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Month: March, 2011

Day 4 Emerging Designers CFW

label isobel and cleo
Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

If you’ve ever seen something and known with a sort of innate certainty that you were privvy to something right before it hit mainstream and blew up, then you may have an inkling of what it was like to watch Charlotte Hess‘s Fall 2011 collection walk down the Charleston Fashion Week runway. The whispers were incessant, and during the finale walk, the crowd rewarded Hess with a standing ovation so there was really no need to even announce that Hess had in fact won both the Judges’ Choice and People’s Choice award of the night. The collection was done entirely of knitwear and in her preshow video Hess admitted in her own quirky way,

“I hope Stella McCartney sees my knitwear and says ‘You are friggin awesome!'”

While Stella McCartney may not have been present, Najee Wilson of Vent Magazine was and didn’t hesitate in tweeting “Vent Magazine needs everything Charlotte Hess just sent down the runway!!” He wasn’t the only industry person excited as even a few of the judges snapped a few pictures of Hess’s collection. Filled with a tribal/ethnic overtone, the collection was majestic in feeling, and made even me swell with pride even though I had nothing to do with it’s production.

label Althea
Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

Thea Calnas‘s Fall 2011 collection was most certainly eye catching. Full of bold prints and colors, the collection is composed of Filipino textiles that create what Canlas herself describes as “a more modern take with avant-garde shapes and textures and hints of Victorian details.” Canlas, who found out about the competition through Craigslist, cites Hussein Chalayan as well as Alexander McQueen as influences, and always likes to juxtapose concepts and find a healthy meeting point in collections. The collection was most certainly not the first of the night to remind me of a few London designers, and wasn’t the last. I did find myself pleased though as the soundtrack featured M.I.A. and Rye Rye.

label La’Daska Mechelle
Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

The collection that La’Daska Powell sent down the runway was the second swimwear collection of the competition. Composed of neutral tones with sheer cutouts, the collection seemed to hearken back at some points to Mugler, with the grey one piece that had small shoulder flaps, but throughout seemed to contain an underlying strand that seemed very Versace. While there could have been more editing to ensure cohesion, the collection was still a notable one. Powell’s start in evening gowns makes little appearances throughout the collection with little tweaks for the sleeves of the garments.

label Life During Wartime
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fall 2011

Isabel Crosby‘s collection was labeled as “women’s and men’s contemporary/street-style wear.” While I wasn’t quite sure what that was I found myself liking a few pieces. A collection that was one of the most ready to wear of the collections presented, pieces seemed a bit more of the “great thrift store finds” variety than the “standouts on the runway” type. That being said, the pieces were solid pieces, with a hard working seersucker, and even a good bit of military overtones. The cape to me was the most covetable.


Day 1 Emerging Designers CFW

label Sarah Parrott
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

So on Tuesday, Charleston Fashion Week began. While I haven’t been able to go down yet, I will be running down on Friday and I’ll also be there Saturday as well. Sarah Parrott was one of the 4 emerging designers to show for opening night and happened to snag my slot for best show of the night. The color blocked collection featured crop tops, leather, and a sort of minimalistic edge that one wouldn’t expect with pieces in hot pink red and blue. Parrott also snagged the People’s Choice Award but sadly will not be showing the entirety of her collection on Saturday.

label Veritee Hill
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

It was the dark and artistic Veritee Hill collection that managed to get the Judges’ pick of the night. This means that the collection, along with it’s seemingly young Galliano aesthetic, will move on in the competition and will be show in it’s entirety on Saturday. With a bit of black and a bit of latex, Hill designed a collection inspired by Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal. It actually was the first look that interested me most, with it’s hand painted fabric, full skirt, and headpiece. The collection shows that Hill has the artistic ability and executing power to be a directional designer.

label Van Hoang
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

There was something soothing about the Van Hoang collection, soothing and ephemeral. From the dies to the flow of the garments, there was a calming sensation that seemed to sink right down into the models themselves. The pieces themselves were well versed: scarves, shorts, sundresses, and even a gown. Hoang would have to be my runner up for best show of the night because the collection presented was one that was very wearable, and seemed to be molded by a disciplined hand.

label Marie Cordella
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

There was something very London about the Marie Cordella collection. While not “quintessentially London” it most certainly seemed like the up and coming establishment of the city reminding me of designers like Jonathan Saunders and Mary Katrantzou. Cordella cites graphic textural and historical inspirations for her colorful collections that seems driven by a short silhouette. While maybe a little bright for fall, the collection most certainly shows talent.

source | fashionwirepress

EVENT: CCCR Gala at Coplon’s

On this past Saturday I attended the Center for Colon Cancer Research Gala that was apart of the Unmasking Colon Cancer campaign at Coplon’s. The 5th Annual Gala, the event featured New York designer Carmen Marc Valvo. While present I did see Anne Postic of The Shop Tart as well as Ebony Looney of Make Me Over Eb and local stylist Brian Maynor. The event was beautifully executed with catering by Duvall Catering and planning and execution by Celebrations. I’d like to say thanks to Meredith of Red Horse Publicity for all of her assistance as well as Cori Hanky of Garnet and Black Magazine for coming with me and taking pictures.

USC President Harris Pastides, First Lady Patricia Moore-Pastides, designer Carmen Marc Valvo
More images and video below the clip

I did take a video but the quality wasn’t so good, The Shop Tart did manage to get Carmen’s finale speech though.
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g6l0gqzdWgI%5D

New Female Model Faces Fall 2011

For some reason my attention wanes when it comes to female models, but then again I see this as a trend when it comes to womenswear versus menswear. For example, if you take a look at the Tumblr trends, when menswear editorials are reblogged it normally is because of the actual model. It’s really about people being a fan of a certain model. When it comes to womenswear, I’ve noticed it’s more about the quality of the image, and the entirety. So the actual wardrobe, the actual shot, and the posing all play into whether the image is reblogged. That’s just something I noticed but regardless I did unearth 3 new female model faces I wanted to present to you guys.

Xiao Wen Ju- There has been an absolute influx of Asian influence for the past few months in the fashion industry. There have been a proliferation of Asian designers as well as notable brands investing in the market, and so it would come as no surprise that there were more Asian faces in the lineups this season. A new face I found was Xiao Wen Ju, who preceded the show circuit with spreads in the Chinese editions of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. While she had apparently become a hot commodity in China, it was this season that she was introduced to the rest of the markets of the world. Xiao is represented by IMG in New York.

Colinne Michaelis – I say it time and time again don’t I? There are just some positions on the runway, a select few, that guarantee success! So what happens when a model books more than one of those slots? Well we’ll surely find out this season as Colinne Michaelis of Silent(Paris) walked an exclusive for Calvin Klein in addition to opening Prada. A fresh face, Michaelis has the makings of a supermodel with a slightly boyish and yet oh so feminine luxury appeal. I’ll let her show listing speak for itself.
photo by Brian Keith

Josephine Skyriver– While not her first season( she’s been modeling atleast since Spring 2008), Skyriver has finally stepped onto the international scene. She does so with enough experience that she ends up booking enough shows that she looks like a veteran. Hopefully this precedes a sickening editorial season.

MODEL: Lowell Tautchin Fall 2011

In the span of a season our little Lowell Tautchin has exploded onto the fashion scene. While for the Spring 2011 show season Tautchin booked only 2 shows in one city, for the Fall 2011 season he landed 12, touching down in all of the fashion capitals. Though I have yet to find new editorials since the last update, if casting agents continue booking Lowell as they have for show season we’re sure to see him turn up for some work with a European luxury brand or two. He did manage to bag a job for Thomas Engel Hart last season so we only wish him the best! Lowell now has representation in Milan(I Love) as well as his agents at Mode and Soul.
Lowell answers a few questions for us under the clip.

MoaGB: This is the first season you’ve walked outside of New York, how was the experience?
Lowell Tautchin: The entire European season was phenomenal. I enjoyed the unfamiliarity of my first full season and the traveling aspects that come with it. Making friends, seeing new places, and finding new perspectives are the clichés, but they’re truly the best part of working abroad.

MoaGB: Are there any stark difference between the cities you visited(Paris, Milan, New York, London)?
Lowell Tautchin: Paris and New York are complete opposites and yet easily my favorites. Paris is a place where, outside of castings and shows, you have time to explore and take advantage of the laissez-faire culture; grab a coffee, check out some architecture and put your feet up in a cafe terrace.
New York City feels a little more familiar. It has the same urgency, and down to earth people as back home, just with warmer weather and tons of skyscrapers.

MoaGB: Was there any show in particular that was your favorite?
Lowell Tautchin: Prada was one of the best for me. It was a nice staple for the start of the season. The deciding factor was having a group of really good friends doing the same show.

MoaGB: What’s the main difference between shows and presentations and which do you prefer?
Lowell Tautchin: Shows hands-down are my favorite. Presentations don’t give you the all or nothing feeling.

Jil Sander Fall 2011

Thom Browne Fall 2011

Billy Reid Fall 2011

New Male Model Faces Fall 2011

Jack Vanderhart, Jack Manhood, Tomas Guarracino, Tim Meiresone

During the fashion weeks, I took a break from Model Mondays. As a matter of fact I took a break from learning new models period. I refused to frequent the forums, and I was content in staying with the little list that I had built up of names, and not expand. Well now that fashion week is over, I couldn’t deny myself. I had to go back and find a few models to make up for lost times and these are my new male model faces for the Fall 2011 season… well to start us off at least.

Jack Vanderhart– Jack Vanderhart was one of the chosen boys for the show season. When I heard through the grapevine that a new boy had wrangled a Calvin Klein exclusive, and he was based out of Australia with a scar on his cheek, I could only shake the grapevine to see what would fall out. Out fell 16 year old Vanderhart who’s been shot for a Hot Boys & Cute Dogs Calendar, GQ, and Vogue Austalia. There’s just something about that scar on that perfect cheekbone that screams shoot me, and I forsee a strong editorial season for Jack. Jack is represented by VNY(New York) and EMG(Australia)
Fall 2011 Runway-Calvin Klein

Jack Manhood– To be entirely honest I laughed when I heard his name. I laughed while looking at the polaroid and accessing a face that seemed so now, so of the moment that my laugh trailed off. With no particularly stunning credits to his name, besides some work for Topman, Jack has a look that says relevant to me. Maybe a little cuckoo, and if I am then so be it but Mr. Manhood is going to have to be my wild card of the bunch.
Jack is represented in London(FM) and Paris(Success)
Fall 2011 Runway – Cassette Playa, Christopher Shannon

Tomas Guarracino– Mr. Guarracino almost got passed over when I was looking for new faces. The reason was I saw his face in so many top Milan shows I was positive that he had to have a bit of experience. The Calvin Klein Spring 2011 ad is what made me look him up and I found that, he was indeed a newbie but certainly one with a strong future ahead of him.

Tomas is with Bananas(Paris), Wilhelmina, Civilies(Argentina).
Fall 2011 Runway: Hermes, D&G, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Robert Geller(he also walked in Buenos Aires Fashion Week).


Tim Meiresone– The opener of the Prada show, Tim Meiresone has already bagged a coveted runway position. Now whether or not he’ll follow up with the needed editorial season to ensure that he’s one to watch and possibly bank on, we have yet to know. He has surely gotten off to a good start though in a Vogue Hommes Japan editorial. Meiresone already has representation in Paris(Nathalie), Milan(Independent), Copenhagen(Scoop), and where his mother agency is located in Brussels(Dominique).
Fall 2011 runway: Prada, Costume National, Canali, Z Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Cerruti

The Tale of Ophelia

Her name is Ophelia
Three were called, but one was chosen.
Once upon a time there was a Gallivanting Boy. One day, after months of frustration over what he had become in his own personal style, the boy took a journey to a small concrete jungle named 5 Points. In search of a new look, a new proposition, the Gallivanting Boy visited store after store, trying on this piece, and that piece, looking for the right fit, the right color, and the right shade.
Along the way, our Gallivanting Boy stumbled upon 3 animals: a silver leopard, a golden owl with perfect green jeweled eyes, and a silver eagle. Startled and taken by all three, but short on time, the Gallivanting Boy promised the animals that he would return later on in the week in order to become better acquainted.
The next day when the boy woke, he couldn’t get the thought of his three animal friends out of his head. He decided that due to a few new resources at his disposal, he would return to the jungle, search out his friends, and take them home with him. Upon return to the concrete jungle our Gallivanting Boy found only one of his buddies, and as he retreated home with her, she whispered her name: Ophelia.
Everyone welcome Ophelia to the family
(purchased from Sid&Nancy)

PERSONAL: Fusion Bowl


After a long show season I think it’s only right to treat yourself to a little meal. Well treat yourself is always relative, as my mother treated me(entirely her idea actually, although she never considered show season the reason). But anywho, mom called and I slid into a flannel, jeans, and a leather to tip out to Fusion Bowl where the music was oh so right.

“I am not Jasmine I am Aladdin”

Jasmine Tea– So with my meal I ordered a bit of Jasmine Tea. Came in a cute little pot with a cute little matching cup and I was only surprised that the water didn’t seem to be as hot as it should. The water was the same temperature that I would drink hot tea at, meaning that by the time I allowed the leaves to steep, poured it, and added my honey it was lukewarm… by the second cup it was tepid at best. Sadly, that seamed to be a theme of the night.

Miso Soup– I chose a little Miso Soup to start off with. I’d never had it before but I’m always up for something new. A little tofu, mixed with miso soup paste, seaweed, green onions, and scallions and it was certainly a healthy number. Not too hot, again just the right eating temperature when it reached me, which meant that by the time I was halfway done with the bowl, I could lift it and comfortable drink the rest… which I refrained from doing(till I reached too low for the spoon to scoop).

Main Course– For my main course I had Fusion Bowl Sushi, Seaweed Salad, Fried Rice, and Hibachi Chicken. While I forgot about the picture until I was mostly done with the meal I will not forget my impression. Sushi- good, Salad-I’ve only had seaweed salad twice before and it didn’t have lettuce with it, and certainly not brown lettuce. Fried Rice- not many ways to mess that up. Hibachi Chicken- while it was a tad on the dry side, I did like the baby corn and mushrooms that were cooked with it.

For $9.95 the meal was a good deal(early bird special til 6:30). While it most certainly wasn’t the best I ever had, it was good for the price we paid.

5166 Sunset Blvd
Lexington, SC 29072

PREFALL: Damir Doma 2011

label Damir Doma
season Pre-Fall 2011

As we look forward to today’s Paris Fashion Week schedule of names like Mugler, Gareth Pugh, and Dries Van Noten, I take a moment to look back at the Pre-Fall 2011 collection for Damir Doma who also will be showing today. If Doma’s latest offerings have any connection to what he will offer up today, we should expect models covered from their neck down in geometric and minimalistic blacks and whites. More than likely, Doma will expand on his use of furs in the full collection, roping in more luxury to the very Yves Saint Laurent(though some times it feels like there’s an undercurrent of Helmut Lang) appeal of the collection. Doma seemed to offer up basics for his own muse for Pre-Fall 2011 and for today’s showing, I expect him to provide her with his take on glamour.