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Rhythm at the River

Last week right before I went to the Man2Man event I went down to the RiverWalk and took in the Rhythm at the River event. Since I did arrive a little earlier I got to walk for about an hour or so with a friend. If you’ve never walked the RiverWalk before, it’s a long trail and you can quickly forget how long you’ve been walking and only realize how far you’ve gone when it’s time to turn around and come back. That’s exactly what happened with my friend and I.
After we finally did get back to the amphitheater we saw a local artist performing and a decent amount of people watching(half of which aren’t captured in my picture as they were on the other side. In the parking lot, artists had come and set up their works and I found myself gravitating towards that. Brian Pyle, Thomas the Younger, Joy Mullen, and Amanda Tatum were only some of the artists that I enjoyed. Thomas’s pieces with their interesting color choice and seemingly animalistic subject nature, were probably my favorites.

Brian Pyle
Thomas the Younger
Joy Mullen

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Grit and Glamour 2011

On this past Saturday I attended the Grit and Glamour Gala at the Columbia Museum of Art. It really was an amazing event with performances by the Unbound Dance Company, as well as The Swingin’ Richards, and MaryLiz the Princess. The museum was divided into different sections like the Piano Bar, the Hemp Bar, as well as the Coffee Bar. The largest space was in the expansion area of the museum where Izms of Art had painted the walls in graffiti. There were markers for us to add to the work but I, as always, couldn’t bring myself to do it.
All and all it was a great event benefiting a great cause. There was enough food to probably feed twice as much as we actually ate and there would be no way for me to even guess how many attendees there were. Of course there were a few familiar faces like the women of VanJean and Just The Thing, as well as The Shop Tart(who you can thank for the picture of me), and Otis Taylor of The State. Cori Hanky of Garnet and Black accompanied me and so when we get them back most of the images will be from her.

Cori Hanki and I via The Shop Tart

EVENT: First Thursdays-February 2011

Last night I made my way out to Main Street and attended the February 2011 edition of First Thursdays. While I did snap a few images and video clips with my phone, I also was able to snag a photographer from the newspaper for the article I did, and I may be able to get some better images from her(she took the video below).
Starting off at Gotham Bagel, the night was very interesting. At Gotham, the Next Door Drummers played tribal like music spurring some Tribe SK members to dance for us. In addition to them, a few others started dancing along with the hula-hoopers. Throughout the night, I felt a sort of celebratory mood. While the crowd was a tad older than me, I didn’t feel wholly uncomfortable. I look forward to the next and would like to thank Mark Plessinger of Frame of Mind for starting such an event.

From Mark Plessinger

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UPCOMING: First Thursdays on Main

Title: Better Together Than Part
Artist: Amanda Ladymon
Location: Tapps Building on Main St.

In addition to loving fashion I’m an avid lover of art. I’ve been talking about First Thursdays for a while now but it’s only now that I find myself with the time and the ability to make it out(well for my second time).
Today though, I took a stroll down Main Street, and stopped in to talk with a few people while snapping a few images. I was so excited about the things I found out, I felt the need to let you guys in on the schedule of events.

  • Frame of Mind– Mark Plessinger, the owner of Frame of Mind and the father of First Thursdays, will be showing photography by Molly Harrell. The show involves 3 parts as well as a short film and a book. Jewelry from Caroline Harrell will be on display, and in light of Valentines Day Gervais and Vine will provide wine and chocolate. (Facebook)
  • Anastasia & FRIENDS – Planned to be the largest group exhibition ever held in the space, “Love: A Fair” will feature work from Eileen Blyth, Matthew Kramer, Anastasia Chernoff, Roger Reed, David West, and many more. The artists will show their takes on love while Cabo Fresh Taco will provide food, as well as Joseph Vernon, owner of “It’s a Chocolate Shop”.(Facebook)
  • S&S Art Supply– A showing based on exploration of memory and memory loss, “Anamnesis”: Abstract Works, is composed of large-scale oil paintings and prints. All of the work was done by USC 2nd year graduate student Allison Broome.(Facebook)
  • Gotham Bagel– Currently a shuttered business, Gotham Bagel will host The Busking Project which is a fundraiser/art sale that will benefit students planning to travel around Europe documenting street performances. Inside of Gotham, viewers will be see various performance artists like Jim Hadley(self-taught, one-man-band), Next Door Drummers(African drum troupe), and Carley Haberkorn(a hula-hooper).
  • Tapps Art Center ProjectThe Tapps building will still be open featuring work by Amanda Ladymon, Kara Gunter, Jamie Blackburn, Susan Lenz, Keith Tolen, Matthew John and more. The images below are from the window displays.

Kara Gunter
Jamie Blackburn
Keith Tolen
Matthew John
source | press release


So some time last month, I decided to enhance my life with some culture. I decided that it was time out for watching everything from the MacBook I’d so recently purchased, and that it was time to step into the world. Basically that entailed just walking across campus to the opening of the Senior Art Show entitled “Wherefore.” I listened to three artists’ talks and studied the exhibitions. Two collections stuck out to me particularly, and because of that I made plans to sit down with one Jessica “Jack” Wyrick to discuss her work.

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Jessica, known more as Jack around our campus, grew up not too far from Sewanee, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was born in a log cabin, built by her father, with no electricity or running water. Contrast that with a life here on campus, at a school where bowties are the accessories of choice for my male counterparts, and you can partially gather the dichotomy from which Jack has been created. This dichotomy, among many others, is what she showed in her portion of “Wherefore”

An exhibition that studied mortality, decay, and the passage of time among other things, Jack’s work piqued my interest. October 2, which was a piece composed of the skull of a deer, and a handmade purposely aged journal to me was a posh-like chic piece. It was a piece that I immediately wanted for my possession. Jack cited a journal that her father had made for her when she was younger as inspiration. The journal caught on fire while her house was aflame, and then got wet when there was an attempt to put out the fire. In the exhibit the journal contained elementary scribbles, an attempt for Jack to recapture those little moments of her pass and immortalize them.

Another favorite of mine from this particular exhibit was a picture of Jack on rail road tracks in a belted cardigan. Any loyal reader will know that I have a fascination with military inspired fashions. It seems that Jack also has a fascination with the military and the cleanliness and structure found within, attending military school in addition to helping at the Citadel, a military academy in my home state of South Carolina. This undoubtedly had an influence on her knack for repetition and cleanliness as she herself states. After studying the panoramic, which were made with sizes based on Jack’s own height, one can immediately sense that something in awry. The pieces are composed of pictures that Jack took that were then digitally sewn together. The picture that appears to be of a corn field is actually one picture taken multiple times, once with Jack in the row, and then that was sewn onto the others. So in a sense viewers are seeing a landscape where Jack is and is not present at the same time.

After discussing that work I began to ask Jack about the REACT Collective, a non-profit arts collective based in Chattanooga. We spoke of it’s founding by Rachel Combs, Kate Winters, and herself all Sewanee Class of ’10 art majors, and the reason for it. She explained her discontent with the state of the arts scene in Chattanooga, a scene filled with rich, privileged “society girl” types that take pictures of the bridge at the sunset, “print them on expensive paper, and put them in an expensive frame” before selling them for a couple hundred dollars. She explained how one of the final straws came when she saw a class on basic figure drawing being advertised for $120 with no supplies provided. REACT(Restoring Essential Artistic Community Today) came as her reaction to this, and after discussing the idea with friends they began to plan.

REACT will combat this problem by offering affordable classes of all types of art forms for the masses. In a type of democratization type scheme that we see here in the fashion industry, REACT will provide the means for those who aren’t normally given the chance to experience this industry, a chance. Among other things the collective plans on putting together gallery showings as well as bringing in music artist to play. Also because of the various arts programs that have been cut in schools, the collective also will partner with various schools in an attempt to provide the students with arts education, and exposure. There is even talk of doing free DVD’s for students so they can learn the basics of making various types of art.

All in all, Jessica “Jack” Wyrick is a phenomenal artist and someone who’s reaching to do more. With this REACT collective she has set herself in a place to possibly make history in Chattanooga, if not Tennessee. And if it doesn’t make it that far then she’ll definitely make a difference in one little girl’s life that she believes in that attends a charter school in Chattanooga who created an inspiring piece called “What I have to say about MLK and Obama.” Jack has a knack for creating pieces that combine a chic and very posh element with a clean orderly one. Each of her pieces in someway not only contains her emotions but contains a bit of her in it whether it be her journal or her size. In a way, with this exhibit she has stopped her decay, she has frozen her mortality while studying it.

See one of Jack’s portfolio’s here or visit her blog here