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Hi! I’m Aisha…the one that’s known for loving Asian music and culture as a whole. I always have and always will. and haha Markese is right, I probably did have a dialect I was learning so many different languages in highschool alone, but now I’m going to focus on Japanese in college instead of Korean or Chinese like I planned in the first place.

You’ll later see how much I love Asian music as a whole, especially my groups, some are pretty large with 9-13 members and then you have the normal 3-5 member groups and solo artists. But I’ll save all that until later!

あいしてる!(love you)



We Needed Some Thing Else

So, Shy, was recently added to the team, but there was someone else that I’ve been beggin and pleading to come on with us for a LONG TIME NOW!! She exposes me to my music alot of the time and she’s a very opinionated person. She is also a subscriber of many gossip blogs and the such so these are more than likely some of the things that she’ll be discussing in her posts. I don’t want to really drag this out so will all the citizens please welcome, SIMONE DOZIER!!!

Oh.. wait, I bet you thought I was done didn’t yah? Well, I’m not!!! If you notice all of the writers are kind of… well we’re different but we’re not that different. We all like music, and independent artists but we’re mostly American based in our tastes. WELLLL!!!! I have this other friend, who actually graduated in 2008 that I loved because she had a fascination for Asians. She LOVED THEM!! I mean really and truly, I think she spoke a dialect, and she was going to go live with some for like the summer, and she was getting like Chinese magazines and CD’s and stuff… which reminds me I should ask if she’s ever seen a particular Chinese Mag… Anyways I fell in love with Asian fashion because of her and she’s decided to grace us with her presence! So while you are welcoming Simone, make sure you kowtow for AISHA BARNES!!