Song: Devil Horns To All

Artist: D Why

Song Originally by Wiz Khalifa
My musical tastes are eclectic and yet distinct. If you’re going to try to just rap about what you have, what you own… then either own something or know the labels. If you’re from the burbs, don’t lie and say you’re from Southside Jamaica Queens, state where you’re from and keep it moving. So an artist like D Why is surprisingly right up my alley. With a style that in no way denies where he’s from and surely makes evident his talent at label dropping in a way that’s in no way awkward or forced, the artist occupies his share of slots on my iTunes (8 to be exact). His latest freestyle, to Wiz Khalifa‘s Black and Yellow entitled Devil Horns to All, in no way deviates from this proven formula and has already been put on repeat. While I play that a few more times my own self, why don’t you get into some of his previous work.

Song: Wasted(Freestyle)

Artist: D Why
Song Originally by Gucci Mane

Song: Runway Remix

Artist: D Why
Originally by Kanye West

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