Zoe Saldana and that Givenchy Haute Couture at the SAG Awards

by Mikelle S

zoe saldana white gown beaded
It was the case of all that right technical ingredients, but the soufflé falling while in the oven.
Zoe Saldana, and her team as we all know this is rarely a one person show, snagged a Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2012 gown for the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards red carpet. The dress, which was straight from Paris – there were even reports that Riccardo Tisci, who is still at the helm of Givenchy, was in New York personally delivering the gown – and as such should have been an immediate winner. I mean Zoe Saldana has an amazing body, with a brand on the tip of everyone’s tongue… there should have been no reason for it not to be the best dressed. But there was something just off.
The top half of the dress, while safe in comparison to some of the other choices from the same collection, was fine. It had an elegant and mature feel that while a little upscale for the SAG awards, and for some a bit too mature for someone as young as Saldana, still read very well. But it’s after the embellishment that things seemed to get a little… clunky… and even a bit DIY. And of course not in that cool, “everyone is trying to pull off that effortless DIY” type of way but instead, in a kind of “I have an old skirt that needs jazzing up so let me hang some costume jewelry off of it” way.
While I have to hand it to her for having the courage – and clout – to pull such a look, I’d have to say that a Givenchy RTW Spring 2012 look could have served her so much more.