Versace returns to Paris Couture Spring 2012

by Mikelle S


Donatella is back and you girls will deal
xo GB

Donatella Versace has returned the Atelier Versace presentation to Paris and under the consent of la Chambre Syndicale, been listed on the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week schedule. While some decry it as a coup, I have to admit I needed something in my life considering what Bill Gatten has decided to do at Dior.
What other way would you expect Donatella to make her entrance than in grandeur? The images from the presentation convey nothing but gold, from the stairs to the pieces with their metallic embellishments evoking of a cyborg suit. In these cyborg adapted gowns – and even short sets – models like Karlie Kloss descended on to Paris in the only way Versace can, classily but with a side of trash.
To be disrespectful, the comment was not. But seriously take a look at a Versace collection, whether it be the latest menswear which gives some sort of “rent boy chic,” or one of the latest H&M collections; they all have this undercurrent of gaudy, and teeter on the edge of cheap looking. While Donatella hasn’t always kept herself just on that brink of class and.. that other world, she safely does so in this collection.