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Summer’s Day: Editorial Exclusive

photo Keri Goff
styling Mikelle Street
model Lauren Malstrom

It has to fit within my story,Marquis Bias, the president of Fashion Board, says idly playing with his Alexis Bittar bracelet while scanning the options at DeLibel Boutique. A model stands off to the side in a white knit dress, waiting as he selects her second look. She is the second to the last model of Marquis’s day of fittings.

Today marks the beginning of USC Fashion Week. Put on by the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina, USC Fashion Week is about education, social outreach, as well as fashion. The week will culminate in a fashion show featuring local retailers like DeLibel Boutique, Coplon’s, LaRoque, VanJean, Just The Thing, M Boutique, Britton’s, and Bohemian, as well as student designer, Laura McCall.

Today, the fashion week kick off will be held on the Russell House Patio from 11-2. There will be music as well as merchandise like t-shirts, koozies, sunglasses, and pens, available to be purchased. Marquis himself as well as other fashion board members will be there.
On Wednesday, the board will put on a Bake Sale to be held on Greene Street and in front of the BA Building that will benefit SisterCare. That night at 7PM in the Public Health Building, Jess James of Style Swap will be speaking.

Thursday is the finale with a 72 look fashion show held at 701 Whaley at 7:00PM.
The night of the show will be Marquis’s last night as two year President of Fashion Board. “I guess in a way it is [my grand finale]” He says staring off. A local stylist, Marquis continually keeps projects, big and small in the works and will now be able to focus more on those since he shall be turning the reigns over to current Fashion Board secretary, Melissa Karl. “I’m very excited,” Marquis says in regards to the new E-Board. “I think that we have a great new team, and it puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m leaving and the organization will be in good hands.” In reference to Melissa specifically Marquis states, “I’m particularly pleased with my successor because I know that she shares the same vision I have and have had for the organization.”

The shoot presented in this post was a shot conceptualized by me in order to promote local fashion businesses during the week of USC Fashion Week. Since the week is the closest that Columbia has to a Columbia Fashion Week, I thought that it would be the best time to do a Spring shoot highlighting the trends that we saw internationally by utilizing the garments we see locally.

I must of course say thanks to all involved. Keri Goff took the images and Lauren Malstrom modeled for us. Both of them attend USC. While the only local designer featured was Annabelle LaRoque, who is most certainly a favorite of mine, all the pieces do come from local boutiques. Thanks go out to VanJean, Revente, Sid&Nancy, Just The Thing, Handpicked, and Frame of Mind, as they all allowed me to pull pieces for the shoot.


DeLibel Aniversary/Fall Fashion Preview

Event: DeLibel Boutique Anniversary/Fall Fashion Preview
Location: DeLibel Boutique
Photographer: Mikelle Street

About two weeks ago I was invited to attend the DeLibel Boutique Anniversary and Fall Fashion Preview. I actually found out about DeLibel one day when walking through the Vista, looking for places to pull for my second photoshoot this summer. I walked in and spoke with Susan Hoke, the owner, and we immediately hit it off. I’m always a big talker and whenever I find myself with her I seem to go on and on, and she nods along and says things that make me lapse into hours of conversation. Needless to say I used her pieces in the shoot which I think turned out really well and we promised to stay in touch.

The boutique has what I can only describe as an eclectic collection of pieces. I found myself immediately drawn to the cocktail style dresses as well as the accessories while I was there my first time and at the Fall Fashion Preview, while sampling the delicious hors d’oeuvres, I found myself drawn again to the accessories but also some of the new pieces they’d just got in for fall. I found myself gravitating towards a very specific cardigan that Marquis Bias was wearing(as well as another attendee who liked it so much she bought it to go) which I could dress either up or down. I really don’t think you can go wrong with a good cardigan, and especially one this luxe.

DeLibel Boutique
Monday-Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

1215 Lincoln Street
Columbia SC 29201


Thanks again to Susan Hoke and the rest of the DeLibel staff for a wonderful event.

See more images of the event and attendees(including Marquis Bias and Jai Marshall) in the galleries.

Models: Kimberly Dawn, Kayla Blake, Danielle Wilson, Laura Fielden, Megan Pickney, Lauren Malstrom.
Photographer: Mikelle Street
Location: DeLibel Boutique
Camera Provided by Candace Whitaker