FILM: Alexander McQueen

I’ve always doubt that people completely grasp the entirety of something they proclaim to be a fan of. Yes everyone says that Alexander McQueen was a revolutionary in the fashion industry, even an outlier, but to be quite honest, I feel as if most say it because they’ve heard others say it. This video, which aired on BBC 2 in 2009, shall hopefully round out that education.
With footage with some of Alexander’s earliest shows like the Highlander Rape, the episode is a real gem. It even explains a fact that is very frequently lost on most: it was McQueen who made the bumster cut(which is like a close sibling of the low cut) trouser popular. It also gives some insights into McQueen’s purpose for himself during his stint at Givenchy(a stint that I myself often forget).

Below are a few of McQueen’s Givenchy looks that I thought were still relevant and even could be found in the shows today.