FALL 2010: Alexis Mabille

I know you thought that we would be done with fashion week posts but oh darling we have only just begun!! Last week was Milan, this week PARIS!! Yes yes, I’ve said it Paris Menswear is here! Oh and for those of you who want to look ahead, Luxury week in Paris(the old Couture week) starts Sunday. Anyways when I saw the line up I knew for certain that I would want to see Alexis Mabille, a champion of bow ties for sure.

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With a noticeable draw back in the number of bow-ties from his first showing, Alexis Mabille still has managed to start some whispers. People will undoubtedly talk about how he sent his models down the runway sans pants and shirts, and only in undergarments, very much like at Dior from these past Paris Couture shows.

No much how much talk he starts the collection was still respectable. Showing a variety of cuts and silhouettes, and a soft color palette, Alexis gives me what I need right now. He gives us what we need. He supplies us with pieces that we will be able to splurge and buy, and then surround with other things from our closet. That’s how i see this collection, in pieces.