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Miyavi’s Last Live

Tomorrow will be Miyavi’s last live from his ‘Streaming out from Tokyo’ from 12 different venues in Tokyo via Ustream for the entire world to tune in and enjoy his concerts as they happen. It truly has been an amazing journey watching every single on of them. Seeing him sing with so much emotions, having fun, almost fainting and even getting hurt. Co-Myvs (fanclub) have gotten closer together because of his music, it’s something unexplainable but we do become one. Just like the lyrics from his song ‘Futuristic Love’  “race, gender, generation, nation, culture, language, religion, history BE ONE!’

If you want to check out his live it’s at this link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/miyavi-official

and if you want to see what I’m talking about by watching some of his previous performances, lovely Sam has helped us out by recording each stream so you can check them out here: http://il.youtube.com/user/SamJonesCSSM


MYV’s Surprise party: First ideas!!!

Ok people there’s a new thing going on with the fans of Miyavi, his birthday is Sept 14 and we are coming up with ideas. If you have any let me know.
he’s from the blog (http://myvparty.blogspot.com/) that’s planning

MYV’s Surprise party: First ideas!!!: “Hi everyone!!!! I think it’s a good point to start giving ideas for the ‘surprise party & presents’ what do you think???? While you write.”