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Fall 2010: D&G

Lack of posts, noted. Your possible anger, duly noted. Our apology extended. Now into the many things that need to be covered. First up, our uncles in the industry, Stefano Gabbana and Domencio Dolce. Yes yes yes, we are now in Milan, and with these shows comes a little bit of drama. Queen Wintour can only make it to 3 days in Milan and so there was a flurry as various designers attempted to reschedule their shows within her mini-week. This of course stepped on some toes and the mayor of Milan along with the President of the Italian Fashion Chamber both released statements explaining their discontent. The kicker was they weren’t disappointed only because Miss Wintour couldn’t make it, but instead because of the drama it caused with the schedule.

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Anyways on to the show, the first look reminded me heavily of the Aldridge twins in the Christmas film, Deck the Halls, and their chic Aspen meets California style. Knitwear has long been a favorite of mine, and is just becoming more of a favorite. Chunky scarves.. sweater-cum-dresses, all things that are used in this collection and all things that you need to look into picking up for the season. The boots from last fall and this winter are changing into mukluks. Still a sizable boot, but with alot more volume this go round.
One can not forget the classic jacket that was showed in the D&G Menswear show a few shows back. The duo has now shown us how this can easily be reinterpreted for women. It’s clean, classic, chic, and still retains a femininity. Love is the word that comes to mind… loving what could be a classic for women as well.

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CAMPAIGN: D&G Spring 2010

So it’s RAINING campaigns and I’m posting my favorites. The last was the Dolce and Gabbana campaign and now we have the D&G campaign(the diffusion line for Dolce and Gabbana). Well as you should know the D&G label is composed of so many different lines, so below I’ve pulled some of the photos from the lines and I hope you enjoy. Under the clip we have D&G Time, Jewels(accessories), and eyewear, as well as the menswear and womenswear pictures.
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