Seeing Santino

by Mikelle S

It happened, I met Santino Rice at NACA 2012.

To be quite honest, it was fairly easy to spot him in the crowded CAMP floor. I mean standing at well above 6 foot, he was head and shoulders above most of the attendees. While I can’t admit to have chatted him up, and provoked him to drop any new kernels of knowledge – you guys do know how I get around anyone relatively famous in fashion – I will admit that he knew me… well kinda.

The weekend was a long one. listening to bands, speakers and comedians, all hoping to be scheduled into Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 programming listings and more importantly, the budgets. Had Santino not visited USC a few years ago he would have been fair game for us, but alas no go. Who knows though… there’s always the USC Fashion Week Symposium for 2013 put on by Fashion Board at USC. And as a side note, this year we’ll be having Hunter Bell of Hunter Dixon.