So today, I went to church and I thought I was going to have a really domestic sort of day. Wash a few dishes, stuff a few shoes, answer a couple of emails, you know some time to reflect on the things that have transpired this summer as I queue up for the upcoming school year. Well, all of that quickly changed after a tip from a friend to check out a group called ArtRageous.

ArtRageous is a group that seems to be into something that I find myself talking about frequently, the democratization of art(most of times I’m talking about the democratization of fashion actually). They put on spontaneous “artistic performances” that the general public will be privy to. Today, there was waltzing in the Museum of Art. I went to the museum and actually I had begun to study one of the pieces entitled Education of the Virgin because it looked like it could very much be an inspiration for the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 line. Anyway I was writing notes on Kendal(my phone) and I noticed the time. I went out onto the lobby area(I was on the second floor) to find people waltzing. Three couples started it, and before long there was a nice little gathering of people waltzing in the middle of the downstairs lobby of the museum. Once the song finished, they did as well and cleared the floor, leaving it only scattered with ArtRageous cards. I loved it.

I did run back in though to do some more perusing. There was a series of tapestries chronicling Romulus and Remus and I surprised myself by being able to name one of them(Rape of the Sabine Women, thanks Humanities?) . I also was just getting into the exhibit that had pieces that were obviously Byzantine inspired but then I got a text and hotfooted it out of there and to 701 Whaley to basically tag along to a Tango club. Although a dancer I am, a partner dancer I am not. Especially not when partnerless. The only time that I was successfully forced to dance with someone I hardly knew was for shagging at Jillian’s… I haven’t since been back. Anyway, 701 is a beautiful space and I really felt like the club was so relaxed. They apparently get together weekly to tango and it was nice watching all the feet go, watching them sort of slide across the floor. Sort of… refreshing 🙂