CAMPAIGN: Lanvin for H&M

by Mikelle S

Photographer: David Sims
Label: Lanvin for H&M
I told you guys that day by day I’d be bringing additional components to the Lanvin for H&M collaboration and today happens to be the campaign. Yes, like everyone else I’d been getting the sneak previews, and yes I wanted to post them but I chose not to. Why, because I feel like there’s no need to gorge on information and then not be able to savor it. Our culture doesn’t do that often… really savor things. With this blog I try to make that a part of my life. I really use it to savor certain moments in fashion and if this is your only connection to the fashion world then I’m glad that you’re savoring right along… oh but the editorial. Yes, what we came here for… what can I say except I love it.

Models: Simon Nessman, Natasha Poly, Tati Cotliar, Jane Schmitt, Garance Dumont and Hannelore Knuts
Director: Mike Figgis
Stylist: Camille Bidault Waddington
Makeup: Kajsa Svanberg
Hair: Karin Biegler