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Contributing Editor brings us yet another amazing editorial. I will forever grate on how saddening it is that I can only post two pictures, but then again I will continue to post two if that’s all I can. The magazine CONTINUES to put out creative editorials, and what’s better, the editorials focus on MEN! The latest editorial focuses on color and in a very Gaga-esque from “Telephoen” manner. If I haven’t said it before, it’s most definately a favorite!
Check it out in it’s entirety here




I have all of two minutes to describe what I want to describe here. Contributing Editor always brings the latest and greatest independent editorials to my Google Reader. They are things that can’t be missed! This latest editorial, utilizing GIF files is one such editorial. What struck me at first were the clothes, they followed the trends and I loved the futuristic piping as well as the plastic but there was nothing overtly amazing about the editorial. And then I saw one of the models lick his lips at me. He did it again. I scrolled up and saw another flexing, and a third just blinking. You’ll have to check the rest of the editorial here because the site doesn’t like for bloggers to repost entire editorials. Trust me your time won’t be wasted.