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Month: March, 2012

Haider Ackermann for Dior(Fall 2012)

haider ackermann 023

Where exactly do I begin?

There is no doubt that Haider Ackermann is currently a favorite of the entire fashion industry. Uncle Karl even has been quoted in an interview saying that his replacement of choice, should he choose to step down from his throne at the house of Chanel, is the Columbian-born, Haider Ackermann. It’s on record that the house of Maison Martin Margiela offered him the position of Creative Director, which he turned down and if you think about it a little even Anna Wintour has given her seal of approval via the Spring 2011 Fashion Issue of Vogue Magazine when she selected Lady Gaga dressed in a gown by the Antwerp-trained designer as the cover. Should he really need any more accolades?

Hamish Bowles of Vogue and Haider Ackermann(in Haider Ackermann) at CFDA.

So of course it came as no surprise that his name was tossed into the ringer for the Dior job after Galliano’s untimely – or well in this case timely – demise. It was quickly swept away though, as the rumour about Riccardo Tisci at Dior took on a bit of steam, carrying behind it a move for Ackermann to Givenchy to replace Tisci – which would have put Ackermann as next in line for the Dior seat, at whatever point Tisci decided to retire.

But with that job position still open, only being temporarily filled by Bill Gayten, the former assistant of Dior, talk has begun to focus elsewhere though there is a little chatter about candidates for the job.
haider ackermann 025
But if ever there had been a collection that Haider proved his worth for the House of Dior, it was this: Fall 2012. Ackermann has always seemed to craft organic garments, that seem to grow like beautiful flowers, blossoming before our eyes as they move across the runway, reacting to movement and wind.  It’s this aspect of Ackermann that assures me that he will and can keep the central tenets of the house alive. But it’s the dark emotion, and innate talent that assures me that Ackermann can push the house forward.  And with Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs and Riccardo Tisci all apparently out of the running for the Dior job, who else is there?


Seeing Santino

It happened, I met Santino Rice at NACA 2012.

To be quite honest, it was fairly easy to spot him in the crowded CAMP floor. I mean standing at well above 6 foot, he was head and shoulders above most of the attendees. While I can’t admit to have chatted him up, and provoked him to drop any new kernels of knowledge – you guys do know how I get around anyone relatively famous in fashion – I will admit that he knew me… well kinda.

The weekend was a long one. listening to bands, speakers and comedians, all hoping to be scheduled into Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 programming listings and more importantly, the budgets. Had Santino not visited USC a few years ago he would have been fair game for us, but alas no go. Who knows though… there’s always the USC Fashion Week Symposium for 2013 put on by Fashion Board at USC. And as a side note, this year we’ll be having Hunter Bell of Hunter Dixon.