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FILM: Mimetic Desire

So I’m saddened to say I’m trying to get adequately acclamaited to my new workload. I mean I have the images pulled for pre-fall trend posts and I need to begin to address the Parisian men shows as well as some more couture shows but until then I bring you the latest fashion film entitled Mimetic Desire shot by Jason Last and artistically directed by Jaime Rubiano. The film features model fave Nicolas Ripoll in pieces from Dior Homme styled by Jenke-Ahmed Tailly. It has just enough art and fashion to pique my interest.

Oh and you may find some things switching around on the blog. I just want to warn you

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SPRING 2011: Dior Homme

The jacket above is my FAVORITE piece of the entire collection. Maybe it’s because I was obsessed with Batman and his cape when I was younger, maybe it had something to do with me always loving to put on a robe and running through the house to watch it billow behind me(don’t tell people that before I had a robe I was doing it with a sheet). That actually reminds me of those days when my grandmother would sew things for me. She’s teaching me how to sew currently… but I haven’t gone over for my second lesson(don’t tell anyone!). This simple garment brings all that to mind with it’s fluidity and yet at the same time it’s structured lapels. Oh I LOVE… to me, it’s Dior Homme at it’s finest.

See more coverage and more of the collection under the clip
Other than that though… Dior Homme was mediocre. It seems that they shall continue with the “All Black Everything” trend even through Spring of 2011. I am not saying that I hate the idea, but I would encourage them to at least come out with a couple of other colors. I believe an associate of mine, Marquis Bias(stylist/president of the Fashion Board in Columbia), said it best… I’m kind of over the monochromatic color palettes when they come in the noir variety. That being said, had this entire collection been done in white, I think I would have NO problems with a monochromatic scheme.
I do love the minimal detailing on the pieces though. It does make them pop. One detail that I didn’t particularly like though… were the shoe/sandal things. They were just not my cup of tea. when I first saw them my mind juxtaposed them with a rain boot, that had crisscross detailing. It was beautiful. Is it sad that my brain automatically substituted them for something else, yes… is that a sign… probably so. The design just seems to take the whole wearing socks with sandals thing to another level that I presently can’t deal with.

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