion documentaries. I was going to post it but then I had to run, and then when I got back I was supposed to format it correctly, and all of those things and so yeah, Marc Jacobs + Louis Vuitton the documentary is just getting posted. Don’t kill me.

Shot in 2006 the documentary shows the makings of the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs collections for 2007. If I remember correctly(it has been a few months) the film takes place in Paris and New York, and we even get to make a stop in Tokyo as Marc restages a show there. I remember being impressed, and excited that the film was sort of a Marc before the Marc we know now. It’s always good to step behind the curtain and see how a designer does exactly what he does. I actually think I saw this about 2 weeks before the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 show.

Inspire to Influence


It’s probably every fashion person’s dream to atleast one day set your feet in New York. Well at least every American fashion person. Why, because that’s “where dreams are made and broken,” because “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!” But sadly, most will find themselves confronted by responses like the one above, although maybe in a different way(I just find an affinity towards this one). For some that response will send you running, right back to wherever you came from with complaints of “I’m just not right… I’ll never make it,” and excuses about there “not being that many minorities,” or that “the odds were stacked against me” or even, “it wasn’t all that great anyway!”

For others, you’ll sulk back home and climb into bed, curl up with your Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, and turn on Devil Wears Prada, or The September Issue, and say to yourself, “better luck next time!

But for a select few, it won’t deter you. You may have to go back to your car to give yourself a quick freshening up, or maybe sling on that jacket that you thought was maybe a little too over the top so you left it in the trunk. But you march yourself right back to the door and before long, you’ve found your way inside. Whether it’s because while you were putting on that jacket you texted a friend who knew someone who could get you in, or maybe because your confidence was just that convincing, but whatever the reason is, you find yourself inside of that establishment while others sulk away into the shadows.

Which one are you?

MOVIE: The September Issue


Undoubtedly one of the more noted fashion industry documentaries, The September Issue shows the inner workings of American Vogue during one of the most demanding times, the makings of their September Issue. Billed as the January of fashion, September is when fall fashion makes it’s debut and really normally sets the tone for the rest of the year. Magazines put out their largest issues during this time so we see here as Anna presides over the fashion bible while interacting with such heavy hitters like Grace Coddington and Andre Leon Talley. Her influence and clout in the industry is palpable as they explain what she has done and we see how other industry personnel such as Thakoon as well as retailers, seem to revere her.

MOVIE: Unzipped


To say I’ve been searching high and low for this documentary would be an understatement. Every few months I will get online and search for it, I was always looking to download, download download download. i could find torrents but…. call me a prudish blogger… I didn’t know what that was and wasn’t interested in finding out. Any way last night I was looking again for my monthly ritual and found the documentary in 8 different clips. Why I couldn’t find it before, I’m not sure but color me excited when I heard Isaac Mizrahi’s voice booming at me through the speakers of my Mac Book.

See the rest of the documentary below the clip.


Ohkay you’re right Isaac doesn’t really boom so much, but you know what I mean right? Was annoyed that I had to click each clip, yes but did I click them all and watch the advertisements, you bet! I wanted to get into Issac’s head(well the one he had in 1994) and I wanted to see him at work. Seeing Andre Leon Talley and Candy Pratts in their earlier years was great for me. Also just seeing how some designers take sometimes more “unorthodox” approaches to creating their collections. Also seeing designers who are in the industry plainly for the design aspect and how they feel about the other aspects that they must incorporate into their collections was very insightful and exciting for me.


All in all I loved the documentary. While watching it really drove home th epoint to me that everything about fashion is changing. Isaac did this show with the scrim and that was revolutionary when I’ve seen videos of shows where the entire backstage was the show. In addition, the models were drastically different in those days. In the times of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss the models had a voice. The designer asked them things, and requested things instead of demanding them. In addition there was more to walking. The walk wasn’t a straight up and back, even the posture of the walk wasn’t the same during that time, fashion is ever evolving and that’s not just in reference to the clothing. The point was really driven home by this documentary.



VIDEO: Dolce and Gabbana on CNN Revealed


So as I was checking my newspaper earlier today guess how excited I was to find that our uncles, Dolce and Gabbana would be appearing on CNN for their Revealed series. When I found the footage I was overly excited and immediately took the time to watch the spot in it’s entirety and was glad I did since even after all of these years of loving the brand, I wasn’t positive of the inner workings.

See Part 2 and 3 of the segment below.

Was this a “The September Issue”-esque inside look into the brand, no but it was a glimpse nonetheless. CNN takes us backstage and reveals just how hands on Domencio Dolce is with models like Sean Mills and Tony Ward. We see him constantly fiddling with accessories, adjusting lapels, and making their hair lay just right. He sort of reminds me of Grace Coddington in that respect, he’s not afraid to touch the models.


The two even go on to attempt to explain the dynamics of their inexplicable relationship. They explain how they still love each other and that love surpasses a physical relationship. All in all the film does give a small glimpse into the depths of the brand and into their lives. We are given a glimpse of their spectacular home and backstage of their amazing shows. I wish someone just does an extended documentary on our uncles… but until then I’ll pore over the pictures from the shows!

VIDEO + OPINION: The Color of Beauty



It’s funny that of all days to possibly find this video I find it today. The day when i just previously posted about the Let’s Get Lost editorial is the same day I find a documentary about race. Just great. I watched part of the documentary twice, just because my internet began to act finicky and then shut it off, so I had to start the video over, but at first I had so much that I wanted to talk about. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to talk about the race issue in general, the problems with current casting in general, the various problems with the ages of models… or any of the other things that piqued my interest in this film but I finally decided upon race.

See the rest of our coverage below the clip
I’m not quite sure how many of you are familiar with Vogue Italia and it’s Black issue. When you type in Vogue Italia on Google one of the top suggested searches is Vogue Italia Black issue actually. Anyways, the first issue of Vogue Italia that was a “Black Issue” was in July of 2008. The magazine was black models, front to back. In the US and in the UK as the documentary stated, the issue sold out in 3 days. The second issue, which came out a year later and also was “The Barbie Issue”, sold pretty well as well(whether there are any models used for the issue I’m not sure but all the pictures I have seen have been Barbies). Shortly thereafter a Vogue Black and Vogue Curve website was opened by Vogue Italia to cater to two new markets they saw.

Many applauded their efforts and the industry was allowed to pat itself on the back and say that they had leveled the playing field. I on the other hand have never agreed with it. Never a proponent of special treatment, I felt as if a “Black Issue” was giving the industry a right to not hire black models year round. There’s an Issue just for that. Furthermore, its as if Blackness were a trend, the spring issue, the personal shopper issue, and next month, the black issue. There must be a special occasion to utilize black models. Something just didn’t sit right in my stomach with the entire deal. But because I understand that I don’t have pictures to break up my writing I’ll wait for comments to see if anyone wants to discuss this matter, but I do feel as if it should be discussed.

MOVIE: Coco Avant Chanel



I would’ve wished that the film would’ve been longer but it was still a great film. Of course there are quotables in there but what I was watching for was the story behind the story. I love that there’s this trend to pull back the curtain on fashion right now, it’s a wonderful trend that allows me to more easily do research. Plus the fashions in it were soooo Chanel! And my favorite scene would probably have to be the last… where Coco refashioned that dressed. I want to be able to do that in 2 minutes flat one day as well.

Tom Ford dabbles in cinema with A Single Man

It’s New York Fashion Week right now kittens and so I wanted to do a post that had atleast a little to do with fashion!!! what better than another fashion documentary?

Tom Ford is most notably known for his FLAWLESS menswear line and his racy advertisements. I don’t know who all caught it but one of his latest for eye wear feature a man sitting in the classic baby pose(laying on the stomach) wearing only glasses. He is now officially into cinema with his indie film, A Single Man.

Adapted from the book of the same name by Christopher Isherwood, the film documents one day in the life of George(Colin Firth). From the trailer I can tell that the style of the documentary is impeccable and from comments from the cast, apparently Tom, as director, was very diliberate about this. The film was entered into the Venice Film Festival and what I have for you guys… is the trailer!!!! Let’s watch!