MAGAZINE: W April 2010

So I subscribe to 7 magazines as of now, 5 of which have already come in the mail(I think the other two won’t start until the May issues). I’ve decided to add a component of the blog where we’ll talk about these magazines, the drama surrounding them and of course the fashions included! Each magazine is going to have a separate post and I’ll get to those later but right now there’s some covers I want to post and a few things I want to discuss!

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The first to discuss right now is W. If you have seen the last two covers of W you may notice a distinct difference. Gone are the models and fashionable celebrities. Megan Fox covered March and a reader wrote in to the editor saying:

I love W because it is intelligent, sassy and a fantastic art and fashion magazine. But Fox is not fashionable, has a gigantic mouth that spews nothing but word vomit and is a flash in the pan. W is one of the few magazines that still puts models and authentic movie stars on the cover.

Fox is just a sad excuse for some publicity to sell magazines. Remember who your audience is: fashion and art lovers, not teenybopppers.

And to be completely honest, I agree with the entire letter, Mean Girl references and all. I subscribed to W because the magazine is high fashion and heavy on art. But March’s issue(although I never received it… yeah I still haven’t received my March issue) was a disappointment and so is April. April’s issue is the first ever Shopping Issue for W. SHOPPING ISSUE?? I thought I subscribed to W, not InStyle.

Speaking of InStyle, as you may know, W signed on a new Editor-In-Chief Stefano Tonchi, who was the Editor-In-Chief at T(alphabet soup I know but stay with me). I had hoped that these two last issues were just a fluke, just a departing editor making a shot in the dark at what might be possible with a dying magazine(W was one of the harder hit magazines in reference to ad sales). Well Mr. Tonchi is talking of

probably to just make it more of a general-interest style magazine, and less of a fashion-obsessed publication.

I’m not sure if Mr. Tonchi understands it but the W audience IS FASHION OBSESSED! It’s the reason we subscribe! We want to get artsy fashion editorials… edgy even, and be able to actually see them thanks to the oversized printing of the magazines. If I wanted an InStyle Deluxe, as The Imagist calls it, I would have subscribed to InStyle and be yelling about increasing the size of the pages.

So as you can probably tell, I’m not the HAPPIEST with the change in things but I don’t have more time to rant. I have French right now. I wonder if instead of teaching French my professor will decide to teach a class based more on “general-interest” in stead of being French -obsessed.