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Lanvin for H&M-The Menswear Pieces

Product Image
Collection: Lanvin for H&M
Season: Fall/Winter 2010
I told you that I would be back, and here I am. What have I come with?? Product shots of the Lanvin for H&M collaboration. Of course I’m not going to post them all, only a select few that I would be most interested in purchasing, given the chance, but there are others who have the complete menswear collection. The shades above, are the ones that I was referring to that remind me of Grey Ant shades that I’ve seen June Ambrose as well as Sham Shirley and Marquis Phifer wearing. I wanted those the first time I spied them and now I want these! A good blazer, or two, is always welcome to my collection, as is a nice one button suit. The flower is a pleasantry that I’ll wear and not wear at will. If I can’t get anything else though… just give me a pair of those blue suede shoes!! Ohkay, maybe they aren’t suede, but I still need them in my life. In the next few days, I’ll be posting the ad campaign as well as some of my favorites from womenswear.
UPDATE: View all of the images for the menswear Lookbook here.


Miu Miu in Great Debate?

Urban Jungle Editorial
Model: Rianne ten Haken
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Publication: Vogue China November 2010

So the plan originally was to come onto the blog and slap this editorial up, and crank out 3 more posts… well, I’m 48 minutes into this post. Why 48 minutes you ask? Because after examining the editorial I wanted to make it appear as much like it was meant to appear, with images side by side. So after tinkering with the aspect ratios of the images, and getting them in the right sizes that maximized the space available, I found myself having to order them… it was just more than I had in mind to do, but it’s now done and I can move on to talk about something else 🙂

For this editorial, I had two alterier motives. As you all know, I love dance. Well you may not know that yet but soon… you will! Anywho, I was flicking through my YouTube subscriptions(my YouTube is used almost exclusively for watching dance choreography) when I found a video entitled Urban Jungle. I went ahead and put it in drafts in a blog post, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time blog just yet, so I planned on doing it later. Well when later came I happened to be flipping through my reader and I happened upon this editorial. Funny coincidence 🙂 Plus, I like the editorial! But I’ll go more into the point that I wanted to make when I actually do the post for the Urban Jungle video… which may be tomorrow considering how late it is.

The second reason was that pair of pants and accompanying skirt on page 368 of the editorial(just go down two spreads and it’s the image on the left hand side). Miu Miu has been heavily in use for the past two seasons. I mean there’s one particular Miu Miu dress that I’ve seen about 6 or 7 times, styled the same way, and mostly in the same color. It’s been on various covers as well as inside of editorials. Well that pants and skirt combo also happened to be in the Naomi Cambell (October 2010) issue of Interview Magazine. I know, because I happened to be looking through the issue this morning, and I do in fact read many of the credits. I’m just wondering if we’re about to see a repeat of what happened with that dress. Hopefully not!

I’m not saying that the garments are ugly… no, it’s just that well… why feature pieces that have been featured so many times before? There is undoubtedly another piece that is just as good or even better than that piece out there. Why not go and find it??

Model: Rianne ten Haken
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Marie Chaix
Publication: Vogue China November 2010

An Ode to Womenswear

An Accent on Red Editorial
Models: Bonnie Chen, Danni Li, Jana Knauerova, Lisanne de Jong
Photographer: Serge LeBlon
Publication: Vogue China September 2010

I’ve begun to realize that my coverage is spotty and incomplete. The norm here is, during Fashion Months I cover the shows. Normally I stick to mostly womenswear during the main shows, and then I do menswear for the menswear weeks. Then, throughout the year I normally cover alot of menswear editorials, and since I’ve been doing the Model Spotlight, it seems that I’m covering alot of male models. It’s kind of weird though because I got into fashion because of womenswear. It just so happens that within the last few years, menswear has made leaps and bounds, and I’ve found the developments interesting enough to cover them. The development of the male model, and the male editorial.. the now variety of aesthetics that the man has to choose from, were and are all of interest to me. The variation of the male silhouette is something, while not being majorly reworked, is being tweaked. There is so much farther to go though.

But in saying that, I do plan on making an effort to cover womenswear as well. I mean, I have so much to say about womenswear. While I can be found online discussing the experimentation of the Raf Simmons menswear collection, or greatness that is Lanvin menswear, when you see me on the street and I’m talking fashion, it’s more than likely about why Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover of W, or what my opinion is on the latest editorials for Interview, Elle, and Vogue. We are talking about the romance in the pieces that Stefano Pilatti sent down the runway at the latest Yves Saint Laurent show, or the joy that was embedded into every piece in the oh so 70s collection that was Marc Jacobs.

So here’s to my ladies, and the lovers of the clothes they wear. I’m going to make an effort to make my opinion of womenswear stray further than just my Twitter page, and find it’s way up onto the blog.

Models: Bonnie Chen, Danni Li, Jana Knauerova, Lisanne de Jong
Photographer: Serge LeBlon
Stylist: Nicoletta Santoro
Publication: Vogue China September 2010

I Want Proenza Schouler

Campaign: Proenza Schouler
Season: Fall 2010
One of my favorite labels of all time would have to be Proenza Schouler. It’s not just because of the designs themselves, although that did attract me at first, but is instead because of the entire machine and being that the brand has become. With an uncompromising and unwavering hold to their aesthetic, the brand has a cult following that I believe any brand would envy. I mean they’ve been operations for a while now and this would mark the first season that they actually have shot an ad campaign. A beautiful ad campaign at that!

See Act da Fool along with an interview from Proenza Schouler as well as a pair of pants I covet from the brand!

“Act da Fool”
Campaign: Proenza Schouler
Season: Fall 2010
Directed by Harmony Korine

Well in addition to the print campaign they shot, Proenza Schouler decided to take it a bit further and shoot a short film featuring pieces from the Fall 2010 collection. Tapping Harmony Korine, for the direction of the film because of a liking of another film he did entitled Kids, Proenza Schouler set out on this new project. I was excited to the max for a few reasons. One, well I just love the brand, and two I love a good fashion film that really relays the emotion and backstory of a garment. Especially in womenswear since I’ll never be able to wear it. Now to say that I wasn’t surprised, and even taken aback by this film when I first saw it would be ridiculous. My feelings bordered on disgust at what I believe was a racially stereotypical film but down inside I didn’t want to believe that. I couldn’t believe it for myself so I searched for an explanation.

Interview with Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler about “Act da Fool”
After watching this interview my fears were quelled. Instead of seeing a film that perpetuated the state in which a race lived, was accustomed to living, and was picked at for living in, I saw a film that was really just telling it how it was. How a group of girls, among the many evil and hard things going on in their lives, stuck it out and knew that they had each other, of course and their clothes. The clothes sort of exemplified their situation, having the school girl vibes but very much being out of the ordinary. Just like them, they were teenagers but rebels. Furthermore I realized that there were references(like with the Kids movie and other works by Harmony that I have yet to see) that I just didn’t comprehend. Because I’m not familiar with Harmony, I am not familiar with his style of cinematography… and I realize that.

So, I’ve been coveting these HAND PAINTED jeans from the Proenza Schouler/J Brando collaboration since I saw them… do I care that I have to hand wash them?? NO! I mean that’s just the extra care and devotion that is required of garments of this nature. You can’t even IRON these pants, that’s how delicate they are. And I wouldn’t even try to iron them. I’m not even sure I would even wear them, I probably would just hang them up some where to stare at them everyday. Then I would probably take them down every once in a while and style a bunch of different outfits using the bottoms and then never put the outfits on, just putting the ART back up where it belongs, to be gazed at. As you can guess, I will be looking forward to the Proenza Schouler show this season!

"I got the POWER!"

Collection: Chanel Couture

Season: Fall 2010/Winter 2011

Photo by: MykroMag

Power. To me, that’s what Karl Lagerfeld’s entire Fall 2010/Winter 2011 Chanel Couture show came down to. An exercise and showing of raw unbridled power. I’m not sure what tipped the show over to this point… maybe it was:
  • The oversized golden lion that was front and center, and dwarfed everything else.
  • The concept to send down 63 models… just because
  • Having each individual piece dripping with exquisite jewels and gems
  • Doing all of this while knowing that you are Uncle Lagerfeld, a legend in the industry and to some a godsend, so the criticisms, if they did come would come from people like writers at Marketing Weekly. That translates into unheeded criticisms of course.
See the rest of the post below the clip.


Model: Nora von Waldstatten
Styling: Simon Rasmussen
Photographer: Simon Procter
Wearing: Chanel Couture
Publication: Qvest #42
Song: “Power” by Kanye West feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beats
When I first viewed the collection I saw excess, pure and simple. Why did Karl need 63 looks.. and then at that why those 63. Some of them don’t even look good. For example, one particular look seemed to be a dead slimy fish with droopy scales to me. Another one… to me it resembled electric eels and all of their… ugliness. Oh, and don’t let me start on the boots. I was just so disgusted… and for 63 looks, I became more and more disgusted. Well, time went by, and although I didn’t ever like that slimy fish dress, nor the electric eel look, the boots did grow on me…a little. And once the remix to Power came out, by Kanye West featuring Jay-Z and Swizz Beats, the entire collection just clicked for me. I went back and knew exactly what I wanted to write about it.
I couldn’t believe that I saw only this power and was disgusted by it. Certain brands are powerful and because of this, every once in a while they feel the need to flex that muscle. Plus, for a Parisian brand… I should have expected this. If New York fashion is about what’s new, what’s in, who’s making the new face, Paris is very much about the legacies in the industry and the fixtures. Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel CLEARLY are fixtures in the international fashion industry so calling them dusty just because their profits were down 11% would have to come from someone outside of the industry. Unless you’re Imran Amed, and you’re studying how these older brands will eventually fail because they refuse to adapt to changing times, if you’re in the fashion industry… Chanel to you is a pioneer. I mean, as one of the brands that assisted in making the deconstruction motif what it is today, Chanel is not a brand to scoff at.

Well in case you haven’t noticed, there is a definite change in the way that I will be blogging from now on. Because I combined both blogs I feel as if now is the time to go ahead and do this. My aim is still to provide informative content but I also will add my own personal spin…. I guess like most bloggers do. You really didn’t see my face much before but… well now you may. I actually used to not like taking pictures but now I have these spells where I enjoy it, but I’m also sometimes forcing myself… Oh and yes, I am holding American Vogue, the September Issue with Halle Berry on the cover. How can you talk about power without talking about the publication that just put out a 726 page TOME? You can’t!

See the entire Chanel Collection at the 803 Gallery.

Fall 2010: Recap

Labels: Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta

Models: Tanya Dziahileva, Camille Bidault-Walddington, Kori Richardson, Natasha Poly
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Heavy Outerwear

So the fashion schedule runs quickly as we all know. We run quickly, and leave behind anyone not willing to keep up. The couture shows just wrapped and now we find that the fall campaigns are beginning to drop which means that magazines will be gearing up for their largest issues, while designers are gearing up for another round of shows. A fashion guru must know the trends for upcoming seasons as well as what’s in for this season and so with that I’ve decided to recap some of what we saw last February and March. I wanted to start with the PLETHORA of outerwear that was provided. Of course I’ve decided to sort of pinpoint some personal favorites like Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta, where the focus of the look was the outerwear there are plenty more where jackets blended seamlessly into the look. Another name to note when it comes to outerwear is Burberry Prorsum, who brings a great selection of outerwear season after season.
Check under the clip for more of our featured trends of Fall 2010.
Labels: Ann Demeulemeester, Chloe, Gareth Pugh, Giorgio Armani
Models: Melinda Szepesi, Raquel Zimmermann, Karlie Kloss, (unknown)
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Suits
Outerwear not only came as a separate, but also came in suits for the Fall 2010 collections. Karlie Kloss walked in Gareth Pugh among many dark, hard bodied models, in this draped suit, while Raquel Zimmerman walked for Chloe in a more light, sophisticated atmosphere. Chloe brought us high waisted pants with thin belts atop wide legged pants, a silhouette I love and is made beyond evident in their campaigns for this season. Melinda Szepesi walked at Ann Demeuleester, another somber affair, clad in metallic accessories. It seems as if every designer sees their clients being about their business for the Fall 2010 season.

Label: Acne, Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci, Alice + Olivia
Model: Dorothea Barth Jorgsen, Edita Vilkeviciute, Karmen Pendaru, Erica Rosen
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Graphic Prints
While some designers did stay with very somber palettes others, like Alice + Olivia and Emilio Pucci, gave us very fun pieces to be worn out for cocktails. The softness of the Alice + Olivia piece really overwhelmed me while the attention to various hem lines and necklines in the Emilio Pucci piece caught my attention. The piece that Dorothea Barth Jorgsen wore for Acne in their “Clone Wars” themed show seemed to me, like one that would be welcome to an art exhibit, or some other funky gathering, where flutes of champagne are on hand and the meaning of life is up for discussion. The last look, Edita Vilkeviciute in Balenciaga… actually wormed it’s way into here. Whereas most were overtly impressed by the clogs that Balenciaga showed, one can’t forget the clothing. Soft and demure is the name of the game for this piece.
Labels: Cynthia Rowley, Alexander Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta
Models: Natalia Schueroff, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Sigrid Agren, Jac
Collection: Fall 2010 RTW
Trend: Sheer
When looking to turn more heads than a graphic print can, for Fall 2010 you should always have a sheer piece on hand. Bottega Veneta designed a stunning little black dress for the season that shows skin in all the right places. When looking to step on the more dark side of things, one can easily make their way over to Alexander Wang. Draping and sheer seemed to be his forte with this collection going in almost a monochromatic vein. For the more funky, Cynthia Rowley is the key. Sheer tops pair exceedingly well with printed bottoms, knocking out two trends with one stone, and if you’re ever in doubt… well just go to uncles Dolce and Gabbana. While you may not know where exactly to wear the piece, wherever you decide I doubt anyone will protest.
Stay tuned for part 2 of our recap featuring some shoes, cocktail dresses, and red carpet moments.

COUTURE: Jean Paul Gaultier FW 2010/2011

Models: Karlie Kloss(Next), Jessica Stam(IMG), Emina Cunmulaj(Marilyn), Thana Kuhnen(Nathalie)
Collection: Jean Paul Gaultier F/W 2010/2011 in Paris
So Jean Paul Gaultier was at the least… sultry! Whereas it wasn’t the overt couture designs that I had hoped for, it seems that everyone is currently scaling back so I decided to take what I could get. Looks like Jessica Stam’s brought an instant smile to my face. Maybe it was because of the color, I’m not sure but all I know is that on instant sight, my pearly whites were showing. Looks like Karlie Kloss’s, who opened, were strong, feminine, and still sexy. Of course there were those looks that may not have been exactly wearable outside of costume event besides for women like Lady Gaga and Daphne Guiness, others like Thana Kuhnen had the right dash of glamour, but laid back approach that I LOVE!

See the rest of the collection here.

COUTURE: Givenchy F/W 2010/2011

One thing is for sure over at Givenchy, Even though they may be scaling back the number of looks, and presenting it all in show fashion, they are in NO way skimping on couture!! Maybe everyone should stop doing shows if the result will be returning couture to what it should be rather than having what seems to be just a new week of ready to wear… but enough about the other collections, let’s talk about the glitz, the glamour… and the DRAMA of the Givenchy collection!
See the rest of the collection and coverage below the clip.

I LOVED Givenchy from F/W 2009 collection, and I love this collection as well. The color palette is very much, neutrals and I’m alright with that. Why, because the garments are BEAUTIFUL, and well black is only used for one look. Was I eerily reminded of the somber Alexander McQueen show from months ago, yes. But that’s just something that I’ll have to get through as time goes by. Every room with golden frames on the walls can’t take me back to that place.

All in all the collection was wonderful. Although at some points I was wondering if there was a Cher influence, I still got through it. I know this post doesn’t seem as invested as others do but there really isn’t much to say. The pieces were stunning, and I have to run to go finish preparations for a project that I should be bringing to you guys soon. Hopefully you’ll like it.

COUTURE: Bouchra Jarrar F/W 2010/2011

Look from the Bouchra Jarrar couture F/W 2011 collection shown in Paris.
Ohkay so I started this post yesterday, I uploaded all the pictures, but then I was supposed to go watch Public Enemy with my family, and i started watching that but I fell asleep :/ The second Bouchra Jarrar couture collection did show yesterday, and very much a contrast to the Dior show, it the color palette included alot of neutrals. To say that I was underwelmed would be an understatement. After seing Dior I wanted dramatics, I wanted color in my life, and sadly Bouchra Jarrar came of looking a little like a jazzed up Resort collection.

See the rest of the collection and coverage below the clip.

Look from the Bouchra Jarrar couture collection from F/W 2011 shown in Paris.

That being said, the pieces were gorgeous. The tailoring and styling were most definitely on point in the collection. Some of the pieces could easily be worn right off the runway as is, and right into town. Is that why I was underwelmed? more than likely yes. Couture should be an inspiration. It should be avante garde and it’s wear should be reserved for balls and only special red carpets and events, Cannes comes to mind! For those who can’t afford it, haute couture should stand as an inspiration for dress. They should be very artistic pieces that are the designers chance to show the art work that they actually can create. They shouldn’t be so… passe.
Look from Bouchra Jarrar couture collection F/W 2011 shown in Paris.
If this had just been, say a resort collection I would do nothing but rave about it. I would rave about the lines, rave about the collor palette. I would have nothing but good things to say about the entire styling of the show, how it’s very complimentary to each of the models’ skin tones, and how all in all it is a very classy, sophisticated line, put on in a very similar way. But alas, this is not the case.
Asia Bugajska closing for Bouchra Jarrar couture collection F/W 2011 shown in Paris.

Opened: Yulia Lobova(Major)

Closed: Asia Bugajska (Metropolitan)

DESIGNER: 20/20 Partial Launch

THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!! Well, some of them atleast. Yesterday Coco and Breezy posted 8 items from their new line 20/20. They also hosted a UStream where they played the audio for the story line of their new website and allowed one of their friends who was in the house with them to actually see the website. While I couldn’t see the screen clearly through the shades that Coco had on, we do know by the conversation that was taking place that there is animation, and the friend seemed pretty impressed. That only heightens my excitement for them.

The rest of the collection will be released with the launch of the new website with items such as the studded mask and that necklace that I’m craving but for now you can head on over to their website and click “20/20 collection”(or go to page 2) and view some of my personal favorites, Egyptian, Andrex, and Evolution. The price range starts at $70.20 and goes up to $220.20.