Shy’s Movie Box: Good Hair?

Aloha Loves 🙂 I know I typically do music, but as I’ve stated I am a devotee of the entire Indie Nation as a whole. So speaking of such, I am a lover of Sundance Films and am in love with this incredible documentary by comedian Chris Rock entitled Good Hair. After coming home to hear his daughters asking, “Daddy, why don’t I have good hair?”, he set himself on a mission to find out, what is good hair? His witty humor and satirical manner paired up with commentary from some of Hollywood’s best gives this film, in my eyes, 5 ubberly huge stars!

This is the official trailer. I for one, have already started making movie plans to catch this.
Well that’s all in the Box for today. There will be more to come, especially after the 19 and the concerts =]

Peace,Love,& Nail Polish,