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Met Gala 2011

Jay-Z in Tom Ford and Beyonce in Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 at the 2011 Met Gala

On Monday, heavy hitters from industries around the world attended the 2011 Met Gala in New York hosted by Vogue Magazine. With the official name of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit, the event, hosted by Anna Wintour, has grown from it’s simple small $50 a head beginnings, to one of the largest arts fundraisers in the world. This year, as every in every year, there was a theme. In light of Lee McQueen‘s tragic death, the theme was a retrospective entitled Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, built around McQueen’s creations for his namesake label, Alexander McQueen.
At an event of this magnitude with these names in fashion involved, the red carpet is sure to be filled with custom/off the runway looks. Most certainly one of the most premiere red carpet events, right up under the Oscars, stylists and celebrities pull out top designs to display on the carpet and this year was no different.

celebs: Beyonce, Daphne Guinness, Diane Kruger, Florence Welch
dresses: Pucci, Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu, YSL

A few of my favorites of the night included of course Beyonce’s Emilio Pucci look. The Fall 2011 gown was so tight that the international performer had a hard time going up the stairs and because of this decided to not stop for photos. It was this that caused the paparazzi to boo her and husband, Jay-Z as they ascended into the exhibit. Another big name that I enjoyed was Daphne Guinness. Always known for her strong wardrobe choices, Daphne wore a Spring 2011 Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton gown that she donned in the window at Barney’s. Florence Welch was another favorite dressed in a custom Yves Saint Laurent gown. Florence has become a regular on best/worst dressed lists this past red carpet season with her sartorial choices. Diane Kruger chose a Jason Wu Fall 2011 gown for the carpet with a high slit showing a good amount of leg. The dress came off just as well off the runway as it did on it.

celebs: Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooklyn Decker, Claire Daines, Sarah Jessica Parker
dresses: Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen

Of course as in ever red carpet showing there were trends. It seems that the penchant for sleeves, simplicity, and shine carried on even to the Met Gala. Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney and Brooklyn Decker in Michael Kors both chose gowns that look similar to some of the Calvin Klein gowns we saw during red carpet season. The dresses touched on a few trends: simplicity, splits, and sleeves. While Claire Daines went sleeveless with her Calvin Klein, there was still a simplicity and bit of shine to the piece that held it within the parameters of the trend of the night. Francisco Costa is undoubtedly proud of his work and the way it has come to define different celebrities on the red carpet. Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in a flesh toned Alexander McQueen gown, that while wasn’t stunning, was a solid choice.

FILM: Alexander McQueen

I’ve always doubt that people completely grasp the entirety of something they proclaim to be a fan of. Yes everyone says that Alexander McQueen was a revolutionary in the fashion industry, even an outlier, but to be quite honest, I feel as if most say it because they’ve heard others say it. This video, which aired on BBC 2 in 2009, shall hopefully round out that education.
With footage with some of Alexander’s earliest shows like the Highlander Rape, the episode is a real gem. It even explains a fact that is very frequently lost on most: it was McQueen who made the bumster cut(which is like a close sibling of the low cut) trouser popular. It also gives some insights into McQueen’s purpose for himself during his stint at Givenchy(a stint that I myself often forget).

Below are a few of McQueen’s Givenchy looks that I thought were still relevant and even could be found in the shows today.

VIDEO: End by Bell Soto

Director: Bell Soto
Collection: Alexander McQueen SS 2011
Publication: V Magazine

You guys may or may not remember, but at first I was really nervous about reviewing the Alexander McQueen collection after Lee’s death. Well, I finally did and I’m slowly becoming more comfortable in dealings with all things McQueen. For example, apparently the Gala at the Met is going to be doing some sort of McQueen inspired event this year, and it seems that Hermione is wearing either McQueen or McQueen knockoffs in every image I see of her for the upcoming movie release. Also there was that entire small debacle with Hell’s Angels suing McQueen for selling the Hell’s Angels knuckle duster, dress, and shirt I believe. Thankfully it was settled out of court but McQueen has put a recall out for all of the pieces and has said they will destroy them all… I really don’t know one person that would return a piece if there’s nothing wrong with it.

But this video was positively beautiful. I loved it most because it showed me details that I missed in my viewing via the Style.com images of the show. For example the collar, or neck of the shirt… I love it. I can’t get enough of it. To me there seems to be so much romance embedded in that one detail alone. It gives nod to so many things and I love it. I also couldn’t help but notice that the pieces that were chosen for this video weren’t the most audacious but we were allowed to seethe exquisite workmanship that went into them. To be honest, that’s the only way Sarah Burton will survive the McQueen label. Don’t try to imitate McQueen’s creative mind and kick for theatrics, stay true to the design integrity of the brand. It will serve her well.

Models: Alex Bennett, Sebastian Sauve, Richie Cotterell and Danny Arter,
Director: Bell Soto
Stylist: Kim Howells
Collection: Alexander McQueen SS 2011
Hair: Ben Jones
Makeup: Thomas De Kluyver
Publication: V Magazine

In Honor of…

Daphne Guiness entering Alexander McQueen’s Memorial Service

To not pause and reflect on the greatness that Alexander McQueen created, the industries that he transformed, and the beauty that he made.. would be a shame. Alexander McQueen to me is the quintessential designer. Looking back over my posts, my first post that delved into a collection was of McQueen’s 2008 Fall RTW collection. Sarah Jessica Parker, Daphne Guiness, Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour, and a slew of other big time names came to pay their respects at the memorial held for Lee in London, but to me it doesn’t matter. When I found out that he had passed, it didn’t matter to me what everyone else was doing, I mourned my loss. And now, again, I will pause and reflect on what McQueen has done, who he has inspired, and who his work shall continue to inspire.

Fall 2010: Recap

Labels: Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta

Models: Tanya Dziahileva, Camille Bidault-Walddington, Kori Richardson, Natasha Poly
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Heavy Outerwear

So the fashion schedule runs quickly as we all know. We run quickly, and leave behind anyone not willing to keep up. The couture shows just wrapped and now we find that the fall campaigns are beginning to drop which means that magazines will be gearing up for their largest issues, while designers are gearing up for another round of shows. A fashion guru must know the trends for upcoming seasons as well as what’s in for this season and so with that I’ve decided to recap some of what we saw last February and March. I wanted to start with the PLETHORA of outerwear that was provided. Of course I’ve decided to sort of pinpoint some personal favorites like Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta, where the focus of the look was the outerwear there are plenty more where jackets blended seamlessly into the look. Another name to note when it comes to outerwear is Burberry Prorsum, who brings a great selection of outerwear season after season.
Check under the clip for more of our featured trends of Fall 2010.
Labels: Ann Demeulemeester, Chloe, Gareth Pugh, Giorgio Armani
Models: Melinda Szepesi, Raquel Zimmermann, Karlie Kloss, (unknown)
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Suits
Outerwear not only came as a separate, but also came in suits for the Fall 2010 collections. Karlie Kloss walked in Gareth Pugh among many dark, hard bodied models, in this draped suit, while Raquel Zimmerman walked for Chloe in a more light, sophisticated atmosphere. Chloe brought us high waisted pants with thin belts atop wide legged pants, a silhouette I love and is made beyond evident in their campaigns for this season. Melinda Szepesi walked at Ann Demeuleester, another somber affair, clad in metallic accessories. It seems as if every designer sees their clients being about their business for the Fall 2010 season.

Label: Acne, Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci, Alice + Olivia
Model: Dorothea Barth Jorgsen, Edita Vilkeviciute, Karmen Pendaru, Erica Rosen
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Graphic Prints
While some designers did stay with very somber palettes others, like Alice + Olivia and Emilio Pucci, gave us very fun pieces to be worn out for cocktails. The softness of the Alice + Olivia piece really overwhelmed me while the attention to various hem lines and necklines in the Emilio Pucci piece caught my attention. The piece that Dorothea Barth Jorgsen wore for Acne in their “Clone Wars” themed show seemed to me, like one that would be welcome to an art exhibit, or some other funky gathering, where flutes of champagne are on hand and the meaning of life is up for discussion. The last look, Edita Vilkeviciute in Balenciaga… actually wormed it’s way into here. Whereas most were overtly impressed by the clogs that Balenciaga showed, one can’t forget the clothing. Soft and demure is the name of the game for this piece.
Labels: Cynthia Rowley, Alexander Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta
Models: Natalia Schueroff, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Sigrid Agren, Jac
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Sheer
When looking to turn more heads than a graphic print can, for Fall 2010 you should always have a sheer piece on hand. Bottega Veneta designed a stunning little black dress for the season that shows skin in all the right places. When looking to step on the more dark side of things, one can easily make their way over to Alexander Wang. Draping and sheer seemed to be his forte with this collection going in almost a monochromatic vein. For the more funky, Cynthia Rowley is the key. Sheer tops pair exceedingly well with printed bottoms, knocking out two trends with one stone, and if you’re ever in doubt… well just go to uncles Dolce and Gabbana. While you may not know where exactly to wear the piece, wherever you decide I doubt anyone will protest.
Stay tuned for part 2 of our recap featuring some shoes, cocktail dresses, and red carpet moments.

SPRING 2011: Alexander McQueen

I wasn’t sure how in fact I would go about blogging Alexander McQueen. I mean the line must continue, but I just wasn’t sure how I would take this. I will attempt to do all I can to write as accurately about my feelings as possible while staying intelligible. Seeing the collection, I immediately thought, where is Alexander? Where is the actual Pomp and Circumstance that this show is entitled for. Besides of course in the jacket pictured above and the shorts pictured a few photos below. I was immediately angered, what are they doing with the McQueen brand. And then I went back over the collection, more carefully. I remembered that we loved Lee not only for his spectacular theatrics, for his over the top artistic ability, but also his technical skill. The fact that even with the famed “armadillo heels” he created, he still could wow us with technique alone, the fold of a dress, the tension created with the various lines. Viewing the collection again with this in mind, not only did every piece become an instant favorite, I finally understood the Pomp and Circumstance.

See the rest of the collection below.

FALL 2010: Alexander McQueen

I don’t feel comfortable discussing the show just yet but here are the pictures. Love live McQueen.


I’m sure if I didn’t even mention the genius designs you would have guessed it anyways. Once again McQueen has did it again. He’s pretty good at making jaw dropping clothes that make you thing “huh” or even gasp. You can’t help but admire that he didn’t focus on black a lot, there a few here and there, but gray was mostly shown throughout his collection. Fitted suits, face shielding and even stir up legging inspired pants. The prints he chose to use were nothing but unusual a few of them even made me think of the whole knight in shinning armor thing…but you can most certainly replace shinning with fitted. The layering was different but that’s what he’s all about. Loved the rain inspired suit and creepy bone/ghostly images on the button ups and sutis. Definitely a wardrobe for a bone collector (check the background of the runway).

Written by Courtney

Alexander McQueen

A procession of models in all back, followed by a newly renovated royal family feel describes Alexander McQueen’s 2008 Fall RTW runway show to a T. Starting the show off with Amanda Laine in a shoulder baring halter top, asymmetrical skirt, leggings, and boots all in black, the mood is immediately set. The models are done up in dark hair, a pale coat over their entire body, and a heavy brow, up until look 24 where our palette is revitalized with golds and fresh fabric. By look 29 we complete our transition into the royal family and we are presented with deep, rich colors, in thick fabric. Consisting mostly of tulle, the skirts are very full, yet short

The first image is Amanda Laine, in the first look of the show. The mood that McQueen has created for the show is severe and effective. Amanda seems to be evoking the tone with her prominent, and clenched jaw, and angry demeanor. Amanda is from Women Model Managagement. The second picture is Guinevere Van Seenus, the 18th look. I really do like this fitted knitted cashemere dress. I absolutely love the hood, but that’s probably because i am a hood person. The loose color, huge pocket, and skirt beneath to make the look have volume, and movement, only takes the already good design, and put it right on the edge of being over the top, making it a great look! Guinevere is from IMG Modeling. Siri Tollerød is the 29th look of the show. She is the beginning of the actual full fledged royal family feel. Head aloof, she doesn’t strike the same nerve as Amanda did, but commands the same attention. The dress is magnificent, just the right length, with just the right amount of movement. McQueen has taken old corpses, and brought them back to life. Vlada Roslyakova, also from Women Model Management, was the 32 look of the show. In this look, McQueen takes a not so simple dress, with a tulle skirt, and adds a royal blue jacket. Coupled with indian diamonds, and a model who’s nose is high enough that the front row can see her brain, McQueen makes sure to continue in his royal family theme. The last look of the show was, Alyona Osmanova, from Women Model Management. At first glance I am transported back to the movie, The Golden Age. It’s not the same color, but Alyona enovokes the same feeling, the same attitude. The vibrant red commands power, while the bejewled headdress commands attention. McQueen has surely surpassed all of his own, and other shows for this season.