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So I’m not on the West Coast so the version that I got the almost uncensored version of the AMAs. I say almost uncensored because the camera men, and those behind the scenes attempted to cut away from visuals they didn’t want to be seen as soon a possible.

The scenes that I’m talking about include:

JLo’s fall
Adam Lambert’s head to crotch dance move
Adam Lambert’s make out session with his keyboardist

As the hours have progressed, I’ve been hearing that things were taken out, the performances were edited. JLo’s fall wasn’t there, and neither were Lambert’s risque moves(the kiss with the straight keyboardist did, just not the crotch to head). Here’s what Lambert had to say about the issue,

For me it’s like this, they shouldn’t edit it because plain and simple, they just shouldn’t edit it. Now if there is a policy wherein it blatantly isn’t allowed, then edit it, but if it’s just uncomfortable, then I think the station really and truly have an obligation to play it. The viewers don’t want ABC’s version of the AMAs, they just want the AMAs. Whether they can take what that means, is their problem.

Now in regards to JLo the entire incident there is shady. Why artists, and corporations think that if they erase it from their sites we’ll forget about it, I don’t know but apparently JLo has done all she can to have her fall erased from history. In likeness to Twitter taking Adam Lambert off of trending(I know of once but a friend told me they had to do it 3 times), JLos fall was taken down off of YouTube. Well they tried but… just like with Chris Brown and his cornball comment, we aren’t going to let it die.


Oh and let me CONTINUE!! I FORGOT this last part! I was just watching AH Nation talk about the incident and I was reminded of another performance. So everyone is bashing Adam for his performance and saying it’s not discrimination, it was just bad taste. Well let me REMIND YOU of the Janet Jackson performance shall I??


Go to minute 2:50 and you’ll see that Janet not only grabs the dancer’s crotch, but he responds and puts his face in hers. So I have to say that Mr. Lambert may have a point here.


AMA DRAMA: Chris Brown’s Cornball, Adam Lambert v. Ryan Seacrest… and Chris?

Let’s DISH!!!


The Twitter name Mechanical Dummy is owned by Chris Brown. It’s a verified account and all that jazz so, it’s really Chris Brown. The above comment was made during or right after Jay-Z was being discussed or came on the show I’m not sure and so the Twitter-sphere went wild with it. What made it all the more pertinent was the fact that Brown subsequently deleted the tweet, which is why I had to get this picture.

His responses to the small epidemic are still up though :

OH GOD! now everyone thinking im callin homie a cornball. I DELETED IT SO YALL WOULDNT BLOW IT OUT PROPORTION… RELAX

GROW UP… LOL.. AM I IN HIGHSCHOOL? i said cornball to what was going on in my CRIB WIT DA HOMIES. they was freestyling.. it sucked.chill


i really ain’t gotta explain myself..lmao.. but for all the blogs sites that are gonna run wit dis b.s. its not true

Now from this you can make your own conclusions… and in the words of “Breezy” ON TO THE NEXT!!


After being outed by Perez Hilton(I believe… I was told this so I’m not positive), Adam has embraced his sexuality and made it a vital part of his persona. With the release of his very campy album cover(that’s not the name just my opinion) he has made it known that he’s going to do what he wants to do.
Today he set off something that will be UNDOUBTEDLY talked about for a while by grinding his crotch into the face of one of his male backup dancers, shoving his tongue down the throat of another and, according to a fellow tweeter, put his hand up the skirt of a female dancer all the while practically screaming into the mike… ABC tried as much as they could to keep the viewers from seeing by changing camera angles when suspicious things came on… again make your own judgements.


Ryan is a bit shady and I only want to say one thing about him and Adam. Right after Adam’s performance Ryan was to close the show. And while speaking, in a hurried and low voice he said,

“I have a feeling he designed those outfits”

That is all


Chris was having a good time on Twitter and during Adam’s performance he tweeted,

wuz that a sommersault? front tuck into a layout.. i give that a 6.5

Chris Chris Chris….

Live Blogging : AMA’S

I’m watching the AMA’s on UStream and let’s get into the meat and potatoes before it comes back on.
http://www.ustream.tv/flash/live/1/1905723Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

She was tired!! She is a “beautiful biter” as one of the Ustreamers called her. Her backup dancers were Single Ladies rejects, and her hair was only mediocre. The Dress was a trashbag as far as I can tell, and with the glove I guess she was “inspired” by Michael Jackson. The choreography started off ohkay, because I like the step sequence but she was probably was again “inspired” this time by Ciara, with her connecting line of girls. She was lipping but… I don’t fault her for it, it was probably alot better than it would’ve been live.

Her voice is FIRE there is no doubt about that but frankly, the outfit she came in with and what she’s performing with is a tad lackluster! Maybe it’s because she’s getting bigger but that can’t be it, Jennifer Hudson looks amazing when she hits the carpet and I would like to say that our First Lady normally looks very good. I don’t know maybe her people just don’t know what to do with her.

Oh no, it was Beyonce versus Gaga versus Taylor Swift. After all was said and done Taylor Swift won?? I’m livid! First of all I don’t really think it’s a competition between Beyonce and Gaga, Bey stomps Gaga for now. And I really think that Bey sits on Taylor! I don’t think Taylor really holds a candle to Bey. I mean the whole incident with the video, I give Taylor that but Bey gets tens across THE BOARD for… YEARS! Actually I think it’s been about a decade. Let me keep going.

They performed New York. Both of them looked for a dressed up look with Jay donning a white tux top and black pants with a black bow tie.and Alicia in a body suit with her back off and strong shoulders. It was bejeweled at the top but really to me it’s bland… not very “inspiring”. The entire time I was waiting for Lil Mama to pop up. Instead they did a cameo of Gaga and she looked like she was rocking a BDSM cop inspired look.

Ohkay this is when I finally got fed up with it!! BLACK IS NOT EFFECTIVE ON THE STAGE!! Now that I’m passed that, I didn’t like the voices on Meet Me Halfway. Fergie’s outfit looked like something that I may have liked… but only if they hadn’t just finished it right before she got out on stage. Looking at Will I Am’s outfit is nauseating to me. I could actually taste the bile in the back of my throat. The entire look actually, the hair is a mess to be frank. In addition to Meet Me Halfway they did Boom Pow, but a new mix.

Beyonce versus Keisha Cole versus Keri… I think it was a given who was going to win. I don’t even really understand why Keisha was nominated, she just needed to sit that one out. Alas we didn’t get to see our beautiful Bey because she was doing a perforamnce in Australia I believe.

It looks like body suits with strong shoulders and leotards are the looks of the night with black and white being the colors! Maybe because I’m not up with all things Rhianna did I not understand the video clip at the beginning of the performance. The heels she had on were pretty dope though, they were white ankle boot weges, a combination I have yet to see. Her white body suit was accented with silver spikes on the shoulders that did amazing things when the lights went down and read was shined on her. That mic was pretty dope though. Bottom Line: The vocals weren’t up to par but the concept was nice.

I like Carrie, she’s one of he few country artists that I really like. Well she’s not completely country she’s just closer than other artist I listen to. Anyways she came out and I saw her skirt and thought, YAY someone’s not wearing a bodysuit or leotard or strong shoulders!! As she began performing Cowboy Cassanova, I realized that she indeed was wearing a leotard, only one with a wrap that was trying to be a skirt. The colors of the outfit were nice though, yellow and black, with mostly golden accessories, besides her silver ankle boots. The performance to me seemed to be the best of the night so far, with nice choreography and a pretty decent voice. Here eyes did look a tad empty though.

It wasn’t necessarily fair to Carrie to have Gaga to perform right afterwards with no pause. Gaga RIPPED her performance of Bad Romance and Speechless. The choreography intense portion of Bad Romance was BAAADDDD(in a good kinda way!). Gaga came out with this outfit that seemed to be like a skeleton that had blinking lights on it. The heels were the same idea but were just INSANE to me!! The only thing that I think was weird about her clothes was the crotch on the outfit… you just have to see it.
Anyways Bad Romance went off and Gaga takes the mic stand and breaks the glass case surrounding a piano. She gets on the piano and starts playing, beautifully if I may add, while crushing glass alcohol bottles on the piano. Then comes the fire on the piano. That sums up the performance and vocals, FIRE!!

The intro was a bit interesting and original, but I don’t know about “undisputed and undefeated!” The performance has become what I’ve come to expect from JLo… tired, and late. I’m sorry. Home girl didn’t even have on Louboutins for a majority of the performance. And then all of a sudden she falls after jumping off the back uf a dancer and pops back up and keeps it moving. Seconds later she has on an Alexander McQueen golden dress(I think it’s this one without the sleeves) with the Louboutins… It seemed like she was lip syncing to me and she could’ve gone alot more feminine with the idea of the entire set.

*After reviewing the footage JLo is wearing the same Dolce and Gabbanna dress Gaga wore in her Paparazzi video.

Now after this was a dry spell of things I didn’t want to talk about and then a debacle that will probably go down in the history books if someone doesn’t delete it! This is going to need a post all of it’s own!

AMA: Red Carpet

So yeah it may be a tad out of order but I’m getting Red Carpet pics that I will post ASAP.

Rhi Rhi came out in this Marchesa look and truthfully while I like the idea of it because of the different type cutouts it looks like a bit of origami to me!! I mean you snippets of skin are nice but again, it looks like origami to me and not in a good way.

Kelly Clarkson came out in this dress… and really I just posted it so you can see if you want to. It’s a mess… that is all.