FIXATE: River Viiperi

by Mikelle S

So I felt a little weird showing Lowell and calling it a day. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think Lowell is a great model with amazing potential, but I felt it was a tad too easy on myself. Oh and plus, I’m doubting that you’d hate another model. River Viiperi is a model I’ve followed for a little while now. I mean I remember him back from his Guapo shoot(Wild River) and I also remember him from the Smalto casting that I blogged about. So when I began to think of who else I could spotlight that would require me to do a little extra work, the son of a model, was one of the first to come to mind. It also sort of helps that as of this moment he’s the only model I know of that has walked an international exclusive… yeah that probably helps.

Name: River Viiperi

Place of Origin: Ibiza, Spain
DOB: Aug 03, 1991

2pm (Copenhagen)

Soul Artist(NY)
Nous (LA)
Viva (Berlin)
IMM (Brussells)
Past Agencies
Why Not(Milan)


American Eagle Holiday 2010
Bershka Winter 2010(lookbook)
Bershka FW 2010
American Eagle Fall 2010


So when someone has an extensive editorial list(which most of my fave models do) I always make a disclaimer that says that I’m not trying to make a comprehensive list. We all know that’s a lie, I do try my hardest and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Here’s another swing at it.
Client Magazine(River Deep)
ilovefake(Fade to Grey)
FHM Collections Germany Fall/Winter 2010(Werkshatt der Emotionen)
Re-Bel Magazine
Men’s Health Espana(Road Movie)
Attitude(Rhythm of Love)
Dedicate(Final Fantasy)
Guapo Issue 3
Lutefisk (Jeune Homme Plus)
V Magazine(Ay Que Hombre)
160 Grams(Cover)
Citizen K International
7th Man(Dress Up)
Hercules(Let Your Whole Body Talk)
U Magazine
Contributing Editor(Tight Knit)
GQ Taiwan(Major Players)
Vanity Teen(Paris Under Fire)
Guapo Issue 2(Wild River)
Visual Tales Issue 2 (Animal Attraction)

Big thanks to my friends on The Fashion Spot thread for River Viiperi.
Also big thanks to River Viiperi himself for clarifying some things 🙂