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EDITORIAL: Hailey Clauson

Model: Hailey Clauson
Photographer: Alexander Neumann
Publication: Harper’s Bazaar Mexico

I would have to admit that I normally like a little bit of grit with my glamour and that’s exactly what Danny Santiago styles for this editorial for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico. Modeled by Hailey Clauson we find Bottega Venetta and Calvin Klein mashed with(correct me if I’m wrong) Nicholas Kirkwood and Celine. Shot in a studio by Alexander Neumann, the monochromatic editorial is playfully dark and features pieces that the New York woman would(or should) die to get her hands on.

EDITORIAL: Human Canvas

Model: David Agbodji
Photographer: Thomas Paquet
Publication: WAD #46

There’s not much to say after the Le Baron editorial. You should understand why I’m posting this one. It’s art. The editorial only get’s pluses in my book for opening with one of the strongest minority male models right now. A name that has pretty much become synonymous with Calvin Klein, David Agbodji opens the artful editorial with what else except his sculpted figure? The styling of the editorial is significant in and of itself. Azadeh Zoraghi chose to style Bottega Venetta alongside brands like Wrangler. That’s tantamount to putting a Wal-Mart smiley face sticker in a an art exhibition with Renoir. Okay, maybe it’s not that drastic but you understand where I’m coming from right? Oh and if you look closely at the credits, you’ll find that this is We’Ar Different’s(WAD) “Man Issue.” I definitely can respect this interpretation.

Models: Brad Alphonso, David Agbodji, Nil Hoppenot, Simon Nygard and Thiago Santos
Photographer: Thomas Paquet
Stylist: Azadeh Zoraghi
Publication: WAD #46

Fall 2010: Recap

Labels: Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta

Models: Tanya Dziahileva, Camille Bidault-Walddington, Kori Richardson, Natasha Poly
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Heavy Outerwear

So the fashion schedule runs quickly as we all know. We run quickly, and leave behind anyone not willing to keep up. The couture shows just wrapped and now we find that the fall campaigns are beginning to drop which means that magazines will be gearing up for their largest issues, while designers are gearing up for another round of shows. A fashion guru must know the trends for upcoming seasons as well as what’s in for this season and so with that I’ve decided to recap some of what we saw last February and March. I wanted to start with the PLETHORA of outerwear that was provided. Of course I’ve decided to sort of pinpoint some personal favorites like Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta, where the focus of the look was the outerwear there are plenty more where jackets blended seamlessly into the look. Another name to note when it comes to outerwear is Burberry Prorsum, who brings a great selection of outerwear season after season.
Check under the clip for more of our featured trends of Fall 2010.
Labels: Ann Demeulemeester, Chloe, Gareth Pugh, Giorgio Armani
Models: Melinda Szepesi, Raquel Zimmermann, Karlie Kloss, (unknown)
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Suits
Outerwear not only came as a separate, but also came in suits for the Fall 2010 collections. Karlie Kloss walked in Gareth Pugh among many dark, hard bodied models, in this draped suit, while Raquel Zimmerman walked for Chloe in a more light, sophisticated atmosphere. Chloe brought us high waisted pants with thin belts atop wide legged pants, a silhouette I love and is made beyond evident in their campaigns for this season. Melinda Szepesi walked at Ann Demeuleester, another somber affair, clad in metallic accessories. It seems as if every designer sees their clients being about their business for the Fall 2010 season.

Label: Acne, Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci, Alice + Olivia
Model: Dorothea Barth Jorgsen, Edita Vilkeviciute, Karmen Pendaru, Erica Rosen
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Graphic Prints
While some designers did stay with very somber palettes others, like Alice + Olivia and Emilio Pucci, gave us very fun pieces to be worn out for cocktails. The softness of the Alice + Olivia piece really overwhelmed me while the attention to various hem lines and necklines in the Emilio Pucci piece caught my attention. The piece that Dorothea Barth Jorgsen wore for Acne in their “Clone Wars” themed show seemed to me, like one that would be welcome to an art exhibit, or some other funky gathering, where flutes of champagne are on hand and the meaning of life is up for discussion. The last look, Edita Vilkeviciute in Balenciaga… actually wormed it’s way into here. Whereas most were overtly impressed by the clogs that Balenciaga showed, one can’t forget the clothing. Soft and demure is the name of the game for this piece.
Labels: Cynthia Rowley, Alexander Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta
Models: Natalia Schueroff, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Sigrid Agren, Jac
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Sheer
When looking to turn more heads than a graphic print can, for Fall 2010 you should always have a sheer piece on hand. Bottega Veneta designed a stunning little black dress for the season that shows skin in all the right places. When looking to step on the more dark side of things, one can easily make their way over to Alexander Wang. Draping and sheer seemed to be his forte with this collection going in almost a monochromatic vein. For the more funky, Cynthia Rowley is the key. Sheer tops pair exceedingly well with printed bottoms, knocking out two trends with one stone, and if you’re ever in doubt… well just go to uncles Dolce and Gabbana. While you may not know where exactly to wear the piece, wherever you decide I doubt anyone will protest.
Stay tuned for part 2 of our recap featuring some shoes, cocktail dresses, and red carpet moments.

FALL 2010: Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta used to be a favorite of mine. I tweeted to a friend earlier that it used to be a label that I love love loved, but with this collection, in addition to a few others the love has been dimmed to just like. Now this isn’t to say of course that this collection wasn’t a good collection but it wasn’t the greatest, and in my eyes it doesn’t even do what Tomas Maier said they wanted to do. The Fashionisto states that he said they “wanted to address the different ways men visualize themselves. Bottega Veneta’s goal is always to expand the vocabulary of men’s wear, to add individuality and expression. So there is sophistication, but also playfulness, bravado, eccentricity, rebelliousness – it all depends on how it’s put together” I really don’t find that this line expands the vocabulary of menswear.

See more coverage under the clip.

People write off Milan Menswear Fashion Week as too conservative, and as to restrained. It seems basic to alot of people, no way like it’s Parisian and London counterparts. In my opinion the Paris and London shows are the ones that expand the vocabulary of menswear, not Milan. I say this in no way to belittle Milan though because Milan menswear also plays a vital role. If Paris and London expand the vocabulary by adding new words, i think that Milan serves to develop it.

What I mean by saying this is, when you look at Milan shows, you see alot of the same basic pieces with small changes. The designers develop the garments differently, and although they are the same garment, the tone in which it is presented can make a world of difference. I believe this is a better explanation of this collection that one that “expands” the menswear vocabulary. I believe that it just develops it a bit more.