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Month: December, 2011

Cookout: Lunch in Columbia


So its funny because before about two weeks ago I didn’t know what Cookout was. Since then though I’ve found myself informing many of my friends about the spot that comes with a Rush’s style menu at a McDonald’s like price.

Well today – the first full day their Columbia location was open mind you – I scheduled a little lunch date with a New York transplant who was home on break, Jennifer Ghelardini.

As novices neither of us knew about the amazing Cookout Tray deal and instead ordered quesadillas and milkshakes – which comes out to $6 even.

It was a decent meal for the price, definitely an acceptable replacement for other fast food spots. In the future though, unless I’m hard up for cash, on Wednesdays and Thursdays I’ll stick to the Artisan BBQ Buffet at The Big Apple

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Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2012

Ports 1961 has recently been having a certain moment. With Fiona Cibani now pushing the creative direction – in lieu of her sister Tia – the brand is having a bit more fun in exploring colors and prints with a few explorations in silhouette.

What was turned out was a collection bathed in the houndstooth, which seems rapidly to becoming a mainstay of the pre-season. Done in a variety of sizes and colors, the print makes for a couple of hits – like with the full sleeved column dresses, and a few misses as well.  Though there is a coherent story and progression for most pieces, some of the strongest pieces – like the knit that may actually be a houndstooth knit and the black full sleeve sheath dress that may become a best seller with its wearability factor – seem a tad disjointed from the rest of the collection.

model: Andy Arthur of FORD

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012

There’s always something that’s unrequitedly feminine and sophisticated about the Jason Wu woman.  I think of her as a bit Victorian – you know, slightly untouchable.  With an upturned nose, and had it been years past, a pair of demure gloves, she is the absolute picture of wealth and perfection no matter what the occasion.

This season, Wu gleaned a bit of inspiration from modern artist Charley Harper and the wardrobe of the Maharajah – the ruling prince in India.  These beginnings took shape in bold color, leather bits here and there, a bit of print and beautiful silhouettes composed of a few pairs of well cut trousers – of which we will see a bit more of this season – capes, jackets, and of course a few stunning gowns.  For accessories, in addition to his Miss Wu bag, Jason introduced the Daphne inspired by runway model Daphne Groenveld.

The collection, with it’s more commercial pieces, is hopefully a preview into what Wu has cooked up for his impending Target collaboration.