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My Birthday is Coming..

Small Spiked Leather Bracelet from Robot and Brucling
My birthday is coming up next week on the 7th…
Both of these pieces are acceptable.
Tweet me for the mailing address.

Uni Bracelet from Coco and Breezy

But really you guys should support the designers. Both of them have been worn by Beyonce before.


VIDEO: 20/20 Commercial


Coco & Breezy “20/20” Collection from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

So I’d been hearing whispers in the back halls of fashion where us up and comers reside. Whenever the twins, Coco and Breezy, were mentioned there was accomapnying whispers. I heard words like film, video, shoot, and commercial. Then when they tweeted that they were on location for their new online commercial video shoot I finally connected everything. Corey Davis shot this edgy commercial for the twins and their new line, 20/20. I’m not positive if this has to do with the whispers I’m hearing whenever I get near to the new In*Tandem magazine crowd and their recently released preview footage that features the girls but if there’s going to be anything else with this much sickening fashion in it… you KNOW that it’s something I’m going to have to post.

DESIGNER: 20/20 Partial Launch

THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!! Well, some of them atleast. Yesterday Coco and Breezy posted 8 items from their new line 20/20. They also hosted a UStream where they played the audio for the story line of their new website and allowed one of their friends who was in the house with them to actually see the website. While I couldn’t see the screen clearly through the shades that Coco had on, we do know by the conversation that was taking place that there is animation, and the friend seemed pretty impressed. That only heightens my excitement for them.

The rest of the collection will be released with the launch of the new website with items such as the studded mask and that necklace that I’m craving but for now you can head on over to their website and click “20/20 collection”(or go to page 2) and view some of my personal favorites, Egyptian, Andrex, and Evolution. The price range starts at $70.20 and goes up to $220.20.

VIDEO: Coco and Breezy Shoot 20/20


Coco & Breezy photo shoot for there 20/20 line from Nunnie20 on Vimeo.

It’s getting closer and closer to the release of the 20/20 collection. While I don’t yet know the names of the pieces that I love, they are mostly featured here. For example the eyepatch is a favorite, but it’s one of those things that I can style for an editorial but it’s too much look for me personally to walk around in. The girls did tell me that you can see through it though, so it won’t impair your vision. Also I really think that out of every piece I’ve seen so far the piece that I want the most is the silver necklace that makes a brief appearance in this video shot by Nunnie. I’ve been dying over that since I first saw it. Lastly the pair of shades that are my fave have been featured alot, they are the first pair in this post I did about the girls. Denali Nova and the girls have already been spotted rocking them around town. I really need to get my hands on them though. Thankfully, the items will be put on the website for sale by the end of next week!!

DESIGNERS: Coco and Breezy 20/20

And our girls are back! Since their show back in February they’ve been hitting the pavement hard, seeing results pop up everywhere. In addition to putting on their own show they were invited to Brooklyn Fashion Week, hosted a fshion show, had their eyewear featured in a shoot for XEX, modeled for a shoot in In*tandem magazine, did a cameo on New Housewives of New York, and many other things. The girls have surely been working hard and it’s only fitting that soon, the new collection, 20/20 will be up for purchase. The picture above is one of the behind-the-scenes shots posted on Coco and Breezy’s blog today. All of the models were in blackface for the shoot.

See more coverage under the clip

The girls aren’t just making accessories aimlessly though. They have a storyline behind their latest collection that includes necklaces and eyepatches in addition to their eyewear. The storyline explains how the twins were oritinally constructed here on earth of artistic ideas, futuristic qualities, and other characterstics that didn’t resimble the “normal human being.” After being ridiculed for daring to be different, the “20/20 year old girls” decided to build a ship that would take them to another side of the universe where different met fashion. The story line goes that they left in 2010 and returned 10 years later, year 2020.

During their trip they found a new planet, which they named “Planet C&&B.” Because of the intense sunlight on the planet the residents have no eyes, and normal human eyes must be covered. The line that the twins created was made to cover the eyes of everyone, the regular and the different. “20/20 Eyewear gives a new vision to those who (sic) are blind to [the] future of fashion design.” The storyline ends with a simple question. “Do you dare to visit Planet C&&B?”

I talked to them later, after they returned to earth you know, and I questioned them about their recent earthly collaborations. First I asked them about the recent giveaway that they did by partnering with Angel over at Concrete Loop. They gave away 5 pair of shades and when asked to comment about it they said “[We] wanted to do the giveaway because we thought it was the perfect time(sic). It’s right around the same time before we launch our new stuff, so new viewers that came to the Concrete Loop site would find out who Coco & Breezy are. As far as picking the winners, it was a random pick; we did it for marketing . We picked people that lived in states or countries that we haven’t gotten sales from yet so they could rock C && B in their state/country and spread the word.”

MAD for CocoandBreezy 20/20

Mademoiselle in CocoandBreezy

If you have been anywhere close to a computer you’ve seen the style of these shades and if you are any bit on the “inside” you’ve probably heard of the two twins from Minnesota, who packed up their bags and moved to New York to pursue their dreams. Call me an enthusiast but you haven’t quite seen what I’ve seen, you don’t know what I know. These girls are going somewhere and no matter how much they may look like other designers out now… the similarities won’t last very long.

I talk to the girls kind of often so I asked them a few questions that I felt were relevant, and fun, and frankly that probably hadn’t been asked before(atleast I hadn’t read the interview they were asked in). I wanted only a few questions that would provoke an answer they would have to think about and well… this was the interview that was born.
Check out the Interview and an EXCLUSIVE below

So the rumor is that you guys have NEVER been separated, is this true?? If so how did this happened?? Do you feel more connected because of it?? Have you perfected that twin telepathy because of it??
YES! this is true. Us being 19 years old, we have never been separated from each other for a full 24 hours. We are always together, and wouldn’t know what to do without each other. We wouldn’t say we read each others minds because that just sounds unreal, but we defiantly think alike all the time! Its scary, sometimes one of us has a dream, and the other one wakes up saying it. It works out perfect also, because we always have the same vision for a design, one of us will start a design and the other one will finish it. It gives us an advantage, and makes us a great design team!

Your first big wave of press came when Ashanti wore your shades to the Hip-Hop honors right? What did you feel and think at that point?? Did that affirm that this was really feasible and that you could make it with these shades??
It was funny and crazy because it was our first day living in New York, and we were texting our New York people in our phone letting them know that we were in NYC for good. We got a text right away from a stylist saying “they need glasses for a client for an event tomorrow” they didn’t mention who the client was. So, the next day, we met up with the stylist, who was Ashanti’s stylist, and she loved the shades, and said she was going to have Ashanti rocking them on the red carpet at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors!! The next day after her wearing the glasses, we got alot of press, and good comments on the shades. We thought, “Hmm. maybe we can take it to the next step because people acually want to buy them.” So we started our website.

Do you think that the new trends influenced you to move when you did and start your line?? If these trends hadn’t become popular when they did do you think that you would have still tried to base a line around them or would you have focused on something else??
No, we honestly started our eyewear line before the trend got popular. We have always had our crazy futristic punk rock look , so when we did start our line we knew we were taking a risk and were wondering how people we going to take it. We would not have based our line around anything else, becuase we didnt do it for the “trend” this is Coco&&Breezy, we have always had this crazy rock, futristic style wearing all black, with crazy hair cut, and crazy facial piericings, so what better to top it off with some “Gemela Amor” shades!!

Your new line, premieres in February of next year and will be entitled “20/20” right?? While I know that you are keeping it under wraps I was wondering if you can tell me whether it’ll be like “Gemela Amor” reaffirmed or will it be something that we didn’t see coming??
Well with our new line 20/20 we are definitely taking it to the next level! We will be keeping our basic pieces, similar to the “Gemela Amor” styles, then we also have something we wouldnt call glasses, we call them “eyewear.” That piece is for-sure more editorial, but only the real fashionista’s will be brave enough to rock it on the streets. Also, we will be bring more accessory pieces to the table such as, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

That was all of it… yep the entire interview… but I know you don’t think I wouldn’t drop something on you guys!

Yeah I know… you follow Coco and Breezy and you were online when they dropped that particular picture… I got you I got you.. Let’s have a closer look at that eyewear shall we??

Oh what… what was that?? Yeah, she’s wearing them upside down. They work like that.. The interesting thing about these twins is that they are innovators. These like they said have gone from being simply shades, I call them art. They are truly couture! I doubt that you have seen anything like them.

And what’s this?? Oh this is the earring they were talking about… But I’m not quite sure if we can still call it a simple earring. Coco&&Breezy aren’t here for the fashionistas who happen to be faint at heart.

Coco and Breezy with Eye Couture

So out of my past ten posts, I think in two of them I have championed spikes and studs as an upcoming trend. I’m looking more into this actually because I think it’s part of a bigger trend and I might find enough evidence to support it, but until then we’re sticking with the spikes and studs.

Well what I decided to do was because I was pushing it I thought I could spotlight some up and coming designers who used them in their designs. Who better than Coco and Breezy, to spotlight??

The 19-year old designers are beginning to make waves in the fashion industry with celebrities coming after their shades. They were thrust onto the national scene when Ashanti rocked their shades to the Hip Hop Honors, and since her, Kelly Osbourne has been repeatedly spotted in them and I hear that Rhianna and Amber Rose are supposedly next in line for a pair.

With a distinction much like Haus of Gaga and the more tamer, Mercura, “Gemela Amor”, which is the name of the line, provides anyone with just the right balance of couture and wearability that allows them to be worn on the streets, albeit by one of your fashionable friends known for taking risks. The twins have been gaining a line of credits that many would die to have, having been featured on the W Magazine website, and having stylists calling in attempts to pull the shades for various shoots.

When speaking with them, I asked whether or not they were going to go into clothing as well as their accessory line and the response I got was “[You] guys can EXPECT clothing, but [probably] not till the 3rd collection of GEMELA AMOR, but our NEW COLLECTION will be DEBUT in FEBUARY”. I for one, am going to be looking out for thm but until then i’m just waiting until I can get my hand on a pair of the unisex shades.