Atelier Minyon

So I think I have a fetish… a deep strong desire for positively sickening accesories. Ones that capture the eye are ideal, and if they are animals… oh please give me more. So it comes as no surprise that I’ve been cyber stalking the boutique known as Atelier Minyon. I badger them over Twitter, go through their every Facebook image, and have probably run through every link on their web page.. .maybe twice. While I have yet to actually get my paws on a piece, I’ve drooled from the comfort of my home, waiting for the day when I can run down the streets of SoHo wearing one of the boutiques handcrafted pieces. I mean look at that ring, isn’t it mesmirizing?

Last week, my boss over at StyleHop sat down with Alp at Atelier Minyon and the video above resulted. I never really knew who the designer of the pieces was(okay I did know his name was Alp but that’s it) and it’s always nice to hear a designer talk about their pieces. The boutique will be putting on their 2nd Anniversary Party next month and to my knowledge Style Hop will be covering it. Sadly, it won’t be me but maybe there’ll be some pictures that who ever covers will take and I can reblog. If not, just watch my Twitter account and I’ll tweet the link. Till then, salivate over these images, before doing all you can to get your hands on(and through) these pieces.

Check them out

155 Spring St.
New York, NY

Atelier Minyon
Max and Chloe