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Beyonce X Dazed&Confused

Yeah that just happened. Beyonce looking BEYOND amazing on the cover of Dazed&Confused July 2011. Shot by Sharif Hamza she appears in Givenchy Fall 2011, this time not styled by her official stylist, Ty Hunter. Instead she’s styled by Karen Langley.
After seeing the image it only made me recreate the “Why Don’t You Love Me” video in all Givenchy Fall 2011. And then I heard “Countdown”(from the leaked album) I just knew it. The next video from the 4 album should be to “Countdown” and the artistic vision of it should be the same held within this image. Beautiful, striking, with just something a little bit gritty about it.
Just another reason haters gone hate.

Met Gala 2011

Jay-Z in Tom Ford and Beyonce in Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 at the 2011 Met Gala

On Monday, heavy hitters from industries around the world attended the 2011 Met Gala in New York hosted by Vogue Magazine. With the official name of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit, the event, hosted by Anna Wintour, has grown from it’s simple small $50 a head beginnings, to one of the largest arts fundraisers in the world. This year, as every in every year, there was a theme. In light of Lee McQueen‘s tragic death, the theme was a retrospective entitled Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, built around McQueen’s creations for his namesake label, Alexander McQueen.
At an event of this magnitude with these names in fashion involved, the red carpet is sure to be filled with custom/off the runway looks. Most certainly one of the most premiere red carpet events, right up under the Oscars, stylists and celebrities pull out top designs to display on the carpet and this year was no different.

celebs: Beyonce, Daphne Guinness, Diane Kruger, Florence Welch
dresses: Pucci, Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu, YSL

A few of my favorites of the night included of course Beyonce’s Emilio Pucci look. The Fall 2011 gown was so tight that the international performer had a hard time going up the stairs and because of this decided to not stop for photos. It was this that caused the paparazzi to boo her and husband, Jay-Z as they ascended into the exhibit. Another big name that I enjoyed was Daphne Guinness. Always known for her strong wardrobe choices, Daphne wore a Spring 2011 Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton gown that she donned in the window at Barney’s. Florence Welch was another favorite dressed in a custom Yves Saint Laurent gown. Florence has become a regular on best/worst dressed lists this past red carpet season with her sartorial choices. Diane Kruger chose a Jason Wu Fall 2011 gown for the carpet with a high slit showing a good amount of leg. The dress came off just as well off the runway as it did on it.

celebs: Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooklyn Decker, Claire Daines, Sarah Jessica Parker
dresses: Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen

Of course as in ever red carpet showing there were trends. It seems that the penchant for sleeves, simplicity, and shine carried on even to the Met Gala. Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney and Brooklyn Decker in Michael Kors both chose gowns that look similar to some of the Calvin Klein gowns we saw during red carpet season. The dresses touched on a few trends: simplicity, splits, and sleeves. While Claire Daines went sleeveless with her Calvin Klein, there was still a simplicity and bit of shine to the piece that held it within the parameters of the trend of the night. Francisco Costa is undoubtedly proud of his work and the way it has come to define different celebrities on the red carpet. Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in a flesh toned Alexander McQueen gown, that while wasn’t stunning, was a solid choice.

SPRING: Tom Ford Womenswear 2011

We waited, we waited, and we’ve waited some more. Some have fallen off along the way but there are a select group of us that have held on, striving for the end result, struggling to satiate our hunger with the meager scraps left for us here and there, knowing that nothing could really replace what we were searching for but trying to satisfy our hunger anyhow. Well the main course has finally arrive and I present to you the complete imagelist, along with a short video of the Tom Ford Womenswear Spring 2011 collection. Welcome back Father Ford.

Since September I’ve been culling together every bit of information I could about the Tom Ford‘s return to Womenswear. I’ve scoured editorial after editorial, and read credit after credit to see pieces as soon as possible. The result was, besides editorials that were done specifically featuring the collection, a cumberbund here and there. The hard work and dedication did allow me to see what probably amounts to half the collection though before it debuted on TomFord.com. The amount of secrecy, exclusivity and ceremony that surrounded the production probably caused 70 percent of the excitement. Well that, and the fact that while this is Mr. Ford’s return to Womenswear, it will be his last womenswear showing(all future collections will be seen by appointment only).

The pieces that Mr. Ford showed cause many to pause. While his return was touted as him picking up from where he left off, and the production seemed similar, it seemed that many of his audience expected that his design aesthetic wouldn’t be. The Spring collection seemed very Fordian to me: a strong connection to his work at YSL, and traces of what he did at Gucci. Each piece contains a permenancy that is more often than not, absent from the pieces that go down many runways today.

If you’re wondering who all will be wearing Tom Ford Spring 2011 on the red carpet for the Oscars, well it will come down to one name. Mr. Ford said that in attempt to step out of the entire “step and repeat” game, and give his clients the exclusivity they need, want, and deserve, after the nominees are named he will choose one woman, and one woman only. He will approach this woman and offer to dress her for the awards. Let the competition begin.

The Monster that is September

Happy Birthday Beyonce!!
Yes, it is Beyonce’s birthday today! There’s no way that I could let the day go by without wishing Momma Bey a happy birthday. After being in the game for 15 years, she’s still SLAYING, and she’s in the studio now, at 29 undoubtedly laying down tracks that are about to slice and DICE the scene. I mean if you can work in the studio for two weeks and come out with an album like B-Day… you know that you are a Diva! So, today I will be putting my iTunes on repeat for every Beyonce track that I have even though I just made my official September playlist.

See my September playlist as well as upcoming things in the month of September.
http://beemp3.com/player/player.swfSong: “Monster” by Kanye West feat Jay-Z, Rick Ros, Bon Iver, and Nicki Minaj
Nicki’s verse at 3:30… DESTROYS the entire industry!

So yesterday I went and made my September playlist. I like to think I listen to an eclectic mix of different artists. I mean we go from Alja, to Beyonce, then to Kanye West, followed by Keys and Nicki Minaj. Finish me off with some Christina, Ke$ha and some MGMT and I’m good. I mean I won’t say that I have the biggest iTunes library, because I don’t by far, with only 800+ songs, but I do have an eclectic mix. I mean Alja Jackson and her ghetto pop is pretty darn good. Her mixtapes are more good than bad, although there are a few tracks that are misses. I also have a bag of CDs and mixtapes I’ve yet to review like Mayer Hawthorne. I saw him in concert last spring break when I went to New Orleans… and have yet to blog about it. Go me for quick and responsive blogging!! Things I look forward to this month in music include a single from Queen Bey. November really is looking like it will be the month for the music calendar.
But for the fashion calendar… dahling “September is the JAHNUARY of fashion!!” My magazines are GIGANTIC. With copies of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and W, there is no way that I can fashionably carry them all around at the same time(by the way I’m still waiting on Interview and Elle :/ ). My old leather case would undoutedly be too thin. In addition to these SUPERB covers and their accompanying magazines, there are precastings, castings, and more importantly… SHOOOWWWS! New York Fashion Week happens THURSDAY! Ugh I am about to be under alot of pressure but I think I’ve found a way to minimize said pressures. Anywho in the picture above you can see how some agencies are utilizing new technology: IMG models use an iPad instead of a book for their portfolios.

Model: Alim

Shows starting up, with castings and the like mean something else… SHOWPACKAGES!!! EEEK! Well there’s been many that I’ve wanted to blog about but I haven’t been able to find the time. I did post one in the 803 Galleries though, the VNY Men’s showpackage, and Alim has to be one of my favorite models. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the facial expression… probably the eyebrows, but whatever the reason, he’s definitely one of my favorite models from the entire package. And actually I loved the package as a whole and the style of it, it was fun, simple, and clean. Lovely. Check the gallery later on though because as I get more time, I may be updating more and more 🙂

P.S. Jessica Alba wore the Valentino Couture that I wanted Hedi Klum to wear… and it looks really sad to me on her… it looks oh so sad and tired.

This is my response:

Queen Bey is Back



“Why Don’t You Love Me” – Sneak Peek from Beyonce on Vimeo.

“Who’s that?” “Who’s that?” “Who’s that?” “IT’S BEY!”(That comes from the Get Me Bodied music video for those of you who aren’t Beyonce stans). Yes, yes, yes, you’ve heard right, the trumpets have sounded signaling the Queen’s impending return. Some time today, I’m not sure when because I’ve been out and about and only recently got back in, the clip above was released as a teaser for what we will assume to be Beyonce’s next single and video “Why Don’t You Love Me” a song that’s been out for a while(someone informed me that it was released on international copies of I Am… but not on the US records).

See more coverage under the clip

Beyonce said that she was taking a 6 month break and that time is ending very soon. Some of my friends and I assumed that at the conclusion of the hiatus she would come back into the industry but it would really be as if she never left. This is pretty much what has happened. With “Telephone” and the moderate hype around “Put it in a Love Song” as well as just the strength of the I Am Sasha Fierce album the Queen has stayed in rotation. I love the direction that she seems to be going in with this teaser though. More videos with a plot line, looks very interesting! I just can’t wait!




Check screenshots and my opinion below
YES YES YESSS!! We wind up in prison. But we’re talking about Lady Gaga here so you know it’s the most fashionable prison you’ll ever enter. Everyone is rocking the grunge, all shades of black, that is apparently so chic right now. Now the shades Gaga is rocking above, I’m almost sure about the designer but I don’t feel like stepping on toes tonight so until I get confirmation…(confirmation is in, Mercura NYC designed those shades above) let’s not bat around names. Strong shoulders… don’t believe they are still in?? Go watch the Balmain show that just showed two weeks ago and say they aren’t still in.
Now I’d seen a black and white photo of Gaga rocking this ensemble but I couldn’t tell what was on the shades. As we can clearly see, they are cigarettes, lit cigarettes at that. AndGaga is making out with two women in the prison yard, yes she is. But we’ll just tip toe past that. I think the shades were made by Haus of Gaga though, it looks like Nicola Formichetti(confirmation came in on that as well) had a hand in that.
Yes that is our Lady Bey! In the video she goes by Honey B. I have nothing to say besides the fact I love the entire video. Choreography gave me my life(although I’d already seen that last bit in Lady Gaga’s performance) and so did the fashions. The concept was nothing like what I had envisioned, and the teasers didn’t dampen the effect. The video was definitely worth the wait!

Tea On the Industry


I talked about Alicia Keys, Swiss Beats, Mashonda, Chris Brown, twitter, Kid Cudi, We Are Young Money, Rebirth, and Beyonce. I thought the audio for the track was louder I apologize. Also the artist that will be substituting Kid Cudi is Jason DeRulo I typed it wrong. DeRulo is known for his single “Watcha Say”




BEYGAGA!! VideoPhone has DROPPED!!


Download here

I’m just done from watching Glee and about to make my post about it when I get on Twitter and the kidz are talking about the Lady Gaga Beyonce remix of Videophone!! YOU KNOW what happened after that.

Anyways I get the track and I’m now on the third listen. I LOVE the track if you couldn’t guess. Gaga’s verse is DOPE!! I love “Hubba Hubba!” A couple of time I can’t really understand what she’s saying though, I still am in love.

The chorus where Gaga is singing, I’m not positive I like her voice. It’s doing a bit much for me but then again it’s Gaga!!

Oh and the beginning, I am in LOVE! I immediately thought like old westerns or like a desert. But then I couldn’t really see that from Gaga’s aesthetic. I’m so confused about what the video is going to look like but all I know is it BETTA BE FIYA for keeping me waiting this long!!


BTW I did not go on Perez’s filthy site. Everyone else does though so I just got it from them.

MTV tries to push GagaBey fans to Lola


So here’s how it went down. Today I’ve been on edge hyping up the Lady Gaga, Beyonce collaboration on Videophone, but at the same time I’m sad because I have basketball when the video is supposed to drop!

I go to basketball, and I’m thinking that maybe coach will be a fan too and let us out early(no such luck) but instead he holds us 30 minutes late. From there I rush to PMo auditions, and after waiting for everyone else I conduct auditions for my set(the kids auditioned to Took the Night by Chelley and loved it!).

So I rush back to the computer ready to satisfy my withdrawals that I can sense coming on, only to find NO VIDEO! I checked Youtube and I get nothing but some stupid SPOOFS and some picture from Perez Hilton, and you know how I feel about that… THING. I assume that MTV is just on their Superman-ish and just have been pouncing on every video Youtube puts up. So I head on over to MTV.

I see something about J.Lo and keep it moving, home girl is old news to me right now. I type in Videophone and articles come up! I go on Twitter and cry for help, and no one answers. Well for a while anyway.

Finally I get this:

Ahmier: @markese Lmao. Yea, as of now – it’s non existent

I am LIVID! So I go back to MTV and decide to check out this MTV thing with J.Lo and I see something that makes my brain connect. Lola is this artist I’ve been trying to find out about and J.Lo is Lola. It’s Lola’s alterego. Watch the clip:


So then my brain begins to work and I realize what has just happened. MTV has built up all of this hype for the Beyonce, Gaga video that’s going to drop. They KNOW that the fans of these two artists are loyal and predominately gay or female that are into sass and dramatics and they’ve decided to dupe them into liking the new J.Lo. While we wait for the Videophone video we are supposed to watchc the other video that’s in it’s place and fall in love with Lola. Pure genius.