Atlanta Shoe Market, a visit. Fall 2012

by Mikelle S

DSC 0004
Last weekend I was invited to go on a Fall 2012, late shipment of Spring 2013 buying trip to Atlanta Shoe Market. As I had never really been to market, I sort of jumped at the opportunity, snagged my camera and took the 4 hour trip.

What I thought would be a hectic day with congested walkways, turned out to be rather calm. Though the place was by no means deserted, foot traffic flowed nicely, and we were only occasionally accosted by a salesman pushing his wares upon us.

It took only a few seconds to realize that height was in and nude was out for Fall 2012. Besides one heel-less heel that we spied, the vendor demonstrating how easy running around in a pair was, the nude platform stiletto that seemed ubiquitous a few seasons ago was nowhere to be found. In its place where a section of color blocked, and even some patterned, chunky heels.

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