Miyavi last concert for his 10 month world tour and another little surprise

Tonight is Miyavi’s last concert here in America. After he finishes rocking out Houston, TX he’ll be done with his world tour that took about 10 months to finish. It was his first time doing an America tour so he was really happy about doing it. I’ve had friends in different states go while I had my ticket for ATL. He rocked out like expected but of course blew everyone away. So I wish him luck, he comes out with a new cd in September, theat he was working on for awhile even wrote another song the other day. So hopefully he’ll come back sometime in the near future and more people will show up, even though he’s had a lot of sold out events XD. He also had some more great news on his fanclub C.W.I.F (co-miyavi worldwide international family) that he’s having another child. This time it’s going to be a little boy. Making his daughter Lovelie an older sister. Can’t wait!