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Month: May, 2012

Bossin Up – Being Assertive

It’s been a long road with a lot of people management involved. Walking the line is a hard thing to do.

Parties and Interviews(Indie Grits and Ra’mon Lawrence)

April. Yeah, April. The month of culture that was.
The entire month of April in Columbia is INSANE. I think that at last count there were over 195 art/culture events in the city during the month. In addition to that, classes were wrapping up so there were final projects and just… a lot of work. Well in my opinion for the past two years the entire month is sort of headlined by the Indie Grits Film Festival. While I couldn’t go to many of the events – I actually didn’t make any of the film screenings which is very sad – I did get a chance to write about two of the events, the kickoff and the Slow Foods event. The picture above is from the finale shindig hosted in collaboration with JASPER.
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“Rollin on the River”


This past semester has been a veritable whirlwind.  With probably 4 or 5 trips to Charleston, a trip to Charlotte and Atlanta, as well as the organization of USC Fashion Week 2012… there certainly never was a lack of things to do.

When I started blogging the reason was simple: to form an online portfolio of my work that would give me the opportunity to 1.) sharpen and hone my writing skills 2.) show my skill set to others for future opportunities.  Well the blog accomplished it’s task and has faded out as I’ve taken on more and more of these opportunities yet as I do this I find myself yearning to write on my own blog again. While I know that it won’t be the same as before I’ll make an effort to. Who knows… maybe I’ll finally get into a personal style blog 🙂 stay tuned.