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DANCE: Keone Madrid & Ian Eastwood

This is really bad that I’m late, I’ve known for a good while now that I wanted to do this video this week. Keone Madrid is a dancer I found… probably years ago. I think I found out about him about the same time I found Mariel Martin. Anywho, Ian Eastwood is a name that I always see as I click through YouTube choreography. I love all of the sets… there’s really nothing else to say.


DANCE: Kyle Hanagami

Song: He Loves Me(Lyzel in E Flat) Jill Scott
Choreographer: Kyle Hanagami

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VIDEO: The Urban Jungle

So sadly, things haven’t been working out like they were supposed to. An accident will do that to ya you know? I’ve been presevering through everything, but just know that I sadly did not get to attend Fashion Greenville so you will not be receiving a video about it. But this video is one I said I would post. I’ll talk more about it… after class.

Leiomy on the Girls

Her name is Leiomy Maldonado, but most know her as Leiomy Mizrahi. She is voguing. More specifically we call it vogue femme. She is LEGENDARY! Get into her and her movement. Do you see the dollars raining from the crowd? That’s not apart of the show. When we say pay homage, we’re not talking about just verbally… we like to see those little green pieces of paper.

You all were gagging over the performances of Vogue Evolution on America’s Best Dance Crew and I only shook my head. Do you see why?? There’s only one thing you can give to the Legendary Mother: TENS ACROSS THE BOARD. Well of course and a cameo in what is one of the hottest music videos to come out this year, Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair.”

VOGUE-a highly stylized modern dance characterized by photo model-like poses integrated with angular, linear and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. There are three major ways of voguing: Old Way, New Way, and Vogue Femme

Vogue Femme– fluidity at its most extreme; exaggerated feminine movements, influenced by ballet, modern dance, and breakdancing. There are Five Elements of Vogue Femme:

  1. Hand Performance
  2. Dramatics(Spins and Dips)
  3. Catwalk
  4. Duckwalk
  5. Floor Performance

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Whip Your Hair with Dejan Tubic

Choreographer: Dejan Tubic
Studio: IDA Hollywood
Song: “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith

So I haven’t posted any dance videos in FOREVER! I want to change that up and begin to post them regularly. For older viewers some names like the choreographer of the videos I’m posting today, will be familiar. Dejan Tubic was nice enough to answer some interview questions of mine before, and that post still to this day recieves views as people search him on Google. He’s undoubtedly one of my favorite choreographers and the regulars in his classes like Chang Chang, Janelle, and Gabriel all have a special place in my heart. Anyway, get into a few videos since I haven’t posted in a while. Make sure to subscribe to both his YouTubes.

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