RESORT: Donna Karan 2011

The Donna Karan woman is an impeccably dressed one. She is always prepared in a very business chic way, and so when she goes on vacation, there is no difference. Whereas she doesn’t expect to be holed up in an office, she does plan to be out at events and her wardrobe allows her to be stylish as well as business minded. She packs with her all the required pieces, including a go-to LBD. Her wardrobe is very simplistic, with alot of draping, and on the whole outfits that are monochromatic that are given a spark of life by the large statement pieces. No matter what the Donna Karan woman gets into for her vacation(besides maybe mud wrestling) she’ll be atleast dressed the part.

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Opened: Constance Jablonski(ELITE, Marilyn)
Closed: Liu Wen(Marilyn, Select, d’management)