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Carolina Blogging Luncheon

So last week, I attended the Carolina Blogging Luncheon which was put on by Teowonna Clifton and Kaela Harmon of Sweetwater Productions. There I saw Anne Postic, Najee Wilson(the Style Editor of VENT magazine), Jai Marshall, and Lord Maxwell among many others. It was a pleasurable experience and the video of course is just me… musing as I do oh so frequently.

The images from the Lord Maxwell post 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

glasses DViations
scarf DIY(crocheted)
shirt Puritan
vest point zero
bag Saddler by Bosca
chinos Tommy Hilfiger
shoes Filas

ring KR3w
bracelet Invisible Children

The Face of Fashion Blogging: Jeremy Dante

Every time I get on the computer I go through my Google Reader. In it I hold over 100 blogs that give me all my information that I may possibly need with regards to the fashion industry and a little bit of information on the entertainment industry. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to go through all of the blogs so I have a few ones that I feel that I need to see. When it comes to videos, I’m even more critical, and sometimes I only will watch one. There is one blog that always makes it through every cut, and it’s run by none other than Jeremy Dante, “The Face of Fashion Blogging.”

With a blog coming up on the conclusion of it’s first year, Jeremy has carved himself a niche in the industry. With a layout that is chic, and simplistic, yet still engaging, I find that he puts alot of time into his blog, and for this reason sometimes I find myself just going to the page to read the posts instead of reading from the safety from my nondescript Google Reader. A creator in his own right, Dante constructed the entire blog, coding included by himself.

JeremyDante TV, the YouTube component of the blog that is updated every Friday, gives me the who’s who of the industry and gives me short, digestible bits about the moves they are making. His posts, that feature “ill imagery”, come from international magazines, as well as lookbooks, show packages, and the runways from around the world. With a penchant for exposing the minorities in the industry, Jeremy provides up-to-date information that will keep any fashionista relevant, in a field where relevance is paramount.

See his last video here:



I think I’m going to start doing this on a regular basis, but these are some links that have things I either didn’t get to but wanted to, though was interesting, or want to write about but don’t know how. The word in parenthesis should take you directly to the article unless of course something in the sentence is hyperlinked, then what is in parenthesis will take you to the home page of the blog in question. Hope you enjoy!!! All of these came off of the Google Reader of course!

TOMOKI SUKEZANE makes a predominately black editorial for the August 2009 issue of SENSE, a Japanese magazine. (THE FASHIONISTO)

ANNA WINTOUR’s quips from her 60 minute interview get made into ringtones? (BRYAN BOY)

ISAAC MIZHRAHI and cupcakes? What? (TOM AND LORENZO’s blog)

Art departments are getting slashed in the fashion world?(39th AND BROADWAY)

Get your vote in for the Cover Contest at Dujour!!(DUJOUR MAGAZINE)

Okay so COLLEGEFASHION.NET stepped up their game and has beauty and style mistakes!!(College Fashion)

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