Chris Benz to South Carolina

by Mikelle S

Word is out: Chris Benz, or @cmbenz if you’re tech savvy, will be making 2 appearances here in the humble state of South Carolina. And if my circle of friends are any indication, we can’t wait.
The past few months have been spent in meetings, on email, and sadly in class. It left me little time to blog, and even in some cases even tweet about what was going on – ok maybe time wasn’t always the issue… some things are to be kept quiet as we all know. So when a friend told me that Chris Benz would be showing at Charleston Fashion Week, to be quite honest I was shocked. Shocked enough to immediately tweet the details, not quite, but shocked all the same. The news was followed by a tidbit that was just as exciting but sadly has still yet to be released. Watch this space in the coming weeks for more information on that.
Last week at NYFW, Benz’s collection was all about old world glamour. Presented as a presentation as opposed to a show, there were sequins, caps, jackets, and hair aplenty, in a palette that consisted of neutrals as well as a bold red. It will more than likely be this collection that he will show in Charleston as a part of Fashion Week after his duties on the Fashion Panel – where he will be joined by Anne Slowey of Elle as well as Fern Mallis – for the Emerging Designer Competition have ended.
But that won’t be his first foray into South Carolina for March 2012; the former CFDA award winner will be showing at Girl’s Night Out in 701 Whaley, here in Columbia on March 1.

I’m going to let that sink in for a second.

If you’re calm I’ll continue on with the details. According to a press release, Benz will showcase his Spring 2012 collection at the tenth annual Girl’s Night Out presented by EdVenture Children’s Museum and Coplon’s. The event is the signature fundraiser for the museum and tickets – general as well as VIP are already on sale.

Now tweet that.
Opening photo: Chris Benz adjusting a model at his Fall 2012 presentation