Asia’s superstar group TVXQ about to disband?

This is my first post of news and it’s something that affects Asian music as a whole, since they are one of the most if not the most popular group in Asia and well-known all around the world even here in America, selling out concerts in less than 3 minutes and touring world-wide and their official fan club Cassiopeia has been watching and waiting on the news about this event.

Three members of Korea’s hottest pop group TVXQ –Park “Micky” YooChun,Kim “Xiah” JunSu, and Kim “Hero” JaeJoong – filed a legal action against its agency, SM Entertainment. The law firm representing the three members said that they signed 13-year exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment, which is essentially binding lifelong contracts. They also claimed that the profit distribution enforced on them by SM Entertainment is unfair.

The press release issued by the lawyers said that the group was subject to grueling schedule since their debut in 2004, shuttling between Japan, China and Korea with very little rest. They can’t get out of this predicament, because they essentially belong to SM Entertainment for 13 years, 15 years if military services are included. The members were also given only 0.4 to 1% of total album sales. Before the contract revision in February, they were promised only 10 million won each if the previous album sold more than 500 thousand copies.

The fans of TVXQ have been in a state of panic ever since the news of a possible breakup made the headlines. Despite the provisional disposition to terminate the contracts, however, the remaining two members – Jung “U-Know” YunHo and Shim “Max” ChangMin – and the agency both said that the band would continue performing and it would not disband.

At this rate every fan is still feeling uncertain, TVXQ has already lasted past the “SM Entertainment 5-year curse”, since most groups once they go 5 years they disband, besides SHINHWA, but they did leave the company. So TVXQ is the first to be around this long and fans are edgy and very protective of the 5 members. I will keep you updated.

あいしてる! ♥