New Female Model Faces Fall 2011

by Mikelle S

For some reason my attention wanes when it comes to female models, but then again I see this as a trend when it comes to womenswear versus menswear. For example, if you take a look at the Tumblr trends, when menswear editorials are reblogged it normally is because of the actual model. It’s really about people being a fan of a certain model. When it comes to womenswear, I’ve noticed it’s more about the quality of the image, and the entirety. So the actual wardrobe, the actual shot, and the posing all play into whether the image is reblogged. That’s just something I noticed but regardless I did unearth 3 new female model faces I wanted to present to you guys.

Xiao Wen Ju- There has been an absolute influx of Asian influence for the past few months in the fashion industry. There have been a proliferation of Asian designers as well as notable brands investing in the market, and so it would come as no surprise that there were more Asian faces in the lineups this season. A new face I found was Xiao Wen Ju, who preceded the show circuit with spreads in the Chinese editions of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. While she had apparently become a hot commodity in China, it was this season that she was introduced to the rest of the markets of the world. Xiao is represented by IMG in New York.

Colinne Michaelis – I say it time and time again don’t I? There are just some positions on the runway, a select few, that guarantee success! So what happens when a model books more than one of those slots? Well we’ll surely find out this season as Colinne Michaelis of Silent(Paris) walked an exclusive for Calvin Klein in addition to opening Prada. A fresh face, Michaelis has the makings of a supermodel with a slightly boyish and yet oh so feminine luxury appeal. I’ll let her show listing speak for itself.
photo by Brian Keith

Josephine Skyriver– While not her first season( she’s been modeling atleast since Spring 2008), Skyriver has finally stepped onto the international scene. She does so with enough experience that she ends up booking enough shows that she looks like a veteran. Hopefully this precedes a sickening editorial season.