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CAMPAIGN: Lanvin for H&M

Photographer: David Sims
Label: Lanvin for H&M
I told you guys that day by day I’d be bringing additional components to the Lanvin for H&M collaboration and today happens to be the campaign. Yes, like everyone else I’d been getting the sneak previews, and yes I wanted to post them but I chose not to. Why, because I feel like there’s no need to gorge on information and then not be able to savor it. Our culture doesn’t do that often… really savor things. With this blog I try to make that a part of my life. I really use it to savor certain moments in fashion and if this is your only connection to the fashion world then I’m glad that you’re savoring right along… oh but the editorial. Yes, what we came here for… what can I say except I love it.

Models: Simon Nessman, Natasha Poly, Tati Cotliar, Jane Schmitt, Garance Dumont and Hannelore Knuts
Director: Mike Figgis
Stylist: Camille Bidault Waddington
Makeup: Kajsa Svanberg
Hair: Karin Biegler


CAMPAIGN: Fashion Against Aids

I saw this campaign and I bypassed the cause and the store it was stocked in. All I could see was that pair of gladiator sandals that Josh Beech is sporting, and the various accessories drizzled on the three models. When I finally did get around to reading I was surprised to find that the pieces were part of H&M’s Fashion Against Aids campaign. Now in it’s 3rd season, the Fashion Against Aids campaign is expanding into more than just t-shirts. On May 20th the Divided section of H&M will include these new fashion “festival pieces” pictured in the campaign. 25% of all sales will be donated to helping a youth HIV/AIDS awareness program.

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And just in case you were wondering:

The style of the festival is a global trend that’s all about freedom of expression and shared experiences. For girls, fashion this summer means a mix of rock, bohemia and glamour, with added ethnic touches, such as denim hot pants or patterned leggings matched with embellished tunic tops. Maxi-dresses can be sexy and tough paired with a leather jacket. Gladiator shoes, chunky bracelets, wide belts and beaded necklaces complete the look, with tribal print headphones to give it an extra twist. For guys, it’s all about looking like you’re in the band; skinny blazers and jackets, faded and patched denim jeans and cropped shorts, embellished vests, paisley sleeveless t-shirts and the essential rocker’s hat are all part of the picture. There are tents, sleeping bags and even fold-up chairs for when new friends come back to the evening campfire.

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Accompanied by a hairless cat, River Viiperi is styled by Chris Benns for one of Guapo’s latest editorials. While the first picture seems a tad heavy on the editing for me, I do like majority of the editorial. I most definitely want a hairless cat after seeing it in this editorial and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video.


RIVER VIIPERI for GUAPO MAGAZINE MAKING OF from Guapo Magazine on Vimeo.

CAMPAIGNS: Forum A/W 2010

Lara Stone for early 2009 and late 2008 was the model to book. Right before Miss Karlie Kloss. In her latest editorial with Marlon Taxeira, she makes it evident that she’s not going anywhere. Rocking glam rock/grunge looks the two are photographed in what is seemingly becoming a photographic trend: shadowed, and incorporating some sort of fence, or a filter in front of the camera.

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CAMPAIGNS: Chanel SS 2010

Chanel’s new ad editorial has a Spanish matador type feel that is undeniable. Photographed in Argentina by Karl Lagerfeld, Baptiste Giabiconi, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Claudia Schiffer rock tight pants, covered faces, and hair pulled back from their face.

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CAMPAIGN: Fernando Frisoni AW 2010

This was hard… it was the hardest one in a looong time! I saw one picture from the campaign and I knew, I just KNEW that I’d have to post about it so I starred it and went to the next post. Now when I started to create the post I thought, that’s alot of pictures, I’ll just divvy it up into men’s and women’s and it should be easy. I have found that it wasn’t. I love EVERY picture of the editorial and I feel like it’s a disservice to only show four but… that’s the precedent that I have set.

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This is only Frisoni’s SECOND womenswear season and he is by FAR starting off on the right foot. By setting a precedent of using only luxury fabrics, he already has distanced himself from some of the pack and by creating beautiful garments with these fabrics, he only makes the gap wider.

Maybe it’s the juxtapositions that get me, the fabric that looks as if paint has been splattered on it next to solid, blocks of fabric, the shiny of the strong shouldered cropped jacket with the somberness of the drop crotch, asymetrical pants. It could just be the eyes of the model, and how she has perfected the Tyra Banks smize. How she stares seemingly into ones soul, no matter what her hair is doing.

Whatever it is… it’s clear that Frisoni’s got me!

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CAMPAIGN: Lacoste SS 2010

I’ave always been a fan of Lacoste and the clean, preppy aesthetic they procure. Their dds were at one point the ones I’d seek out first when flipping through magazines. You undoubtedly know which ones I’m talking about. The couple of campaigns wherein the models were depicted, seemingly suspended in air, in positively squeaky clean styles. Always pressed, always chic. That’s what I saw in Lacoste. The models could be leaving a round of golf, or a Sunday brunch… that’s the feeling I always got from Lacoste, refreshing and clean… kind of like soap I guess.

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This campaign is only a tad different. It’s still as clean, as the Lacoste that I’ve come to love, but maybe if only to me, it’s not as pressed. The models aren’t as stiff, and there’s a level of approachability in this campaign. From their faces, that depict the models actually interacting to their body language, I have a feeling like Lacoste is attempting to change the persona that is sometimes thought of as cold, to welcoming. No matter what the goal was, I think Ellen von Unwerth did a great job.

CAMPAIGN: Calvin Klein White Label S/S 2010

So most of the time I do atleast a little bit of research on a line if I haven’t heard of it before… that’s when I have enough time. As you can probably guess… this is not one of these times. I posted this campaign of the Calvin Klein white label because it’s clean… and open. I like that. I also love the little details, and the use of color on a neutral palette. All great. Jamie Dornan(SELECT) and Edita Vilkevicite were supposed to be joined by Vladimir Ivanov(the model from the Zegna Sport Summer Spring 2010 campaign that I didn’t have a chance to post) but I’m not completely sure what happened with that. Whatever happened, I think the campaign came out fine without him.

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CAMPAIGN: Calvin Klein Spring 2010

If someone wants to say that red shouldn’t be worn because it’s a color related to a bullish market. It shows to much power in this economy, and that even President Obama refrains from wearing it, i suggest you speak up now before the rest of the campaigns finish raining down from the fashion gods and we see just how many appearances red makes. My money is and has been on red being an accessory color for a while now and lately… well as you can see it’s getting alot more spotlight time.

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CAMPAIGN: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010

I’m aware that at times the blog may seem to be a menswear blog, but it’s not… it’s not! It’s just that some kind of way I’ve been subscribing to more menswear blogs(probably because the industry is going) and I just happen to be posting more and more menswear things. Plus well… it is Menswear month… but come next month we should have alot more womenswear. That being said let’s get into the campaign for Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 Woman.

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So all of our readers should by now have it into their heads that we can’t shorten Dolce and Gabbana to D&G because they are two separate lines( you do remember that right). What you guys probably don’t know is that I don’t like it when labels and magazines use actors, actresses, and performers like music artists to model their things just for name recognition. I see dancers as different because normally they don’t bring name recognition to the table, they just bring an awareness of their bodies.

Anyways on this occasion I wasn’t too angry seeing as Madonna did a decent job(it was excellent compared to the mess that was the Louis Vuitton ads she did). I’d already seen peaks of the campaign, as many people did when they were first released and I started critiquing immediately. But after seeing the campaign in it’s entirety… I’m not TOO mad about it… plus it’s in black in white. I love classic black and white!

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