CONTEST: Dujour Magazine

So, this would be a first for us! On 803 Markese Street, we’ve never featured a contest. I’ve wanted to do it for a while now but I just don’t have the resources/connections to do it and so now we are kind of sliding into the process. Whereas this first contest isn’t for 803 specifically, we are assisting a magazine with it and you are allowed to vote here. Here’s how it works:

Under the clip you will find 5 delightfully soft, pink tinted pictures. At times they could be described as frothy but they remind me of a flowing pink night gown. Anyways back to the contest. All of these pictures are possible covers for the next issue of Dujour Magazine. Yes, you’ve read right, you will be picking the cover of the _______ Issue of the magazine. That reminds me, we haven’t been told what issue this is. Except for that’s part of the competition too. Along with your pick for your favorite cover that you will put in the comments also try to guess what the theme of the issue is. Use the covers to assist you, and you could possibly win a goodie bag from Dujour Magazine. As of now, you have 6 days, and the votes will be tallied and the winners revealed. Have a voice, and jump in the comment section.

See the covers

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Cover 4

Cover 5