To New Beginnings

by Mikelle S

“Get ready, cuz here I come”
denim shirt Heritage 1981, belt Lacoste, pants Blue Gear, bag from Hay Hill Garden Market

It’s official: I’m legal. Thursday was the “big day” except to be brutally honest I did naught but check out Camon’s Sushi downtown, in addition to my regular schedule of class and work. I did consider a Shirley Temple at Speakeasy in Five Points but at the last minute substituted it for a Summer Shake at Sonic.

myself, Candace Romero and Josh Ratliff [Friday Night]
blazer Vintage, shirt vintage Dior, chinos from Urban Thread

Since Friday though I’ve been going non stop. A friend came in to town for Columbia Style Week and invited me to tag along – which by the way, I never have qualms with doing – and so I did.  After the first night in 701 Whaley, and reconnecting with my designer friend Jennifer Ghelardini – who came back from Parsons to show a very young Galliano esque collection – we bopped around the Vista from place to place, finally settling on the Art Bar.  I’ve wanted to go for a long time so once I hit the floor in my white chinos, I was lost in the music for a while.

Southern ease; sorta like a mint julep?
blazer Vintage, scoop neck tee American Apparel, shorts Walter Hager Colt

Saturday went a little like this: bridal showcase, long IHOP chat with Eb and Jai, styling session with the amazing Sonia Hendrix, CSW finale. It was a little dizzying with nothing to eat besides a granola bar circa 7PM, but I can’t say that it wasn’t interesting! In certain ways it was definitely a step forward for the local industry here! I was able to reconnect with bloggers like Katie Rudder from Let’s Be Preppy, simply as another guest of the show.

Living Carolina Fabulous with Katie Rudder. [at the finale]
shirt Heritage 1981, bolo from a vendor table at the Bridal Showcase.

After the finale of course, it was past time for us to consume some type of food. We tried Gillians, but after 20 minutes of waiting for a table, and then 20 more minutes of waiting for someone to take our drink orders at our table we decided on SakiTumi. Josh and I chatted with Crystal Garrett as well as Chelsea Washington for a bit before heading to Group Therapy to close out the night. And of course, what’s a fun weekend without Sunday brunch at Motor Supply?

Piece by Whitney Lejeune as a part of the Pretty Girls exhibit currently in the TAPPs Art Center.
Whitney is my favorite local female artist.

Jai Marshall of The Fat And Skinny [at the Bridal showcase]
Giving you a bit of that epic Lanvin ad!

Saki-Mari at SakiTumi

Salmon Bagel at Motor Supply.
A salmon bagel is really like my go to and this didn’t disappoint.