Parties and Interviews(Indie Grits and Ra’mon Lawrence)

by Mikelle S

April. Yeah, April. The month of culture that was.
The entire month of April in Columbia is INSANE. I think that at last count there were over 195 art/culture events in the city during the month. In addition to that, classes were wrapping up so there were final projects and just… a lot of work. Well in my opinion for the past two years the entire month is sort of headlined by the Indie Grits Film Festival. While I couldn’t go to many of the events – I actually didn’t make any of the film screenings which is very sad – I did get a chance to write about two of the events, the kickoff and the Slow Foods event. The picture above is from the finale shindig hosted in collaboration with JASPER.

Well before I actually got that picture taken – same night mind you – I went to the Style Exhibition Finale showing at the request of a friend. She needed me to fill her post and conduct an interview with the former Project Runway designer, Ra’mon Lawrence. So like a trooper I dropped by prior to the Indie Grits party, made my way back stage and interviewed the designer before watching the show. Above is a clip of our conversation but keep your eye out for the feature which should come out this summer in a regional magazine.

picture above taken by Columbia Photobooth at Indie Grits Festival Closing Party. I’m wearing a vintage blazer and a vintage Dior shirt with my friend Jennifer Baker.