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Month: May, 2011

"Hairspray" at Workshop Theatre

photo of the outside of Workshop Theatre by Mikelle Street
“Momma-I’m a Big Girl Now” by the original cast of Hairspray

Last night I went to the Workshop Theatre to see their sold out production of “Hairspray: The Broadway Musical” sponsored by the AIDS Benefit Foundaiton of South Caorlina. Having never actually been to Workshop Theatre, I found myself attracted to the small intimate cortyard and even alleyway surrounding the entrance. Since I’m not a fancy cool photographer, I had no clue how to shoot the space(alot of trees=alot of shade and I hate the flash) but I did try.
Anyway the production was a powerful one. It was set up as a sort of immersive performance with actors milling through the aisles and coming throgh back entrances to the theatre before making their way to the front stage. For those familiar with the recent movie Hairspray, while similar, the plot wasn’t exactly the same. One of my favorite numbers of the movie, “New Girl in Town,” wasn’t found in the production but instead there was ” Mama-I’m a Big Girl Now” performed by the three mother/daughter duos. For those unfamiliar with the movie, the plot is based on Tracy Turnblad who plays played by a talented Jennifer Morse, who fights for the rights of her African-American cohorts while herself being ridiculed for her weight.
The strongest numbers seemed to come from Miss Motormouth Maybelle herself, played by Michelle Nicole Rivera. Rivera’s voice held a strength, vigor, and maturity that seemed to outshine the rest of the cast. “I Know Where I’ve Been” was undoubtedly the strongest number, led by Rivera with the accompaniment of the ensemble. The resulting applause was resounding.

Hairspray will run at Workshop Theatre until June 4th with showtimes at 8.

The production will pick back up on June 8th and run till the 11th.

Call and reserve tickets because they sel out quickly.

"The Color Issue" of Iconography Magazine


So I’ve been doing a bit more contributing elsewhere and one of the publications I contribute to is Iconography Magazine. For their 9th issue, they chose the theme of “The Color Issue” and in light of the movie “For Colored Girls” I penned an article about four male models entitled “Four Colored Boys.” Basically it consists of short clips on four important male models: David Agbodji at Re:Quest, Corey Baptiste at VNY, Jonathan Marquez at Click, and Zakaria Khiare of Ford Models.

Musing Part 1

vintage ad for Ted Lapinus(1971)
“I Don’t Like the Vibe in the VIP” by ElectroVamp

It’s weird. I’ve pushed so hard to not just be a blogger. I’ve always pushed to write more to write coherent reviews of the shows, to actually write above all. And to be honest I think I have, I think that my writing has certainly improved.
The thing is.. in this last few months it seems that opportunities have been continually presenting themselves to me in one way or another. I haven’t really been talking to you guys about them(yet) but there are a lot of things in the works and even already happening that are calling for more of my time in addition to the events that I attend for the blog which oddly leaves not much time to actually cover things.
Of course there are some other reasons that I haven’t really mentioned but these are some major ones. And then seeing as I really do want a career in this industry and I’m not sure if my blog is the type that can give me that I continually have to decide which events I should cover and which ones to work.
Bleh that’s enough of that type of musing. The plan is to stay the course but make tweaks as I see fit(as I’ve always done). This summer could be a big deal for me and the blog so I can’t wait for it!

"The Septemberists" by Anthony Goicelea

There’s a special place in my heart for Thom Browne menswear. The Thom Browne suit is so iconic in it’s own way, so individualistic, that when you see it it’s unmistakable. Well the Thom Browne runway sample suit that is(I’ve been told that in stores suits are fitted to order which means they lose a tad of the signature aesthetic).
It was Alexander Fury that tipped me off to the film entitled “The Septemberists”. Fury is apart of one of the groups fueling fashion’s pursuit into film and so the stamp of approval by him carried a lot of weight. After that small trailer I immediately had to go to find the rest of the film
To say that I completely comprehend everything in the film would make me a farce. The thing is that most of the best Fashion Films have at least a touch of something that seems to be a bit incomprehensible. It’s because of how simple the film seems I believe. This simplicity causes a search for a deeper meaning and it’s this deeper meaning is what normally alludes me. It’s at this point that I’m reduced to watching the film and appreciating it for the beauty that it is.

SPRING: Fernando Frisoni

label Fernando Frisoni
season Spring/Summer 2011/2012 at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week

In most of the collections that I’ve seen from Australia Fashion Week, there’s been this sort of soft or light quality. I don’t really find this in the Fernando Frisoni collection. A label that isn’t new to me, Fernando Frisoni presents a collection with a color palette of whites, blacks, and a metallic gold. Only offering up a hand full of menswear looks this season, Frisoni seems to create long lasting pieces including a pair of shorts ere, an interesting dress there, in colors that will stand the test of time. While there was something about the pockets that bothered me, the collection as a whole, the man skirt to be more specific, pleased me and made clear that Frisoni was no newbie.
Prior to design, Frisoni was a writer and a stylist. He launched his label in 2008 and added womenswear two years later. His aesthetic for classicism has been present throughout his time as a designer.
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SPRING: Gary Bigeni 11/12

label Gary Bigeni
season Spring/Summer 2011/2012 at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week

It seemed that a bit of relative softness wasn’t only reserved for the Lo Sordo show. Gary Bigeni lends me to believe that more than one designer in Australia has caught on to this sort of neo-minimalism trend that has been popping up lately and has decided to run with it. Draped, belted, and powerful with the color, the collection is entirely utilitarian varying from striped tunic dresses to a leather skirt. While things did seem a little fuzzy for a moment with the layering(like the leather jacket, and a few other looks although I did love the leather pieces) Bigeni’s show was a strong one and his voice on Australian fashion is most certainly one to be heard. Bigeni’s sponsor, Spanx must have been pretty pleased as though draped and beautiful the pieces, the wearer would need a pretty fine body for the pieces to hang and look exactly as they were meant to.

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SPRING: Michael Lo Sordo 11/12

label Michael Lo Sordo
season Spring 2011/Summer 2012 at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week

Though I did happen to start off my RAFW coverage with a bad review, it most certainly isn’t all bad. Michael Lo Sordo makes a strong, if soft, statement for the week with a collection of looks that while simplistic, are never bland. Utilizing geometric shapes, a keen minimalist eye, a dash of print, and more than his share of chiffon, Sordo creates a collection that leaves more of an impression than anything else, a lasting impression on the viewer wherein the spirit of the collection is found. To be completely honest though, it may have been those ballerina esque knife pleats that enticed me coupled with the long-sleeved, night gown like dress that seemed to ripple off the model. I’m a sucker for femininity, grace, and discipline, and these are the qualities that will be required to pull of any number of these looks.

SPRING: Karla Spetic 2011/12

Fashion weeks other than the Formidable Four do exist. You may be happy to know this but fashion shows continue throughout the year, various designers showing their wares for buyers, editors, and even just crowds of the masses who are eager enough to purchase a ticket. Rosemount Australian Fashion Week just happens to be one of those weeks.
With a show schedule that’s a bit confusing, RAFW began yesterday. Unlike in other weeks where designers are showing Fall/Winter 2011, designers in Australia are showing Spring 2011/2012. This is the 16th year of the fashion week and they still have yet to shake the negative connotation that has been attached to them. I’ve been told, even from Australians, that designers that show are mainly known for blatantly ripping off the designs and aesthetics of mainstream houses.
I normally don’t start a post off so negative but while looking over the Karla Spetic collection, I couldn’t help but narrow my eyebrows. I saw what was clearly was a regurgitation of the last few seasons in Milan, complete with Versace and Gucci. The cut outs, the coloring, the silhouettes, all did nothing but evoke a Miranda Priestly moment within me, “I’ve seen all of this before.” The draped dresses, with their midriff flounce did not remind me of anything else though and I enjoyed them. It showed that there was something there but I would only hope that Spetic would delve more into her own design aesthetic and shun the outside influences less they remain overtones in her collections and not the undertones they should be.

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Color for the Boys

Thomas Gibbons shot by Chris Petranis in GQ Russia

It’s always interesting to see the looks from the shows and then watch at how the various voices screaming for attention in the industry are interpreted to the masses by the various fashion editors and stylists. I could have told you when the shows were going on that for menswear it was going to be a colorful season. With heavy hitters like Prada, Raf Simons, and Calvin Klein all showing some type of color blocked collections for men, it was sort of a given. Sure enough, publications around the world turned out more than their share of color blocked stories featuring those candy colored striped sweaters that Miuccia sent down the runway and the bright trousers from Jil Sander. Here’s just a handful of images from those editorials as color makes it’s rounds on menswear.

Nicolas Ripoll shot by Takay in Velvet Magazine

Bastiaan Ninaber shot by Matteo Montanari in GQ Germany

Linus Gustin shot by Jason Kim for Essential Homme

Hadrien & Toon shot by Steve Beckouet for Blast Magazine

River Viiperi and Sebastian Sauve shot by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca for GQ Style Russia

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The Princess and the Frog


Charlie versus Vanessa? Do tell!